Hey, have you ever heard about the series Ranma ½? Of course you have, because you wouldn't be reading this...

But for those who hasn't watched the series let me give you an explanation. Ranma ½ is about a martial artist trained in the road for ten years. Along the way, his idiot father engages him for food or/and money. Then, at age 16, they go to this place filled with pools. Legend says that whoever falls in the spring takes the form of the last individual who drowned there.

The boy named Ranma [obviously] got dunked into the pool of the drowned young girl, and with cold water, changes into a female version of himself, and when he is dabbed with warm water, he turns back to his original male form. His curse, and rivals, not to mention the families his father duped made the series the well renowned and famous... maybe in your world.

Actually, the series was not well received here in Japan. There was a plan for the series to be continued, after the failed wedding, but with the lack of supporters, it seems my days of stardom are gone.

By the way, my name is Ranma, like the character I play in the series... coincidence, huh?

Sakura Seasons: True Love

Chapter 01: Ranma's Story

Ranma woke up with a start, looking around him. He was once again in his room, the ceiling up above stayed still as his mind went around.

"Ranma-kun, if you aren't awake yet, I'll get the hose and wake you up!" a female voice shouted from outside the room Ranma was staying. The boy sighed, wiped his eyes a bit, then stared at his room.

Posters of Ranma ½ series littered all over the place. One showed Ranma in a sleeveless red shirt, and behind him was the female version of Ranma. Ranma groaned. Couldn't he just sleep? And he was having a good dream too.

"RANMA!" shouted the female voice again.

"ALRIGHT AKANE!" Ranma shouted back. "Geez! Can't any people get some good sleep around here?"

The door suddenly burst open, and Ranma froze as he saw Akane's face linger in the door. "About time you got up, baka-kun. Hurry up, dress up as we are already late for college! No brother of mine is going to be a slacker! Come on!"


That is Akane, my sister. She too was part of the Ranma ½ crew, and she played my fiancée. Alright, she is not my real fiancée, okay? She just plays it in the show.

We usually get along, but we always fight. It is what made our acting so convincing. I tease Akane in or out of the camera, and she hits me in or out the camera just the same. The only hard part we did was when we had to kiss in the show. Yuck! Try kissing your older sister!

Yes, older. She's actually 21 years, and I'm only 19, yet she still looks younger than me. She also has smaller breasts than any of her classmates, hehehe!


"Akane, ow! Let go of my ear!" Ranma complained as Akane dragged him up from the bed, and began to take of his clothes. "HEY!" Ranma shouted, and covered himself with his arms.

"Oh, don't be shy, Ranma-baka," Akane stated. "I've seen you naked enough to last some girls a lifetime." And she successfully took off Ranma's shirt, and looked at her topless brother. She sighed. "The muscles you had while filming are gone now. You haven't even been exercising, have you?"

Ranma frowned, and began to mutter unintelligibly.


Yes, muscles. When I was doing the shooting, when I was 17, I was given a free membership in the gym. Playing as a martial artist was tough, and it was tougher if you don't have flexibility, strength and speed. After the show, I stopped exercising, and now... I'm a weak dud! WAH!

AH, who CARES? I got the cutest face in my whole college! Not even that baka Ryouga can compare!


"What did you say?" Akane suddenly demanded, as she heard some soft muttering about tomboys and small breasts. Ranma suddenly backed away from her, putting his hands in front of him.

"Nothing, Akane!" he replied.

"Good!" Akane replied. "Now, since you don't want your sister dressing you up, HURRY UP AND DRESS UP!"

Ranma snapped up straight. "Yes ma'am!"

=Tokyo University=

Ah, the well renowned Tokyo U. It was a place filled with dreams, fantasies and destinies. It was a place where all people from different walks of life would clump together and forge a new world.

It is also where I can find my friends, and some of the crew of the Ranma ½ show.

"YO RANMA!" a boy with quite a dark tan called. Ranma looked up, and saw his friend running towards him.

"HEY BUDS!" Ranma called.


