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Chapter 48 Meaning

The next couple of weeks passed in comfortable ease. Snape would go and teach his classes while Harry studied. He would rejoin Harry during meals and answered any questions on the subjects that the boy had studied that day. During evenings, he would lecture, demonstrate, or test him. At first, Snape wondered if this was a wise approach to leave Harry all by himself for such long hours but the boy insisted he would be fine and wouldn't do anything foolish. Reluctantly, he agreed but he had a house elf secretly keep watch over him and report at once of anything odd. The house elf never mentioned anything except that the young master worried a lot.

Snape didn't start their talks up yet because he feared with the sudden changes in the boy's life that it would have a negative effect so he just tried to get him to relax in his new surrounds. He did inform as of now he would not be allowed any outside contact with anyone unless invited by Snape, himself.

He stalked across the floor in front of him, stating, "No teachers, no friends, no relatives, and no godfathers. Just you and me until deem you are fit enough for visitors. Do you understand?"

"Of course, sir." The boy just looked at him with small smile on his face.

Snape stopped and stared down at him, "You do realize that also means you will not send any letters as well."

Harry just continued to smile at him, "of course, sir."

"That means no communication at all." He glared at him.

"Of course, sir."

He had not fought him at all. He didn't insist on seeing anyone, not even his godfather like Snape had pictured him doing. He didn't insist on returning to gryffindor tower or eating with his friends or even on the restrictions on him not leaving his personal quarters. He agreed to everything Snape had insisted on going. Snape was so sure that there would be a huge argument that he prepared himself mentally for the battle. But when there was none, he wasn't sure he should be disappointed, relieved, or fearful. After all, the boy was acting a like a trained puppy instead of barking as rolling over onto his back for some belly rubs.

After a long talk with himself, Snape decided that this was worrying behavior. No normal fourteen-year-old boy just agrees with everything. Though no normal boy goes the traumas that this one had gone through. Was he just playing along? What was he up too? For now, snape decided to play it by ear.

He did study the boy, watch him as if he was the world's greatest mystery and he was according t Severus Snape. He made sure he eats enough and slept enough. He eyed repeatedly, noticing any change. If he had a single bruise or mark on him, Snape questioned him as to its origin. Harry didn't complain but merely answered all his questions with a bemused look. Snape went through his room occasionally and found nothing that was alarming except he was down another vial of Regina's Solution.

He wondered why he was taking it. He thought of the why s and the hows but never a successful answer. So he decided he needed to get more information. He decided to have a chat with Madame Pomfrey.