Title: Rain

Author: Jillian Knight (The Wolf of Were)

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Summary: After Harry's fifth year, he's just spiraling downwards. He needs help, but where does one "mother-hen" owl turn to? No slash.

Sometimes, especially in these types of situations, Remus hated it when he was correct. He and Harry had fallen back to sleep quickly after Madam Pomfrey's exit, and when Remus had awoken back up in the late afternoon, Harry had been very stubborn. The child simply did not want to get up, did not want Remus to leave him, and above all, did not want to take a bath. So, Remus had to charm Harry to be clean. The task was easy, but it did cause for Harry to awake suddenly at the magic's effect.

At that moment, the two wizards were making themselves ready to leave the bedroom that had served the two as a safe haven for the past three days. Harry had just stood there, looking and acting very self-conscious about himself as Remus helped him put on his robes. The fabric hung off the child, making him look thinner than he already was.

The werewolf frowned when he realized that Harry did not seem to notice his own health problems. Remus knew that Harry cared about others and other's feelings, but Remus knew that sometimes, the child's own well-being was the last thing on the his mind. Remus was sure that Harry realized he was different from other children, especially among his best friend and his large family.

It pained Remus to think that Harry would be so much like himself, when Harry should have been his own carefree self. Harry took everything in strides, just like Remus did, one thing right after another.

The werewolf carefully turned over Harry's wrist and lifted up the sleeves one by one. There were no marks, no scars; just pale alabaster skin and bright blue veins. When he released the boy's arms, Remus drew Harry close and held him in a hug . This fear was one less thing to worry about.

"Moony?" The child whispered shyly from the folds of Remus' robes. Remus had discovered earlier that afternoon that Harry would still not look Remus in the face. Harry had no self-confidence, no real feeling of faith in himself; Remus had known that since Harry's third year. The werewolf was constantly reminded by Harry that the child needed something more than just a nurse to heal him.

Remus gently patted Harry's hair down as he thought more about the child. He could remember when Harry was just an infant, he had the confidence only a firstborn had. This instinct that Harry had developed, was obviously taught while Harry was a young child.

He let Harry lay down for another hour as he got ready for dinner and the arrival of Madame Pomfrey. When she did come, Remus listened to her lamented speech on why Harry should not be acting this way and how he should be acting another.

"Ahh, Remus, how are you doing today? Yes, good, Harry is with you also." Albus Dumbledore smiled down from his tiny half-moon glasses and twisted his old face into a stressed, but inviting, smile. Remus and Harry had just entered the Drawing room when everyone was alerted to their presence by Dumbledore.

Harry clenched Remus' arm when he felt the eyes of ten different people fall upon him. Remus could see Dumbledore frown for a second , but the old wizard quickly changed his facade before anyone else could notice.

"Where is Severus?" Remus said, avoiding Molly's and Ron's stares and searching around the room.

"He's coming, don't fret. Now, Molly, why don't we partake of that delicious meal you prepared, eh?" Dumbledore chuckled grandfatherly, and led everyone into the kitchen. The door softly closed to signal the next late guest.

"Severus, there you are, good thing you're here, Molly made singing hinnies for dessert! Come, come, you know how much I enjoy Molly's cooking." Dumbledore smiled back at Molly at that last comment.

"Albus, I cannot just drop everything I have planned just for a..." he paused, sneering at Ron's face, "dinner-date." Remus watched as Severus searched the room, a habit that Severus had fallen to years ago. When his eyes landed on Harry, leaning haphazardly on Remus, something sparked in his eyes. It was then that Remus knew that Severus knew...

"Why is Potter out of bed?" Severus dangerously whispered. He turned to Dumbledore for the answer, not Remus or Poppy.

Dumbledore blinked unceremoniously. "To eat dinner, what else?"

"This child has Morrison's Disease. What is he doing out of bed?" Severus repeated his question as he walked elegantly across the room and knelt down in front of Harry to feel his forehead. Poppy let out a gasp and rushed out of the room to the fireplace. She was gone before anyone could stop her.

