Theressa was on her bedroom balcony the next morning. She wore her blue jeans, her black tank top and her black leather jacket. Her chest hurt like hell but the death of her husband made it worse. She had spent the whole night crying over the lose of Chris and her scar was still black and she doubted that it would ever regain color.

Just then a hand was placed on her shoulder. This made Theressa jump, spin around, and she pointed her psi knife at the person's neck.

"Whoah, easy." Scott said as he threw his hands up in the air. "I didn't mean to startle you."

"I'm sorry. I'm just really jumpy."

"I noticed. You doing okay?"

"Yeah, I'm okay for someone who's life was just changed forever."

"How's you chest? I didn't hit you to hard did I?"

"It hurts like hell." Theressa said teasingly. Scott smiled. "I'll be fine."

"Hey, I noticed that your duffle bag was on your bed. Are you and the kids going somewhere?"

As Scott leaned over to look at Theressa's face, he saw countless tears rolling down her face.

"Besides what happened yesterday," Scott said. "What's wrong?"

"I can't stay here."

"What? Why not?"

"I don't want to put anyone in danger. You know what happened when Fury first attempted to control me. I nearly killed my own son. I have to leave."

Theressa telekinetically moved her duffle bag to the ground below. Scott looked down and saw Theressa's Norton there. Theressa set her bag on the seat and secured it.

"Theressa, you can't do this!" Scott said as he followed Theressa back into her room.

"Watch me! You can't stop me so don't even try." Theressa said as she walked out the door and slammed it as hard as she could. Scott walked out into the hall.

"I can't stop you but I know someone who can."

Scott went down to the kitchen where he found Logan nursing a beer and reading the newspaper.

"Cyke, what's wrong with T? I heard her stomp off." Logan asked.

"Logan, Theressa is leaving for good."

"Why?" Logan asked as he stood to his feet.

"She doesn't think everyone is safe. You've got to stop her."

"On my way, Cyke."

Logan found Theressa outside in the front yard. She was making sure her bag was tied down. When Theressa saw her father she threw him a set of keys.

"What's this?" He asked.

"The keys to my H2. Give them to Andi. I want her to have it."

"T, you can't do this!"

"Yes, I can. I've made up my mind."

"What about the kids? They've all ready lost their father do they have to lose their mother too? Haven't they suffered enough?"

"Logan, that was the hardest thing about this." Theressa cried. More tears came down her face. "I love my kids and that's why I have to do this. I have to protect them. I'll call every now and then."

"T, you know, by doing this your doing the same thing I did to you?"

"Yeah, I know." Theressa said.

Logan came up to her and gave her a hug. He wasnt' much of a hugger but he felt like he had to. Then he remembered something.

"What here." Logan said as he ran back inside. He soon returned with a small wooden case. Logan handed the case to her.

"What's this?" She asked

"Open it."

When she did she saw a hand knife identical to the one she had killed Chris with. Only this knife had her codename carved in the handle. Theressa noticed that right under the knife was a holster. She put the holster on and put the knife in it. She turned to her father and kissed him on the cheek. At last Theressa mounted her Norton

"Tell them that I love them. Bye dad. Take care of them for me."

Logan nodded his head. When Theressa was out of sight Logan was going to go after her but Xavier stopped him.

Let her go, Logan. I have a feeling this is not the last time we will see Black Fox. I have a feeling that something is about to happen.

"You don't know how right you are Xavier." said a tall, grey man. He wore an evil smile on his face as he typed something in on his computer and laughed as a picture ofBlack Fox'sonly sone came up on to the screen.