Title: Home

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Chapter 14

Buffy woke up first. She resisted, as she always did. She was still not a morning person, even if that morning was actually night. The grass tickled her nose. She rubbed at it and groaned. She was almost blissfully asleep again when she realized, the grass tickled her nose. Buffy sat straight up.
They were outside on the lush thick grass of the jungle. The black jeep they had borrowed was parked beside them. Angel was sleeping peacefully on the grass. He'd only stirred slightly when Buffy had woke up.
She might have thought it was a dream, but her clothes were covered in blood, Angel's blood. Angel's white tee shirt was crusty brown with dried blood.
"Angel, you might want to wake up." Buffy said, reaching out to lightly touch his shoulder.
He woke slowly also, looking at her with sleepy eyes and giving her that half smile reserved only for her. It took him a moment to realize they were no longer inside the Guardian's temple. He sat up.
"What happened?"
Buffy shrugged. "I don't know. We fell asleep in the temple. I woke up here with you. It will save us an entire day though, which is good. I gave you the last of the blood after you had that unfortunate accident with the sharp pointy, although thankfully not wood, things."
"Stalagmites." Angel said. "Which I seem to be healed of except for a little tenderness."
"We got the information you needed, right?" Buffy asked.
Angel smiled at her and kissed her tenderly. "Yes, although it was a long way to go to find out what I really already knew, if I'd just listened to myself.
"You always were stubborn like that." *


Giles, Wesley, Willow and Dawn were waiting anxiously in Wes' office to hear what Buffy and Angel had found out.
"Manticores in South America? How fascinating. I was lead to believe they only populated the jungles of India." Wesley said.
"Oh, trust me, they were populating South America." Buffy assured him.
"And then you say you fought a dragon? A real one?" Giles commented.
"No Giles, it was a fake one that threw Angel across the cave and onto some stag antlers." Buffy rolled her eyes.
"Stalagmites." Angel said.
Buffy and Angel continued with their story, skipping many of the things the Guardian woman had said.
"In short, I'm the key." Buffy said.
Giles looked narrowly at her. "The key to Angel's shanshu?"
Buffy nodded. "She said that if Angel fights besides me in the final battle we will win and get his shanshu as a reward, if he doesn't-"Buffy bit her lip.
"If I fight alone, I die as a vampire in the battle." Angel finished for her.
Giles took his glasses off and cleaned them.
"And you're sure the book can not be read?" Wesley asked.
Angel nodded. "The Guardian seemed certain. All of our research supports that."
"And we're sure she's on our side?" Wesley asked.
Buffy nodded. "We wouldn't have been able to give Angel's amulet time to work without her help with the scythe. The First would have overrun us in a matter of minutes."
"Well then," Wesley and Giles both were at a loss for words, each remembering the times they'd encouraged Buffy or Angel to move on with their lives, forget each other.

-"I'll never forget, I'll never forget, I'll never forget."-

Buffy shook her head. Where had that thought come from, she wondered and shrugged it off. She yawned.
"I'm exhausted." She said.
"Indeed, traveling will tend to do that to you. Tomorrow the watchers arrive and we begin to make final plans to send the girls to their posts." Giles reminded her.
Buffy nodded. "Have you decided who you're going to send to Paris, instead of Kennedy?" Buffy's voice broke on Kennedy's name. It was hard every time she lost a slayer.
Giles nodded. "Yes, I believe I'll send Elizabeth. She speaks fair French and is quite excited about the possibility. She should be able to handle herself."
Buffy nodded and stood and stretched. Angel watched her. She reminded him of a graceful lioness. "Angel, you coming with?" He nodded and stood, taking her hand in his.
"Goodnight guys, we'll see you bright and early in the morning."



