Ridiculously Romantic

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He walked slowly up to her, feet barely lifting themselves up from the hard steel of the rooftop tower. She stared contently into the black orbs of glasses disguising his eyes with interest.

Suddenly remembering what she was supposed to be looking for, Starfire turned her gaze back to the mystical skies above, waiting for the surrealistic colors of the sunrise.

Robin sat next to her on the edge, like he had done many times before. He gazed out to the skies like she, and they both sat in silence. The light of the sun hadn't come up yet, so it was still dark but in a light black. Not quite gray, but still not black.

The stars were still twinkling, as if they were small specks of white and crystal colored glitter, sparkling with serenity. The night seemed so peaceful, so calm that everything was perfect.

Everything and everyone was still sleeping, even the ocean calmed its thrashing to enjoy the nighttime tranquility. One particular star twinkled the brightest, and Starfire sighed.

"You miss Tamaran huh?" Robin's soft and soothing voice whispered almost silently. Neither of the teens took glances at each other, just stared over the ocean and to the farthest stars.

"Very. But I think that I would miss this planet more if I were to follow home." Starfire whispered back. Robin nodded and shifted in his position.

"Are you still shaken up about earlier?"

"Not as much. What about you, are you unharmed?"

"I'm fine, actually never better. I'm glad we figured this whole thing out, and I'm relieved to know that the Teen Titans are still up and alive." Robin looked down into the water. "I hear that, heh...that Beast boy and Raven are finally admitting their feelings toward each other. A bit shocking to know Raven feels the same, but Beast boy...I always knew he liked her."

Starfire giggled lightly. "Yes. Cyborg and I had witnessed them hugging and...Kissing." She blushed lightly. Robin sighed warmly and looked at her.

"Star, you do know that I am sorry for keeping a lot of things from you right?" Starfire studied his apologetic expression and smiled.

"Robin, if anything, I am sorry for actually believing that you were truly like Slade. I should have listened to you the first time you told me, but my trust was not in you at the time. My hesitations had me kidnapped, and the horrible things I did to you and our friends..." Her eyes watered slightly. "I am just sorry."

"It's okay. It wasn't your fault. Would it be okay if we were just to forget this whole incident and start over?" Robin asked, grinning a bit.

Starfire's smile widened and she nodded. They both hugged and then retreated. Looking back to the stars, they waited yet again for the sunrise to appear.


"So you're alive?!"

"Ayrasia darling, if I weren't alive, would I be talking to you?" Cyborg asked. He was on his bed, looking up at his ceiling, talking to the girl of his dreams on the phone.

"Oh right. No need to get cocky about it." She said jokingly.

"You know we've been talking on this phone for almost 6 hours now?"

"Really? Wow, I would have never guessed." She laughed. "Baby, I think you should come to see me. I've missed you for a long time, I think its time that you show me that you are 'very much alive'."

Cyborg chuckled. "I'm there. See you in an hour." They clicked off the phone and he hummed to himself happily. "Thank god we all have people we love, or else I think one of us might end up gay. And I FOR sure know that I will not end up gay." He said, referring to the Teen Titans, who in their case, were all in love.

Cyborg picked up his keys that were on his dresser and headed down the Tower Garage.


Raven lay in her bed; eyes closed, but mind still awake. She couldn't help but think about the boy who had kissed her earlier. They had kissed before and all the times had meant something, but that one was a kiss of joy and happiness.

"Loving him will take a lot out of me, but can I handle it?" She said to herself. "He's put in so much, and tried so hard..." She closed her eyes tighter. "The hell with it. Emotions out of control or not, I'm through with hiding."

She got up and tore off her covers. Wearing her nightclothes, consisting of a pair of purple short shorts and black tank top, she stormed down the hall and into Beast boy's room.

Beast boy stirred, but lazily faced her, still peacefully sleeping. She walked stealthily up to him and opened up the covers. He stirred again, this time waking from his slumber.

Beast boy smiled kindly and held up the covers for her. Raven entered them and he put them back down, keeping one muscular green arm around her, pulling her in close.

They stared into each other's eyes for the longest time, before Beast boy warmly placed his lips upon hers, capturing her heart and opening it for the emotionless vital part to have love pass through into a whirlwind of ecstasy.