Buds is not Japanese. Heck, Buds is not his real name actually, but we get along well. He knows my part as the sex changing martial artist in the show, and instead of laughing like everyone else, he actually helped me up with my lines.


"So, what took you so long, man?" Buds asked as he adjusted his backpack.

"Nothing much. Akane tried fixing my hair," Ranma complained. Buds looked at him, and checked out the pigtail done.

"Why don't you cut it off man?" Buds asked. Ranma rolled his eyes. 2 years, Buds never let up on that question.

"It suits me fine," Ranma said smugly, giving it a dramatic wave which made him look cooler than he appeared. "And how about you, Buds? When will you get a girlfriend?"

Buds froze at that question, and glared at Ranma. "Hey, look who is talking, Mr. Martial Artist!"

"Hey now!" Ranma warned with a raised finger, smiling. "You are hitting below the belt already."

Buds ignored him. "Whatever man." Then he suddenly changed his mood. "Hey, guess what!"

"What?" Ranma asked, curious.

"You know the martial artist club that has been teaching students? It broke into two separate factions," Buds replied. Ranma's eyes widened.

"NO! Ranko actually did it?" Ranma asked, surprised.


Ranko is... Ranko. She had played my female side because she looks like me when her hair was done in a pigtail. She is shorter than me, and her breasts... wooh baby. And she is cute with long red hair, usually loosely tied in a ponytail.

But Ranko has no boyfriend, or will ever have one, in my opinion. She takes her Martial Arts too seriously, and she is a bit of a feminist. When she became the captain of the martial arts team, she had began to ask for the club to be separated into males and females.


"Yup, the club is officially split. One for the females, and one for the males," Buds replied. He sighed. "The male faction is at disadvantage. Most of the males just joined to leer at girls in a doji. Once there were no more females, they all quit and joined the swimming club. The only one left there is Tarou, and Mu Tsu."

Ranma sighed sadly. "Man, I wish those two good luck, especially knowing Ranko."


Tarou and Mu Tsu were also in the show, except that Tarou's last name is not really Pantyhose, and Mu Tsu is not really blind or dorky, although he is Chinese. They actually are the two coolest guys you will ever meet.


"And now, I had heard that Ranko plans to use Xian Pu against Mu Tsu..." Buds sighed sadly.

"I feel bad for Mu Tsu man," Ranma muttered. "I mean, that is really low. Mu Tsu is head over heels over Xian Pu... and who wouldn't be? I mean, did you have a good look at her? Long purple hair, those perky mounds on her chest, and..."

"Ranma, stop it," Buds scolded Ranma softly. "You are drooling." Ranma glared at Buds.

"Oh, please Buds, don't act so innocent already!" Ranma muttered. "Didn't you brag on how much data you have on the girls in college, or the hentai games you have in your laptop?!"

Buds suddenly darted and covered Ranma's mouth. "SSSHHHH! You asshole, you want us to be discovered?!"

"Tsk, tsk, tsk," a clicking sound was heard behind Buds and Ranma. Both boys suddenly froze as they recognized the voice. Slowly, they turned around, and saw a group of girls, glaring at them with daggers. The leader of the group was Ranko, the red head bombshell. She wore a tight fitting shirt with a skirt that covered her knees. Her hair was done in another stylish ponytail. "Boys will be boys..." she said.

Buds groaned, and hit his head at his palm. Ranma groaned too. A little mention of hentai, the female team of the martial arts club would be there. "Hi Ranko," Buds greeted neutrally.

Ranma looked at the group of girls and saw one of his friends glaring at him. "H-hi Yuka..." Ranma greeted the girl with short brown hair. The girl grunted, and turned her head. Ranma bowed his head shamefully.


When I was young, I had a great best friend. Her name was Yuka, and from the time we were in our early childhood, we did everything together.

Now, she followed Ranko's words, and severed any connections with me. We never went out anymore as friends, nor did we invite each other to our houses. She took everything I did bad, and turned it against me.


