Read Me a Story, Daddy

Night Three


A/N: Hi, everyone! I was in a giggly mood and had a sudden urge to write another chapter on this (even though it's been eight months since I last wrote on this story). Here you go; I hope you all like it!


Bulma patted her daughter's bottom, ushering her up the stairs and to her bed. She turned to her husband. "If you tuck Bra into bed and read her a story, I'll tuck you into bed." She winked.

Vegeta grinned wolfishly. "Deal, woman." He jogged up the stairs and entered his young daughter's room.

"Daddy, yay!" she squealed. She had already retrieved her Satanic Goose book and was holding it out for him to take. Vegeta flipped it open and skimmed for any other wolf stories. He didn't see any right away, and he was in a bit of a hurry with Bulma waiting, so he just stopped on the next story he saw.

Sitting on the edge of Bra's bed, he recited, "There was a screaming harpy who lived in a shoe. She had so many Saiya-jin, she didn't know what to do. She gave them some broth without any bread. And when Kakkarot whined, she smacked him with a frying pan and put him to bed."

Closing the book, he looked down at his daughter. Bra's lip was puckered out and she looked like she was about to cry. "That was terrible, daddy! You have to read me a better, longer story!"

"Daddy's really tired," he insisted, thinking of Bulma in their bedroom. When the four-year-old's eyes watered, he cringed and sighed.

"Okay, I'll read one more story," he conceded.

Bra clapped her hands together. "Yay! Do someone else 'sides Kakkarot this time."

Vegeta thought for a moment. Who else could he make fun of? He grinned. There were countless people on this planet. He put away the Satanic Goose book, picking out another one in its place titled 'Happily Ever After Fairytales.' Flipping through the pages, he stopped on a story about a mutilated fish lady. He looked down at the artwork of a girl with a green fishtail. He looked thoughtful.

"Okay, Bra, once upon a time, there was a Namekian named Piccolo. No, he wasn't an instrument; that was just his ridiculous name. He was actually Prince of the Mermaids and Mermen. Like the other freaks on his planet, he couldn't have anything except water, so he lived in the sea. He had a fat pet fish named Yamucha who was extremely weak and frightened easily.

"Together, Piccolo and Yamucha swam around in their girly coconut bras looking for adventure and treasures from the human world above. Piccolo had a huge collection of wet and moldy food that he stared at often, wishing he could eat like a normal person. His 'dad,' the old geezer Kami, didn't like how Piccolo wished to be just like a human. So, he told the useless crab, Krillin, to follow Piccolo around and make sure he didn't get into any trouble. Wait, forget about the crab. I already have too many idiots to keep up with in this story.

"Anyway, one day, Piccolo and Yamucha were swimming around like usual and spotted an enormous ship on the ocean. Going up to the ship, Piccolo spotted a stupid pirate, the captain of the ship."

"He's a prince, not a pirate, daddy!" Bra protested.

"Not this time, dear," Vegeta corrected. "Anyway, Piccolo fell in love with this pirate, Gohan. However, he knew he was too freakish to be able to be with Gohan. He decided to go see the King of the Universe who happened to live in the ocean, as well. When Piccolo met this all-powerful octopus--geez, an octopus?--he was so awe-stricken by his sleek appearance and insanely high power level that he almost forgot why he came. Eventually though, he remembered and asked the King of the Universe octopus to help him change into a human in order to be with the pirate Gohan. Being the studly nice guy that he was, the octopus turned the merman into a human prince.

"Yamucha tried to warn Piccolo that it wasn't a good idea, but the King of the Universe didn't want his secret plans disrupted, so he ate the fat pet fish. He tasted very gross, I might add. The octopus told Piccolo that he only had three days to kiss Gohan. If he didn't succeed, the octopus would blast him into oblivion with his favorite Big Bang Attack.

"Very quickly, three days went by. Piccolo had been kidnapped by the pirate--on purpose, of course--and was tied up on his ship. Piccolo couldn't say anything to Gohan because he was gagged like a pig on a spit. Finally, however, Piccolo was able to tell Gohan how he felt about him. Much to Piccolo's dismay, Gohan refused to marry anyone because he only wanted to read all the time like a pansy. He didn't even fight when his pirate ship plundered towns; he just sat on board his ship reading sappy romance novels. But anyway, Piccolo was heartbroken and returned to his merman form. He dove into the ocean and ran home to daddy Kami. However, he soon found out that Kami was now reduced to the servant's role of polishing the King of the Universe's tentacles. You see, the octopus had stolen the starfish balls and wished for immortality. From that point on, he ruled over everyone until the end of time."

"But what happened to poor Piccolo?" Bra asked sadly.

Vegeta shrugged. "Oh, him. Well, he retired to a beach on Kookamunga where he led a support group for Freakish Namekian Mermaids With No One to Love Them."

Bra's mouth formed an 'O' shape. Then she smiled. "Your stories are the best, daddy."

Vegeta's lips curled up into a smirk. "Yes, they are. Goodnight, Bra."


Writing these are great for clearing my head, so I can write on other stories. Anyway, I hope this helped pass a few minutes of a boring day. Ciao for now! XD