Her gem glowed a light purple, flicking once, then died. Controlling her powers had been hard. Meditating everyday, being emotionless and toneless towards her friends, but now, she could handle it. All she needed was love. And she found it, through the person she least expected, Beast boy.

"I love you." She whispered. He grinned and kissed her once more.

"I love me too." He chuckled. "I love you more." Raven smiled brightly and snuggled in close to him.

"Good night." They both whispered.


"Father! I thought you said that I could have her as my wife!?" Devion yelled at the devil in front of him.

"Devion, I told you to take her once you were mortal, I did not tell you to get yourself killed." Lucifer said carelessly.

"I tried, but those damn titans got me before I could!"

"Well, now that you can't go back as mortal, and God's little orb of safety will protect her every time you try to get near, I don't think you will have a chance to take her as you're mistress." Lucifer picked his chin.

"Isn't there any way!?" Devion whined slightly. "Oh and what the hell is up with this!" He pulled back the cloth that hid the tattoo like sign. "Aroree, who the fuck is that?"

"Watch your language." Lucifer sighed then glared at the name on his son's arm. "Never you mind that Devion. But I do believe there is a way to get you back on earth, with out having to worry about God."

Devion leaned in close. "Yeah?"

"You will have to take most of my powers. But not now. You lost your chance for the year, you will just have to wait." Lucifer sat back down on his throne chair and dismissed his son.

"I will await your permission father." Devion bowed and walked away from Hell's throne.

"Until then my Lovely Starfire, until then. You will be my wife."


Baby; please try to forgive me,
Stay here but don't put out the glow,
Hold me now; don't bother if every minute makes me weaker,
You can save me from that man I've become, oh yeah.

They had been waiting for almost 5 minutes now, and no sign of sunrise had shown yet. Still they sat silently; either to scared to speak or too embarrassed.

Starfire stole a glance at Robin, but he was staring fixedly at the calm ocean waves. When she went back to gazing at the sparkling stars, he then glanced at her.

He knew he loved her, but he wasn't sure she knew how much he loved her. The only problem was no matter how much he loved her, he knew he couldn't love her before, but now, it was different.

"Starfire, I have a confession to make." He said, now completely staring at her. She turned her head and watched as he fumbled with his fingers in hesitation.

"What is the matter Robin?" She asked kindly but curious.

Looking back on the things I've done,
I was trying to be someone,
I played my part, kept you in the dark,
Now let me show you the shape of my heart.

"I have been hiding my feelings from you for sometime now and it was only to protect you, our friends, and myself." He said slowly. "I have come to realize how selfish I have been the past few weeks, and....I have been neglecting the roles of a leader to the Teen Titans."

Starfire nodded understanding, and encouraged him to go on. "Starfire, I really like you, and I mean REALLY like you." He paused to look up at Starfire's full of emotion face. His courage spiked up a bit. "I know I told you in the past that I didn't love or have feelings for another, but I lied."

Sadness is beautiful loneliness is tragical,
So heal me, I can't win this war, oh no.
Touch me now; don't bother if every second makes me weaker,
You can save me from the man I've become.

"I had been lying to you and even myself. I forced myself to keep all my feelings away, I felt even worse than Raven. If you thought she had it bad, well I had it worse." Robin sighed, but continued.

"Starfire, I like you so much, that I might even love you." He looked into her eyes, and his hands went to hers. "You can call me selfish, but I all I want is your love, that's all I want and that's all I need."

"Tell me what I have to do to prove I'm the only one for you? Just say it...anything at all. If loving you is a crime, then punish me, because I'm tired of hiding and I'm sick of worrying...so what's wrong with being selfish?"

Starfire's eyes were as big as saucers, and she tried her best to keep the liquid crystals in. "You are not being selfish Robin, but I just need to know why you kept your feelings from me, when you knew that I liked you?"

Robin led her hands with his up to his eyes, and carefully, they peeled the glasses off of his eyes. For the first time in all the years she'd known Robin, she had finally got to see his beautiful eyes. They were exactly like Slade had told.

Each eye was a crystal blue color with dark emerald trimming along the outside. They were so innocent, as if he had never seen all those terrible memories before. So innocent, and loving. Starfire smiled kindly and waited for him to speak.

