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Chapter 13 - Consequences

The room was silent. Unusually so, serving its purpose to only entertain stillness of the night, as its occupants stared at each other for time that stretched itself irreverently. The soft glow of the table lamp illuminated most of the room, betraying all the shelves almost bursting with books and scrolls littered about.

"Have you stabilized?" Dr. Tofu asked, observing his patient's steady breathing. His query only met with silence as both men gauged each other silently.

"Nice place you've got here." Koryu finally said, idly glancing around the room, though it seemed obvious the item of interest was his companion. The silence stretched from seconds to minutes, as both occupants regained their silence. As several minutes passed by with naught but stillness, Koryu snorted, giving way to slight guffaw.

"So you're Kasumi's friend. I have been the family doctor for a…for some time now. It's the first I've heard about you."

"Well, I suppose there are bound to be things you don't know about huh?"


Koryu guffawed, and then grimaced in pain as he put his and on his chest. "Alright, I give. I can't be bothered to do this right now." He raised his hands, smiling, as he noticed his companion's surprised demeanor. "Yeah, I'm feeling much better. Just need to keep sudden movements in check."

The doctor relaxed his shoulders, exhaling slightly. "I'm glad. You had me quite worried this evening."

"Yeah, well. I can imagine, I'm not sure how you managed it, but I should be feeling worse right now, with the sort of injuries I sustained."

"It wasn't your physical injuries that were serious, but rather your-"

"It's still the same; spiritual exhaustion is the same thing in the end – though I concede your assessment, if only on a technical standpoint."

Doctor Tofu appraised the young man once again, "So it seems you are aware of your condition". Koryu shrugged, "Would be a fool not to." The he smiled again, a tad bit more predatory. "You didn't answer my question."

The doctor didn't show any discomfort at the line of questioning, or at Koryu's demeanor. "I'm quite unsure what you're talking about. The instruction I have received, has, as you have measured, included martial arts, which was in line with my medicinal interests. One needs to know many versions of arts, their impact on the human body, and for the line of work that I do – I think it was imperative that I understand such in a more grass root basis."

Koryu let out a small chuckle as he glanced at the room where he had placed Ranma not ten minutes ago. He sighed and slowly stretched his arms, rotating his back slightly. "You're very good at maintaining your technical standpoints aren't you?"

"I'm sorry, I don't understand." Dr. Tofu said, "You should be careful with your movements. I have only briefly assessed your bone structure from a chiropractor's view, but I need you to be awake before further valuation."

Koryu scowled. "Meh, don't worry about me. You've done a lot, helping me restore my spirit side. I'll take care of the rest. Thanks for the offer though. Anyways," Koryu's tone grew more serious "Let's stop beating around the bush. I'm no enemy of Ranma's, or Kasumi's. But what I do understand is that he has a very, very unique situation going on here…with friends that can be loyal…but worse than enemies."

Doctor Tofu stared at Koryu in silence, and gently moved to take of his glasses. Finding a tissue on his table, he started cleaning a lens as he spoke "You seem quite aware of situation regarding Ranma."

"I'm not a bad person. In the recent weeks, Ranma and Kasumi have grown on me. Since I'm going to be here for a while, I figured I'd at least know my environment."

"Environment?", Doctor Tofu asked, cleaning the second lens before putting the glasses on again.

Koryu frowned. "I'm not a threat to Ranma or Kasumi. I'm sure you have guessed certain abilities, and my current inclinations. I'm not a simple pure martial artist… I have more, oriented reasons and history which I'm entertaining. My interaction with anyone here should be, and hopefully be limited at best…but I'm not going to sit down and allow certain things to happen."

"Ranma going into neko-ken being one of them" Dr. Tofu guessed.

Koryu folded his arms, leaning against the door frame connecting the room to the one where Ranma lay. "From what I've known of the boy recently, he's trying real hard to keep things down. I was trying to help him out. Keep things low. I didn't imagine this level of co-ordinated strength."

His companion sighed. "Most people don't do, but, I'm truly glad someone was going to such lengths to help Ranma. However, I'm not sure if you really did help him. There are many parties involved with the young boy. They are going to get suspicious, and some of them are quite probably beyond what you might want to try and manage."

"Yeah, I guessed as much…so here's my question to you. Are you are neutral party?"

"Pardon me?"

"With everyone involved and each with their own agenda. What is yours?"

The doctor looked surprised for one second, but grew sober as he looked down at his feet, then at a picture frame. "I simply want what a doctor would want. They are all getting very strong now. Especially Ranma, and though he has demonstrated tremendous control, and a good heart…I feel, he's going into territory that is can spell disastrous."

"I see…so that's what it was." Koryu looked disappointed. At the doctor's questioning glance, he elaborated, as his eyes regained, albeit slightly, a measure of ferocity. "I didn't block your movement just based on where your hand was placed on Ranma."

The doctor stood silenced, and stared at the young man. "I…I see." He managed. "Well, that is another unique ability, though…to be honest, I'm not surprised."

"Yes, well. Back to my question, are you neutral? If things go sour, Ranma will need a neutral party's assistance. I really don't want to pickle with the Amazon matriarch."

Dr. Tofu raised his eyebrows "You know of her then?"

"I've done a little research. That old woman's ki pulsates consistently… I've had some bad experiences with…more experienced experts like her."

The doctor chuckled, "I'm sure Ranma would agree with you. Yes, I am neutral, at trait that is instilled from my training, as my profession, I suppose."

"Good. Now, since you know what everyone's capable of, I'm going to need a spiritualist's assessment of everyone's capabilities. Maybe I'll drop by sometime during the night, I'll let you know when, to discuss. Anyways, I'm going to go see Kasumi and do whatever damage control I can."

The doctor looked at Koryu strangely, "What are you planning on doing? What do you know?"

As Koryu turned to look around as he left the doctor's office, "I'm going to try not to do anything, but I owe the two of them a favor…and if I can be of any assistance to them, I'm going to need to blend in very carefully. If required," Koryu adopted a solemn countenance. "I'll do what needs to be done in an admittedly limited capacity. He's a good kid. But, I'm afraid I might need to prepare for what problems are going to follow me."

His eyes almost portrayed a sadness that the doctor couldn't identify with. "Who…" he began, unsure of his footing in this dilemma. "Who are you?"

"Yeh, sure. Answer my first question and I'll tell ya." Koryu grinned. And promptly disappeared into thin air, leaving the doctor to his own thoughts.

"Interesting young man." He murmured to himself, and then chuckled to himself, staring at the door connecting to Ranma's room. "You can never sit still can you, Ranma? Always have something new coming or going. Well," the doctor sighed, "I hope you find some balance this time…"

Turning to see where Koryu had stood a few moments ago, doctor smiled slightly, and went inside his office. He needed to organize his collection…

To be continued…

Author's Notes

This little piece was to simply wet your appetites and let you know this story is still active. I'm back from my hiatus and will look at a monthly installment.

Yeah, I know nothing happened here…but what do you expect. I needed to get myself back into this story, and I found that this was a good way to do so. What you can expect next is how Ranma and Kasumi's interaction, Koryu's discussion with Ranma…and Ryoga's Training! Lots of things planned and coming up!

I'm sure you can imagine Kuno's not pleased that his plan didn't work… but what will the consequences mean? ;)

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