The night before the wedding, the entire wedding party went out for dinner and dancing. They met at a beautiful restaurant/lounge. Angel arranged for a semi private room on the balcony above the dance floor. It was quiet enough that they could talk without yelling, but the music infiltrated the room with its smoky beats. Buffy looked over at Angel. He was relaxing against the curved couch, a bottle of Guinness in his hand. He was smiling in that relaxed, all is right with the world way. She sighed contently and leaned back against him. She whispered, knowing he would be able to catch what she was saying, even over the music. "Do you think anyone else in the entire world is this happy?"
He leaned forward and kissed the scar on her neck "It's not possible." He whispered back.
"Ok, lovebirds, I think there's a rule about making out the night before the wedding." Faith teased. Angel chuckled and smiled at her. He glanced at his watch. It was 11:45.
"Speaking of which, one of has to leave." He looked at Buffy.
"I'm old fashioned. I can't see you the day of the wedding. Its bad luck and it's now 11:45, so I've got to get out of here by midnight or it will be tomorrow." He said.
She pouted.
"Buffy, we talked about this. You're staying with Willow tonight."
"I know, but-" Buffy said petulantly.
"No, buts." He dropped a light kiss on her lips. "And smile, we're getting married tomorrow."
She couldn't help but smile at that thought. "I guess that's what I get for marrying an old guy." She teased.
Angel pulled her to him and kissed her. He meant for the kiss to be another light, parting kiss. Kissing Buffy was never light and made the parting even harder. Angel pulled away reluctantly. "Ok, I'm going really. I love you but if you come to the penthouse I'll strangle you." Angel teased her.
"Alright, alright. I already have everything at Willow's apartment so I'll see you tomorrow at sunset?" Buffy said.
Angel nodded. "I wouldn't miss it even if the world were ending."
"Shoosh you, don't mention apocalypses on the night before our wedding. I'll be the one wearing white."



The Catholic chapel they had chosen was decorated beautifully. There was a white runner down the aisle. Pale pink rose petals literally covered the runner. Candlelight and moonlight provided the only light in the church. Angel had insisted on having the ceremony in a church. He had dreamt about it. Angel looked to his left. Wesley, Gunn, and Lorne wore tuxedos. Somehow they'd convinced Lorne that black, not yellow, red or magenta, was the right color for the occasion.
Willow, Faith and Dawn wore sheath dresses of the palest pink. They walked down the aisle one at time, each smiling brightly. There was a collective gasp as Buffy appeared at the top of the aisle.
He would never forget, for the rest of time, how she looked. It brought fast, sudden tears to eyes and he couldn't have taken a breath had he needed to. Her golden hair was pulled up on the crown of her head. Soft errant curls brushed her bare neck and shoulders. The only adornment on her neck was his mark.
Her soft white gown was strapless with a princess bodice and a dropped waistline. The hem brushed the floor as she walked. The ball-gown style skirt was full and the silk rustled as she walked. The chapel length train dragged behind her. She was carrying pink tea roses and her green gray eyes were glistening with tears. He had never seen her smile so brilliantly. Ava Maria was supposed to be playing as she walked down the aisle. He didn't remember. He couldn't remember anything but her.
"Who gives this woman?" the priest asked, breaking the sacred silence that had come over the chapel.
"I do," Giles said, his voice broken with emotion. He hugged Buffy tightly and when he pulled away, he had very un-British like tears in his eyes.
Buffy stepped up and took Angel's hands in her own. They had arranged for Lorne to sing a song, to give them both time to gather their emotions. They had known they wouldn't be able to actually speak for a few moments. Lorne stepped forward and picked up the microphone

Til my body is dust,
Til my soul is no more,
I will love you, love you
Til the sun starts to cry,
And the moon turns to rust
I will love you, love you.

But I need to know
Will you stay for all time-forever and a day.
Then I'll give my heart til the end of all time- forever and a day.

