[Inu Yasha]

I look for you and you're not there

It scares me to believe, that you may not return to me

I can still feel your hot breath, and your head resting on my chest

To you it doesn't matter demon or not

To you it does not matter, whose blood I come from

As long as it is you I love


I still can't believe what happened to me, I found you

It seems to be my destiny to be with you

But it's just so hard to see her with you

She's a ghost of your love and a ghost of your hate

It happened to you so long ago but I can still see the pain,

and when you look in my eyes I can't help but wonder

Who do you see?

Do you love her or me?

I jumped down and down

Scared that you love her, and hoping I'm wrong but what can I say

I can still feel your arms and around me,

and the helplessness I felt,

I wanted to stand there forever, safe in your arms

Then why, I yell to myself, did I bolt from your love?

Into the darkness unknown


Out of everyone he could have chose, why did he chose you?

You are not the brother I used to know,

what happened to you I guess I should kill you, but that I could never do

I know somewhere, somewhere you're still in there

You killed father then tried to kill me

Why can't you see?

Realization will set us free

I set my boomerang down and you take your weapon and charge at me

Whatever he did and whatever has to be done I swear on my father's grave

Naraku I will kill you!!