The emission of the sunshine crept into each of the sleeping people's eyes, urging them to wake up and accept the new day. Everybody got up the usual way, rubbing their eyes, yawning and murmuring simple curses to get back into their heavenly session, stretching up their limp bodies to get a life out of it. Tyson eventually rushed into the kitchen, only to find Rei slack- jawed and doing nothing at all. He seemed tired though they woke up a little late, but still have enough time to prepare themselves for school. They've got to be present, there's no reason. After all, they decided for themselves to do the practice and that on-the-spot sleepover decision, there's no valid explanation about it.

Rei finally decided to prepare breakfast due to Tyson's continuous curses and backstabbing purposes. As they finished fixing themselves, the finally set off to school.

The bell rang as it always did.

Good thing they arrived in time, not just in time, for they arrived 30 minutes ahead of the time. The bell just rang for alarming students.

Ryanne entered the room, which was jam-packed with different students from all of the sections of their batch (that's what she thought). As she reached her seat, she opened her bag and got the school play's script to review and reread it all over again, though she has done it a million times ever since she was appointed director of the said activity.

The students inside the room were busy in their negotiations. Nobody recognized someone who had just entered the room and walked straightly to his seat.




"You've decided to come back. Is it for the play or for the rundown?"

The boy straightened up in his seat and leaned unto his table.

"It's none of your concern," he replied as his eyes acted like piercing daggers towards the one talking to him.

"You haven't changed since the last time, Hiwatari."


They stopped and looked at the one who's occupying the seat beside Ryanne. They gazed, and assorted facial expressions and colors lie visible on their faces.


Without any noise, the people inside the room left one by one complete with gloomy expression, like as if the world is reaching to an end. Ryanne just ignored and continued studying the script for the next scenes.

Positive enough, Kai was the only person who treated Ryanne as a person.

And to think he's the only one.

Classes started, continuing till the end, and then came the rehearsals. Kai's performance unusually turned to be perfect, not to mention how he memorized his lines, but how he acted it, thus giving more life to his character. Everybody was surprised, but was also amazed how Kai turned to be a remarkable actor in this point of time.

The rehearsal ended, with the assurance of victory in their palms. Maybe if not for Kai's excellent performance, Ryanne wouldn't dare to speak further about winning.

"See you," bade Ryanne as she joined the others in going home. Kai, on the other hand, just narrowed his eyes by means of appreciation.

Since he was tired of all of godly act he had just done, (he played a man of higher rank in the play) he bought some refreshments at the school cafeteria. It was still open, for there are also some students who remained late at school.

Though there are some who never leave the school at all.

After refreshing himself, he felt somewhat shivery. Its summer and sunset hasn't been colder since. He changed clothes that he kept inside his locker, and then he went to the shoe locker to change his rubber shoes.

As he neared to the shoe locker room, he felt very shivery. "Is my body functioning properly or what? It's supposed to give heat from the inside, and to think it's very hot outside. Tch."

He opened the door.

"What the hell are you doing here, Bryan!"