Note: Please go back and reread chapter two. There was an important addition to the story there. Please note also that this chapter is a flashback. The story of the tragic night will be told from this point, then I will return to the frame part of the story with the old and broken characters. So from here to the last chapter, it's all a continuing flashback.

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"I love you, Elisa." Goliath said sadly.

"I know. But Goliath.." She began, as morning's first light reached them and her friend turned to stone. "Well, that's one way to end a conversation." Elisa murmured to herself, for probably the fifth time in a month. Goliath was stone all day, and usually busy with protecting the city for most of the night, so their time to talk among just the two of them was severely limited.


Across the city, Demona cried out in pain as she transformed into Dominique Destine. "Curse that filthy little trickster!" Demona cried, as pain wracked her body.

"You called?" rang a familiar, mocking voice.

Demona released a final scream then stood up to face Puck, now fully human. A small, sardonic smile curled her lip viciously upward, then faded quickly. "I'm afraid you'll find me unreceptive to your games and trickery. I've learned my lesson about dealing with you."

"Why, whatever could you mean, my dear Demona? What have I ever done to you?" he cooed, looking innocent in face and flipping upside down in midair.

"I'm curious as to what you're doing here, though. I thought you could only appear as your true self and use your powers when training young Alex. I'd be interested to know what loophole you've found to allow you this little excursion to visit me, one of your oldest friends." That same vicious smile returned for a brief instant.

"Why, I would never disobey my Lord Oberon. Young Alex is in training this very instant." Puck opened a small, magical window in the air next to him. In this picture, a child barely three years old was maintaining the magical bonds holding a strong Scottish man who fought tirelessly to break free from the child, who seemed merely amused.

"Macbeth!" snarled Demona. Her fists clenched and unclenched, as she fumed restlessly at the sight of her greatest enemy. The window disappeared as quickly as it had come.

"I'm merely here to collect phase two of Alex's lesson." Puck smiled suggestively at Demona.

"I see. You are bound by your creation only to make deals and then find ways out of them. You used Alex to trap and hold Macbeth. You obviously have need of me, too, but for what I haven't yet deduced. My only question is this: why me and Macbeth? Since when have you taken interest in the petty quarrels of mortals?"

"Then I presume no one has informed you that the spell of the weird sisters has now made both of you immortal?" There was something ironic in his voice when he said this, which discomfited Demona. She dismissed it quickly, however.

"I'm well aware of the effects of their magic. Don't avoid my question. In fact, let's make a deal." Her smile returned again, but she relished its presence this time. She noticed Puck squirming slightly under the prospect of someone else setting the terms of a deal.

His doubt disappeared quickly, though. "Fine. What's your bargain?"

"You will tell me honestly, exactly, and without holding any information back why you are now concerning yourself with me and Macbeth, and why you have now come to me. If you do this, I will hear your proposition."

Puck looked uncomfortable at this, but finally he lowered his head slightly, and uttered a grudging "Agreed." His usual chipper air returned fast however, as he began to tell Demona what he had on his mind.

"As you know, my current master's father, David Xanatos has decided that he and the gargoyles are friends. They have now returned to live in the castle and everyone is happy again."

"Except you." finished Demona.

"Precisely. As you so clearly stated a few moments ago, you know my nature. There are few things that sicken me more than contentment and happy endings. There is one thing that is definitely worse, however, and that's love."

A new window appeared and through it Demona watched Elisa and Goliath exchange meaningful glances, embrace, smile at each other, and even kiss once.

"You mean to anger me, to cloud my judgment with these images of my former love now in love with another. I should tell you then, my love for him died long ago."

"Of course it did, my dear. All of this is practically inconsequential, though. Here is the crux of the matter: My Lord Oberon has taken it into his head that he is not content with the deal he made with Fox and Xanatos. He wants the child, so that he may train him himself. But Lord Oberon, as I'm sure you know, has no mind for subtle trickery. He needs my help to weasel his way out of this deal. I don't want to help him, however. I have grown fond of Alex and my position as Mr. Xanatos's loyal Owen. My plan is thus: I gave Oberon a plan to free himself from the deal so that he might take Alex. This plan, however, will give me ample opportunity to show him that my training of Alex is complete and that he may stay with me and his parents. That's where you come in, for surely Lord Oberon will find Alex's training complete if he can manage to destroy Goliath, whom Oberon is not very fond of. But I cannot kill, neither can Alex, and Goliath is too cynical to ever deal with me, so tricking him is out of the question. I need you to destroy Goliath for me, but in such a way that Alex gets the credit for it."

"Intrigue upon intrigue, hmm. I must admit that my interest is piqued. What's your plan?" Demona encouraged.

"Oh, no no no, my dear Demona. Our deal was that I tell you why I needed you. I have no intention, and also no obligation to tell you my plan. All you need to know is that I'm offering you a chance at revenge on Goliath, Elisa, and Macbeth. They're all lined up just waiting for you to rid yourself of their headache. What do you say, my dear?"

Her human face had grown red at being tricked once again by this most annoying creature. She could not, however, pass up this opportunity for vengeance against all those whom she desired it. "I will help you."