"Michel you will be teamed up withTanya and Cannonball. Magma you're with Wolfspain and Tritany. I'm going to be in the control room. I will turn a simulation on and you will have to react accordingly." Tritany raised her hand and Fox called on her.

"Is this a pop quiz?"

"Yeah, I guess you could say that. Now don't do anything until I tell you too." Theressa left the room and was soon in the controlling room. Before she could turn the simulation on she was hit with a strange feeling. The feeling was one she had experienced before but not in a very long time. She felt angry and venchful. She knew she wasn't herself but she proceeded with her class.
Instead of pushing the lever up for simulation danger, she pulled it down to activate the real danger. Just then Wolverine came in to the viewing and controls room and found Theressa passed out on the floor. He looked down in the danger room and saw the students trying to servive against real danger. Wolverine immediately shut the danger off.

"Class is over. Every one go to the med room if you are hurt." All the students left the room as Wolverine had directed. Once all the kids were out of the danger room Logan picked Theressa up and took her to her room.

He then found his com-link and tried to contact Jean, (who was in the med-lab with Beast.) but no one answered. He didn't want to leave Theressa alone but it looked like he had no choice. He ran as fast as he could to the med-lab. He told Jean what had happened, although she knew half the story from the students. Jean told Hank that he could finish with out her and she followed Wolverine up to the bedroom.
Five minutes later Theressa woke up. Chris had joined Wolverine and Jean. He was sitting on the bed by his wife when she woke up.

"T, are you okay?" Chris asked.

"Yeah. What the heck happened? One minute I'm teaching my class and the next I'm in here."

"I don't know." Wolverine said. "I walked in to the viewin' room and found you on the floor. The real danger simulation was on instead of the hologram. You nearly killed your students and not to mention your own kid."

"How long has this been going on?" Chris asked. "I've noticed that you haven't been yourself lately."

Theressa sat up in bed and let out a heavy sigh. "'Bout a month now."

"Theressa!" Jean exclaimed. "You promised to notify either me, Chris or Logan if something ever came up."

"I know but I didn't want to worry everyone. Plus I didn't think it was that big of a deal."

"Well, it is a big deal. Now, especially since it could put others in harms way. I want to..." Jean said but Theressa finished her sentence.

"run more tests. I know, I'll head down to the med-lab now."

"I'll walk with you." Logan said. Chris wanted to but he had a class that he had to teach in five minutes. Jean left to tell Scott to take over her English class.

"Are you sure your okay kid?" Logan asked Theressa as she sat on the med-bed.

"Yeah. I'm just tied of being tested. No telling how many tests I have had in the past six months. I mean I know I scared everyone after the heart transplante but having a test once a week for six months is crazy!"

"I know but are you okay?"

"Dad, I feel fine right know. I would tell you other wise." Theressa said. Wolverine nodded his head.
Just then Jean walked in and Wolverine walked out. Theressa then prepared herself for more tests.

After Jean had done a cat scane , some blood work, and a few x-rays, Theressa was free to go about her day as normal. Jean called Xavier, Logan, Chris, Storm, Beast and Scott to the med lab. When everyone arrived and was settled in, Jean began.

"All of you, by now, have heard of what happened with Theressa this morning." Everyone nodded their heads. "I ran more tests and found nothing unusual what so ever. I haven't the slightest clue as to what is going on. As a result of cluelessness I would like to keep a close eye on Theressa. Don't let her know that we are watching her. If you have com-linkskeep them on at all times. I would like someone to be in her class everyday until we figure this thing out. If something happenes contact someone. Any questions?"

No one answered.

"Thank you in advance for your cooporation."

Everyone took that as their cue and left. They only hopped Jean's plan would work.

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