Looking back on the things I've done,
I was trying to be someone,
I've played my part, kept you in the dark,
Now let me show you the shape of my heart.

"I had had a horrible past when I was younger. Everything that I had...that I loved...was always taken away from me. I learned from my mistakes when I was a child, but I could never learn to stop loving. To stop loving would cure the problem of all my loved ones either dying or getting taken away from me."

Starfire knitted her eyebrows in sadness as Robin's crystal blue eyes danced in agony. "I had three things that I actually loved in my life. Two from the past, and one from the future. Two were my mom and dad. My dad ended up going to prison, and I never heard from him again, then I found out that he was actually Slade all along.

My mom was killed...what do you know...by my horrendous father. She was the only one that actually understood me. Once she died, I told myself that I would never love again, for I feared that once again, the person I loved would either die, or be taken away from me.

I guess once Slade found out that I loved you, he went for the prize. Just like with my mom. Look what he did to us? I blame him, yet for some reason, I thank him. I blame him for hurting me in the past and future, but I thank him, because during our hardship, he brought us closer."

I'm here with my confession,
Got nothing to hide no more, don't know where to start,
But to let me show you the shape of my heart

Robin smiled with his white teeth and watched as Starfire sniffed back her tears. He pulled her into a big bear hug and kissed her forehead kindly. Starfire let her tears of joy pass and hugged Robin tighter.

"Robin, I have always loved you. I had felt it the first time I had tried the cotton on the ferris wheel. You had always been there for me, and I have always been there for you. Best friends always, Lovers forever."

"Forever and always." He chuckled. He was getting sort of emotional, but he would never let her see him cry. Leaning in close, he went in for the kiss he had been wanting, that he had needed to do for the longest time.

Looking back on all the things I've done,
I was trying to be someone,
I played my heart, kept you in the dark,
Now let me show you the shape of my heart.

Closing their eyes, they both went in for that magical kiss that was rumored to have the lover's seeing mystical fireworks. Robin felt the sweet touch of her moist lips, and they both opened their orifices for their tongues to dance along side each other in a playful and loving dance.

The one kiss that they shared lasted for eternity in their young minds, but to the world before them, only lasted in minutes. The sunrise each had wanted to see had been forgotten by their miraculous kiss.

They teenagers pulled away slowly to catch a breath of air and smiled numbly. Their insides twisted with happiness and their minds raced with pleasure.

Not only did they blush after words; the embarrassing silence over took their words of thought too. Starfire bit her lip lightly but couldn't keep it in, she giggled softly. Robin turned to her and stared silently for a few seconds, before bursting out in soft chuckles.

"Why are we laughing, is not this supposed to be a glorious moment?" Starfire giggled. She couldn't help but laugh the butterflies in her stomach were lightly fluttering against her, tickling her very being.

"I don't know." Robin laughed. He pulled her near and hugged her tight. Both of them stopped their giggling to watch the sunrise evolve more enchantingly over the mountains and ocean surfaces.

Everyone had the happy ending they all wanted. Cyborg had Ayrasia...in bed. They loved each other more than anything did, and he actually had someone who was like him, half robot.

Beast boy and Raven were in the same bed, but not doing exactly the same thing. They loved each other, even if it did take a few years to figure it out. One of the best couples out there, their relationship will take time to evolve more, but the road ahead will be the best part.

And last but not least, Robin and Starfire.

Robin and Starfire have to also be one of the best couples. Best friends to a blooming loving relationship always ends up working, no matter how different the pasts have been.

"Starfire?" Robin spoke softly. Starfire turned to him and answered with a, "Hmm?"

"I love you."

Starfire stared at him fixedly and sighed. "You promise?"

"I promise. And this promise I will have no problem in keeping. I love you more than life itself, and I'm glad you are the one for me. Love takes time to nourish and grow, and like Slade says, 'Patience is a virtue'. I will have the patience to see our love grow with every minute we have."

"I love you too." She whispered, pressing her lips upon his in a quick kiss. Robin licked his lips after and decided to put in one more thought.

"And I will always love you, no matter how 'Ridiculously Romantic' it is."

~* The End*~


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