And I need to know will you stay for all time-forever and a day
Then I'll give my heart til the end of all time- forever and a day

Til the storms fill my eyes
And we touch the last time
I will love you, love you
I will love you, love you

The wedding vows they recited were traditional with one exception. Instead of promising to love each other until death do us part they promised to love each other until the end of time. Another thing Angel had been adamant about having. He knew, even in light of what the Guardian had told them, prophecies were wrong sometimes and there was a chance he would live long after Buffy's body was dust. Before they exchanged rings they both had things they wanted to say to each other, in front of all their friends. Buffy went first, because she was certain that whatever Angel said would make her cry.
Buffy looked up at Angel, forgetting there was anyone in the room but her and him. "I told you once that I think I loved you before I was born. The more I think about that the more I'm sure it's true. The first night I met you, when you were following me, I felt you inside, like I feel you now. I used to wonder why I felt you inside, even when I didn't want to, even when it hurt. I finally realized I feel your soul. The tingly, whispery feeling in my stomach is my soul calling out to it's other half. We've spent so much time trying to deny the love we feel for each." Buffy looked down and took a breath, trying to keep herself together for the rest of her speech. "And I hate that and it's not fair, because if I got to spend a dozen lifetimes with you, it would never ever be enough."
Angel looked at her through his tears. She had never been so beautiful in her life. "Buffy, you are my reason for everything. You're my reason for continuing in this life when it didn't seem like there was any reason. When I get bogged down with all the darkness and evil in this world, all I have to do is remember you and I know there is goodness and light. When you died, I thought I would die. I could stand to live my life without you, if I thought you would be happier, but I couldn't stand to live in a world without you in it. And then I remembered an impossible morning when it snowed in southern California. I remembered you, so fragile and small looking, telling me 'Strong is fighting and it's hard and it's everyday,' you would have never given up. I continued the good fight to honor you. I was afraid you were watching me from Heaven and I wanted you to be proud of me."
Buffy reached up and gently wiped the tears away that streamed down Angel's face. Her own face was wet with tears. "I did watch you from Heaven, and I prayed for you. I hurt so much because you were hurting. Heaven was beautiful and wonderful and peaceful, but it wasn't quite right. You weren't there. You're my angel and without you even my life in heaven isn't right."
Angel leaned over and kissed her. The priest cleared his throat, reminding them it was not kissing time. Their friends chuckled.
The rings they exchanged were platinum claddagh rings, worn with the hearts pointing inward.
A horse and carriage took them back to the Wolfram and Hart building. The reception was held in the Atrium. It had been re-decorated to a wonderland. There were tiny sparkling lights all over the place. The full moon shone down on them. Lorne provided the entertainment.
"Let's get these fated warriors on the dance floor for their first dance as vampire and wife." Lorne urged them.
Buffy shrugged and took Angel's hand, pulling him onto the floor. Angel smiled a secret smile as Lorne begin to sing. He and Lorne had gone over hundreds of songs and Angel had personally picked this one for their first dance. The words spoke volumes about what Buffy was to him.

She's my kind of rain
Like love in a drunken sky
Confetti falling
Down all night

She sits there quietly
Black water in a jar
Says Baby why you
Trembling like you are

So I wait
And I try
I confess like a child

She's my kind of rain
Like love from a drunken sky
Confetti falling
Down all night

She's the sun set shadows
She's like Rembrandt's light
She's the history that's made at night
She's my lost companion
She's my dreaming tree
Together in this brief eternity
Summer days, winter snows
She's all things to behold

So I wait
And I try
I confess like a child

She's my kind of rain
Like love from a drunken sky
Confetti falling
Down all night

She's my kind of rain
Oh, rain on me
She's my kind of rain.

They stayed after all the guests had gone and watched the sunrise in the Atrium. Angel watched her in wonder. She was his and she was meant to be his, since the beginning of time.
Buffy couldn't help stare at him, her Angel. She knew now, this wasn't a dream. She couldn't have dreamed something this wonderful, this beautiful. She settled back in his arms, against his chest. His coolness surrounded her and it felt right. It felt like home. It had taken so long, and there had been so much pain along the way but finally, Buffy Summers had come home.