Anyone who's seen the "Angel" episode knows that Gantu captures her at the end. That made me made since I thought Angel and Stitch are such a cute couple. Enjoy

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An Angel in Hell Chapter 1 Depression

'I'm lost' thought Stitch, as he wandered through an empty plain. Then he heard a scream that sounded familiar. 'Bushi Bu?' Stitch ran to where the scream came from. He found a creature so beautiful she had to be an Angel His Angel. He ran to her, but then the Big Dummy himself appeared, with Angel in an Experiment capsule.

" I win this time, Trog!" Then he laughed triumphantly and faded away.

"NAGGGAAAAA!" Stitch leapt to attack Gantu with the intent to rip him apart.

" Stitch stop destroying my Dresser!" shouted Lilo. Stitch realized he wasn't attacking Gantu after all.

" Misa sorry." Said Stitch. Lilo's eyes softened.

" It was the same dream right?"

" Ih."

" We'll get her back, someday. Come on, Nani made Pancakes." Said Lilo. They walked down stairs for Breakfast.

" Good Morning." Said Peakley.

" Where's Nani?" asked Lilo.

" Bigger girl went to aqua recreation device shop." Said Jumba. Everyone helped themselves to some Pancakes, everyone except Stitch.

" 2 weeks and you're still not hungry!" Peakley was shocked.

" I designed Experiments to have very slow metabolism, go months without eating, made for combat in harsh climate. Cuts down food bill too." Said Jumba.

" No creature should go that along without eating, It's just not healthy!" declared Peakley.

" I think experiments would rather go hungry then suffer your cooking." Said Jumba pointing to the Dog food bag. Then he and Lilo laughed, remembering when Peakley tried to make Gravy out of Dog food.

" It's not that funny! Stitch isn't laughing!" shouted Peakley. But Stitch wasn't laughing due to lack of Humor but sorrow. It had been weeks since Gantu had kidnapped his Bushi Bu, his Angel. He had gone to Gantu's ship to get her back but it was gone. Since then he found it difficult to get motivated about anything, Eating, Experiment caching, going to the Beach, nothing could lift his spirits. His dreams were often plagued by nightmares of her suffering.

" Warning! Experiment 103 activated. Primary Function- theft" said Jumba's PC.

" Come on, Stitch!" Called Lilo.

" Naga,"

" Do you want 103 to get the same fate as Angel?" Lilo asked. This line always worked. Stitch would grudgingly get up and follow Lilo, catch the Experiment as soon as Possible so he could get back to sulking. They found 103 in a subway. He was jungle green with four arms like Stitch. Stitch grabbed him and threw him into the Capsule Lilo was holding.

" I'm going to call you Stealer. Now to find the one Place you truly belong." Said Lilo. Stitch's ears picked up when he heard a familiar voice.

" Get back here! Abomination!"

" Gantu!" Stitch shouted. He ran toward the voice. He found Gantu chasing what looked like an ordinary Golden Retriever. Stitch pounced and gave the fish-headed Freak a serious beating. Gantu pressed a button. A heavenly singing voice filled the air. Stitch looked up, and saw her. He leapt off Gantu and ran to her but he went right through.

" Tough luck, Trog!" shouted Gantu. He held a capsule with the Golden Retriever in it over his head. He began to run away. Stitch growled, he rolled into a ball and sped toward Gantu. He heard the heavenly singing again, saw her again. He knew it was an illusion, but just couldn't help himself. Once again he fell right through. When he looked for Gantu. He was gone. He'd let another experiment, another cousin, be capture by Gantu. Then he felt someone tap his shoulder.

" Cousin." It was Stealer holding the experiment capsule. Lilo and Stitch took Stealer to the Police station. They convinced the Chief to let Stealer teach his officers how to counter a criminal's tactics. They went home with the dog. Jumba greeted them.

"Ah, Experiment 109. The tracker." He said.

"huh?" both Experiment finders asked.

" 109 is like Bloodhound. Once he has scent, he can track anything, regardless of conditions. Yes, 626, 109 can find 624." Explained Jumba. Stitch started jumping around with joy as if he'd had a dozen bags of coffee. Finally! Soon he'd have his Angel back!

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