It is mainly an Angelique/Baldur's Gate crossover fic, but as no knowledge of the Baldur's Gate game is needed to understand the fic, I'll post it under the Angelique tag.

 Different influentions can be hinted: The Endless from Sandman, Houses from Changeling: The Dreaming, etc. Well, fanfics are written to fulfill the author's wishes, the 'what ifs' in our minds, and my main 'what if' right now is: What if my character from Baldur's Gate (that had many adventures outside the Forgotten Realms world in my wild imagination) got stuck up in the Sanctuary?

The story is set after Angelique Tenkuu no Requiem, which game, by the way, I don't have, so I'm writing based on reviews and stuff. Right now I'm saving money to buy a ps2 and Angelique Trois... Ugh, now that I think of it, I just want a ps2 because of the games that are mainly sold in Japan. I wish I could live there...

Ooookay, back to the fanfic stuff... If you are an Angelique fan and are puzzled with the amount of foreign information I put here (Baldur's, Sandman, Changeling and whatever), don't be intimidated by it and please read (and review!). All the old good Guardians will be there, as well the instructors and Ernst (since it's after the Special 2, anyway). The story revolves about the Queen and the Cosmos issue, so it's perfectly understandable and enjoyable by the fans (with the dating elements, of course! ^_~).


This is the result of accumulated ideas, and intended to be a looooong story. Maybe I'll even use the Solitaire, the disguised Despair, when I see fit. Or put some of my old and long loved characters from the dreams I used to have. Well, I have great expectations for it, and I ask for reviews to give more ideas, opinions and even to put some sanity into my head ('Hey! Collet is completely out of character! She's more like that and that, not like this!'). Of course, constructive criticism, don't waste my time saying that something is wrong. Please tell WHAT is wrong and SHOW possible ways to amend it. English is not my primary language, but I accept corrections. I use a Microsoft Word with spell check, but, who knows?

Now that the 'i' is dotted and the 't' is slashed...

...Let's move on to the fic, yay!



Rosalia wished a good night and closed the door as she got out of the Queen's chamber. She knew that Angelique Limoges missed spending time with the Guardians and her days as a happy and ordinary girl, but today she seemed less cheerful than before. When confronted by her Aide, she would just smile her broad smile and tell her that she just has a weird feeling and that would wear off soon, nothing to be worried about. Rosa looked at the closed door behind her with concern in her eyes and though: 'No, Ange… When a Queen has a weird feeling, as you say, it means something is about to happen… Maybe… I should bring this question to Julious-sama?'. She soon shook her head and proceeded to her own room. No… The way Julious feels protective about the Winged Queen, he would only have one more concern in his shoulders and blame her majesty's discomfort on the other Guardians, especially Randy, for whom everybody knew that the golden-haired Angelique hold feelings. When she lied in her bed she had already decided to keep it quiet… For now.

Collet yawned and stretched her arms. That was a tiring evening, having to study all the data on her desk to see if everything was back to normal after the Leviath issue… She would only be tranquil after her planets hold no sign of what those clone-meanies have done. After her extensive study, she happily saw that everything was back on the tracks, but still… Something on her chest told the opposite. Well, during the afternoon she already checked the data with Rachel, but that feeling asked her to review all the papers again and she did it alone, wanting not to worry her friend. She didn't find anything unusual and should be relieved, but she wasn't.

- Ah, well. Maybe all I need is a good rest!

Cheering up, she washed her face and went to the dreamland. And so did the Queen… And someone else.

'This is a good dream after all'. The Angeliques knew that they were worried for nothing when they fell into deep slumber and were soon flying around their planets and its countries, as if they were in the Star Disk. They saw the people living their lives, some happily, some sadly, but always full of hope. Free, the two girls, each on her own dream, roamed about the universe… It felt so small now! Like a ball you could hug with your own arms! For one instant, they were in the universe and the universe was on them… Turning into a complete and whole being. But suddenly the ball called universe exploded and swallowed scared Angeliques in its deep darkness. It got so much bigger now! Knowing not where to go, they felt lost in an endless ocean of shadow with sparkling dots, as if they were falling into infinity. And then, they saw…


- Owww… My head!

Angelique Collet rubbed the back of her head after she had fallen of the bed.

- What a scary nightmare! It was good at first, but then…

In the dark of her room, she seated in the bed and reached for the alarm clock and turned its night light on.

- Huh?? I was off just five minutes??? It can't be! I… I REALLY need some rest.

Convinced that the stressful events she dealt with in the past was making her go nuts, she emptied the glass of water next to the clock and went back to sleep, decided to put her strange feeling and equally strange dream aside.

Meanwhile, the other Angelique was still asleep, deep in the same dream. Some tears rolled by her cheek and wet her pillow. Her lips moved and if there were anybody to hear her, would reach the conclusion that she was talking in her dream. Talk? No, praying would be more appropriated. Praying to someone.