"Lupin, take the boy back to bed, and give him this," Severus procured a small draught of sleeping potion out of his outer robes and handed it to Remus. Remus took in unquestionably.

"Now, now, Severus, sending Harry to bed without supper is not going to cure whatever disease he has," Dumbledore stated. Remus saw Severus close his eyes and silently count down from one hundred.

"Fine, Albus, but this is not my business anymore." Severus stood quickly and made his way into the kitchen.

During dinner, Remus was sited between Severus and the eldest Weasley, while Harry sat directly across from him between his two friends. The youngest Weasley kept asking him questions about his summer, and Harry never did answer. Molly had packed his plate full of so much food, it was miracle to see the boy over the huge stack of food. Severus was watching Harry, Dumbledore was watching Harry, Ms. Granger, Molly, and Ms. Weasley watching Harry,--everyone at the table was watching Harry, including Remus.

Ms. Granger had given up on speaking to Harry, she was too busy trying to remember what exactly Morrison's Disease was. Remus, on the other hand, knew it was a new strain of Wizarding disease. He was required by the Ministry of Magic, because of him being a werewolf, to take a medical course.

Harry stared at his lap most of the meal until Remus decided the silence was enough.

"Harry," Remus began quietly, trying to catch the boy's attention. It worked extremely well, Harry's head bobbed up and his eyes reached pleadingly towards his own. "If you eat ten spoonfuls of your soup, I'll tell you another story tonight, and you can pick it."

Harry skittishly picked up the spoon and began to eat the ploughman's soup Molly had made. His plan worked quite well, a few minutes and an half-empty bowlful of soup later, Harry was done eating, and Severus was the first to stand.

"It was a tolerable meal, Mrs. Weasley. Remus, bring the boy, I must speak to you and Albus." Remus nodded and rose to fetch Harry from his seat.

"It was a lovely meal, Molly," Remus said, excusing Harry and him from the table.

When Severus and Remus made there way into Remus' room, Severus told him something that changed his whole life.

"I'm not going to lie to you like Albus will, Lupin. What you have there is a very ill child. Dumbledore and St. Mungo's can't do anything for the boy and neither can I or Pomfrey. His illness has prolonged too far."

"Severus, wait, what exactly does Harry have?"

Severus sighed and sat in Remus' desk chair. "Potter has Morrison's Disease. I must account on my error to test the child for the disease. Usually only muggleborn children and Slytherin students are tested for it. Kylie Morrison, a Slytherin student at Hogwarts a few years ago, was the first known case of it. Lupin, I'm sorry, but Potter will never be Potter again."

Remus could not help it; he took in a quick gasp of air. "Is he going to..." Remus felt a huge weight form in his stomach and chest.

"No, Potter will never be Potter again, like we know him, because of you." Severus' dark eyes flashed. "Morrison's Disease occurs after the ill-in-question's savior dies. I can only presumed it was Black that was Potter's hope. Do you know why Potter chose him? It would aide in my quest to get Albus out of hair and dungeons for a while."

Remus knew the answer to that question, all last summer Sirius told him of his dreams. Dreams of how he was free again, and how Remus was cured of his disease, and how Harry lived with the both of them. The dreams of how they all lived together in this happy home where there was no Ministry and especially no Dark Lord. But, they were all now a dead man's dreams.

"Sirius promised Harry a home." Remus hoarsely said. He looked to his right, at Harry who was leaning up against him.

"Padfoot?" Harry whispered, suddenly sitting up and looking around the room. After a few seconds of searching, he turned back to Remus and wordlessly asked him where he was.

"As I thought." Severus quietly said to himself. "Morrison's Disease is rare Lupin. Now that Potter has this, there must be some items to do."

"Like what, Severus." Remus quietly whispered into his hand.

"We need to know how long his foster parents abused him, and what exactly did they do to him."

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