Chapter 19: Lord Voldemort Attempts To Outdo Lucius Malfoy's Incredibly Tasteful Interior Design, And Succeeds, To The Extreme Discontent Of The Latter

"Come in, master Malfoy," Peter Pettigrew said when he opened the door to the slightly bedraggled manor in which Lord Voldemort currently resided, and bowed slightly as Lucius Malfoy swept into the hall. "The Dark Lord will be waiting for you in the second room on the left, up the first stairs." Peter added.

Lucius quickly ran up the stairs, eager to know why his Lord had summoned him, the Mark in his arm still smouldering with pain, as if to remind him of the urgency of the call. He knocked on the door. "Ah, come in, Lucius." A weak, rasping voice from behind the door called out. Lucius timidly opened the door, spotted Voldemort standing in front of the window, and sank down onto his knees in a deep bow. "My Lord," he said, his eyes cast down.

"Stand up," Voldemort said, looking down at him with his watery red eyes. "I have something to show you." Lucius' eyes narrowed as he slowly rose from his kneeling position. This couldn't be good. Voldemort slowly scuttled over to a large lump covered in a white sheet.

"Take off your cloak, Lucius," Voldemort said, a grin that spelt "NOT GOOD" in very large neon letters on his white, scaly face. Lucius did as he was told, even though he did not like that grin on his master's face. "..and put it on..this!" Voldemort croaked, triumph in his voice, pulling the sheet from the lump.

There, her hands raised in the air in despair, stood the former Queen of England, a long black cloak dangling from her right hand. "Great, isn't it?' Voldemort said. "Better than Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen, hhhmm?"

"Yes..much better." Lucius admitted, and gave a disgruntled little snort.

Voldemort gave a slightly louder snort.

Lucius replied with a more disgruntled snort.

Voldemort gave a very disdainful snort of ultimate evil, and Lucius left, huffing offendedly.