Cassandra Williams poems

The dark lover.

He sits outside my window every night just watching me never saying anything as I sleep. When I awake and look at him he look's at me and smiles and I smile back. I do not fear him for I know him or at least my heart does. I sit up and we talk for hours until dawn begins to come. We say are goodbye's and he promises to comeback the next day. As I wait for the day to end for night to come I go through my usual routine. I wake up a couple of hours later. I get dressed and head to school. The whole time I am at school, I can think of nothing but him my dark lover. The daytime goes by as slow as can be and it can never come fast enough for me. The end of the day finally comes and I head home. My mother is gone from this world and my dad is no longer a part of my life. As I head home all hell broke loose it was dark for the night came earlier at this time of the year. I passed by many an ally as I do every night but this night was different this night I would die. I passed by one ally and then it happened a bunch of men grabbed me and pulled me into the dark ally way. They tore my cloths off and raped and beat me. I cried for my dark lover for someone to save me but nobody came and they continued one by one till all 7 were done. When the last one was done they smiled and spit on me then I saw I flash of silver and I felt the knife tear at my insides. I heard a howl off somewhere close and knew my dark lover was close. I heard many screams as then I passed out. It couldn't have been for long for then I felt him close. He begged me to open my eyes too not die and leave him all alone. In this dark and crazy mean world. I opened my eyes after much effort and looked at him. He had tears of blood running down his face and I knew I loved him. He seen I was awake and cried out he said he's save me and that I would not leave him he put him mouth to my thought and I felt a hot white pain where he bit he drank a small amount of my blood and then he closed the wound with his tongue, he then tore his wrist himself and then put it to my mouth and begged me to drink for him and for life. And I did. As I drank I became stronger. That was the last thing I remember for a long time and then when I awoke I was wit my dark lover in his dark world forever-in love and out of pain.

Cassandra Williams Age 16 1/5/03