Ranko approached the two boys, smiling like a predator. "Well, it seems we have discovered something new. Buds here plays hentai games," Ranko announced. All glares went to Buds. The boy made a small 'eep' sound, and bowed his head. "And you do know what the female martial art faction does to those kinds of boys!" and Ranko started to move towards Buds.

"Hey now, wait a minute!" Ranma moved between Buds and Ranko. Looking at the girl, he steeled himself. "I can't let you do that!"

Ranko looked irritated. "Why not, Ranma? Are you going to tell your mommy Akane?" she teased. Ranma turned red with embarrassment, and the girls all laughed. Ranko stared at Ranma. "Look Ranma, as much as it is expensive, you will save you, and Buds a lot of world of pain. And you know what happens if you tell on anyone!"

Ranma grit his teeth. "This is bullying!" Ranma shouted. "You got no right to do this, you little..."

"THAT'S ENOUGH!" Buds shouted suddenly, gripping Ranma's shoulders tightly. "Here, Ranko," Buds said neutrally, handing out 2000 Yen. "I paid, so leave us alone, now, okay?"

Ranko snatched the money, and began t count it. Satisfied, she nodded. "Good, that ends our problems. See you soon, boys..." and she laughed as she walked away, with the girls following him.

Ranma looked at Yuka, who just spared him a glance, before walking away from him. Ranma sighed deeply, then took a look at Buds. "Why did you give it to her?!"

"It's okay," Buds sighed, shaking his head. "I-I am not as s-strong or as fast as Ra-Ranko is... please, let's just drop it."

"But... but you... we could have resisted!" Ranma practically shouted.

"And what? Get beaten up?" Buds shuddered.


Ranko and her team did one thing to earn money, and that is to hunt hentais. The 'victims' would need to pay them 2000 yen or else she would tell the 'victims' girlfriend, or parents.

But with Buds' and me is different. She would just beat us up. Last time... never mind. I don't want to talk about it.


The two friends walked silently towards their classrooms, getting on with their first class. Tokyo U was a very big place, easy to get lost. But after a year of studying there, it was a piece of cake.

Once Ranma and Buds had entered their classrooms, they were greeted by another friend of theirs.

"Ranma! Buds!" Ryouga called. Buds and Ranma waved back at him, and began to walk towards him.


Yup, good old Ryouga. He was also in the show. No, he doesn't have a directional problem. No, he isn't out there to kill me. And no, he doesn't turn to a pig.

He is a cool guy too, if you get to know him. Although he is kinda dumb about girls and stuff, but he is more of an athlete than I am. He plays baseball.


"There were rumors that the female anti-hentai squad just got new money as they found out two boys have been very naughty," Ryouga said with a shrug. Yes, he was dense.

Ranma and Buds shivered. Rumors fly around, and it is usually started with Ranko. She tells almost everyone about her exploits today, but just leaves out the names. It gives boys a shiver down their spine knowing Ranko can very well destroy them.

"Uh... really?" Buds replied nervously.

"That is... nice..." Ranma shivered.

"Ranko also wanted me to do her a favor," Ryouga began, his finger going towards his chin. Ranma and Buds looked at him curiously.

"Huh? Ranko asking a boy a favor?" Ranma asked incredulously.

"That is weird. What did she ask?" Buds asked.

"She asked me to hold and read this magazine... I didn't get the name. It's about... girls, I think. I was about to take it because it had the word 'Play' in it, but when she said it wasn't baseball, I didn't accept it," Rouga replied, shrugging again.

Ranma and Buds slapped their heads with their hands. Ryouga was really dense, and although not dumb, he could have only gotten so far as Tokyo U because of his skills in baseball.

"she was a bit mad..." Ryouga continued. Looking at Ranma and Buds, he asked, "Do you think I should have taken it?"

Buds smiled nervously. "No, you don't have to take it if you don't want to..."

"CLASS, EVERYONE STAND UP!" the class representative called. Everyone stopped what they were doing, and stood up. Th teacher came in. "BOW!" and everyone else did. "SIT!" and everyone followed.

Ranma sighed. Another college day...

To Be Continued...

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