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Tenar's Story
A wizard from the town of Gont,
A woman from the Kargish lands,
He - an Archmage, doer of great deeds,
She - High Priestess to the Nameless Ones.
Together they escaped from the Tombs,
The Tombs of Atuan came down after them,
Arha, now Tenar, went with Ged
To the Island Roke, to meet the Masters.
After, she found a child all burnt and
Scarred. Tenar named the child Tehanu,
Kargish for Burned One. Tehanu,
Though, had a deep unknown secret.
Tenar, now old, gray, and bent,
Saw Tehanu call to the Eldest,
And the Eldest came at her call.
They spoke a long while about dragon things.
And so, Tenar watched Tehanu
Transform and fly away upon
The Other Wind which her people
Now flew to get her true name.
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