Melanie was sitting on her sofa, reading Star Trek: The Next Generation All Good Things when she was distracted by the sunset. She laid the good book on the sofa and walked out on to the balcony. The wind instantly played with her short blond hair and her long blue evening dress.

As the wind passed by, so did the memories of her late husband and they hurt. He had only been gone for two weeks now but it felt like forever and a day had passed her by. Then the worst memory of all found its way into Melanie Bank's mind. It was the memory of the night that her husband didn't come home.

She knew that he was working late but she thought he would be next to her, in bed, the next morning. The truth was he was no where in the house. So around six that morning, she got up and headed to the police station.

Once she was in the building she ran up the stairs to her husband's office. He was the police chief. When she came to the door and tried to open it she found it was locked. She knocked on it as hard as she could but her husband didn't open the door. By this time she knew something was wrong. There was no way that Michael would not have heard her banging on the door. Michael had exceptional hearing. That man could hear a pin drop from six feet away.

After banging on the door didn't work she pulled one of her hairpins out of her hair and lock picked the door. When she was inside she found her husband lying on the floor. She tried to wake him up but he didn't answer. She checked his pulse but he no longer had one. She checked for any cuts bullet wound or anything out of the ordinary but didn't find any thing until she looked at his eyes. His eyes were wide but that wasn't the weird part. His eyes were not only green but they were glowing. His body was fine but no one was home.

Luckily, Bill, one of the police man, found her in the office. Melanie couldn't move because she was so shocked. Bill drove Melanie and Michael's body to the hospital where after ten minutes of trying to bring Michael back, pronounced him dead.

Bill took her home shortly after that. Melanie knew that something had killed her husband but she couldn't prove it. Nor could she prove if he had a heart attack or if it was a mutant or an alien. Melanie had told Bill how she felt and he felt the same way but there was nothing they could do about it. They both had gone over the security tape and came out empty handed.

"This is so frustrating!" Melanie said to herself.

A noise from inside the house caught Melanie's attention. She, slowly, walked to the kitchen and pulled Mike's gun out of the cookie jar. It was a good thing her father had taught her how to use a pistol when she was in high school.

"Who's there?" Melanie asked as she moved towards the bedroom but before she could the room, someone grabbed her ankle. She looked down at her feet but there was no hand anywhere. Yet, she was being pulled down and dragged onto the balcony. There, a figure reached out of the darkness, placed its hand on Melanie's brow and threw her off of the balcony on to the ground below.

"You knew too much my dear. I can't have that now can I?" The figure then took to the sky and vanished. It was all over or was it simply the beginning?