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An Angel in Hell Chapter 59 Life goes on

" Makaba why do I have to wear this?" asked Seren as Angel put a black dress on her.

" This what you wear when going to a funeral." Said Angel, wiping a tear out of her eye. Stitch put a comforting paw on her shoulder. The entire Ohana was dressed in black for Uki, Tresea and Elena's funeral. They were all gathered in the Living room, making the final touches before they left. There was a bright flash of light and everyone shielded their eyes. When they could see again they saw a pup with white fur, red stripes going down his back and one on each arm, a cat like tail, and angel wings. He was just a little shorter then Stitch but much bigger then Seren or Armory.

" Hey Seren it's been a while." He said with a smile Seren ran to hug him.

" I missed you Gabriel!" 'Gabriel' returned the hug.

" What are you so dressed up for?" He asked.

" My Makaba said this is what you wear when you go to a funeral."

" Oh." Said Gabriel, his mood suddenly changing.

" Who you?" demanded Stitch.

" My name's Gabriel, son of Yami and Hikari." Said the Angelic pup.

" Who?"

" I guess you would know them by C625 and C624." Jumilla gasped.

" My spirits of Darkness and Light?"

" The very same." Repiled Gabriel. " You don't mind if I come along do you?"

" Of course not, the more the merrier!" Said Nani. So they all went to the funeral together.

At the funeral

" My cousins, we are gathered here today to remember and honor Uki Tehos, Elena Haksi and Tresea Osajd(I made up the last names) for making the ultimate sacrifice and giving their lives for their friends."

After the service someone notice Lilo, it was Uki's mom.

" Hey, you're something of magic user aren't you?" Lilo hunched over.

" yeah."

" Then use your magic to bring my little girl back!" Lilo seemed to look even sadder.

" I can't...I tried...I can't."

" Gabriel can bring people back to life!" Said Seren.

'Seren I really wish you hadn't said that.' Thought Gabriel. Everyone who had lost a loved one ever ran over to him, shouting and demanding that he help.

"QUIET!" He shouted over them. " I'M NOT GOING TO DO IT!"

" Why not!" They all asked.

" What's dead should stay dead. You all need to move on." Gabriel replied.

" That's just shit shrinks say!"

" Yeah! If you can do something that can actually help us, then you should do it!" Gabriel snorted.

" And I suppose you'll want me to make a never ending supply of food for everyone next? How about a foolproof cure for ever disease? And then why don't I just erdicate suffering and pain altogether?" The crowd was silent.

" If you can't put the past to rest then you'll forget to live in the present and never reach the future. You'll just slip into a depressed funk and stay there for the rest of your short lives!" Gabriel turned away from them and embraced Seren. 'Not to mention all the over population prolems if no one ever died' Thought the angel pup.

" You should pay attention to the ones that are still here and not the ones lost to the next world. I assure you they'll be alright." The crowd looked down in embrassament, realizing how selfish and ignorant they were being. But one person refused to be consoled.

"I don't care about that shit! Bring my daughter back! Or you'll go to meet her!" They grabbed a meat cutting knife from the catering table and threw it Gabriel, everyone gasp as the sharp blade soared towards the white creature, only to be blocked by a white barrier. Gabriel shook his head.

" You really shouldn't have done that." The knife thrower was instantly surrounded by darkness so thick it was impossible to see through. Screams were heard that made the crowd's blood curdle. Then the darkness dissipated and the man was seen with various cuts and brusies, shaking uncontrolably and muttering gibberish.

" What happened to him?" asked one of the crowd.

" I happened to him." Said a voice that sent shivers down everyone's spine except Gabriel and Seren.

A pool of darkness appeared on the ground and from was a creature so evil looking it seemed to be straight from the netherworld. His fur was so black it seemed to suck in the surrounding light, making the area darker as a result. Bat wings spourted from his back, wickedly curved claws on his paws and red eyes that seemed to pierce your soul.

" It was only severe mental and emotional scaring." Said the creature, sounding all too pleased. " The next person who threatens my son won't be so lucky."All the humans were visibly terrified. "However if you do, I will painfully tear you soul from your body, and throw to the realm of darkness, were you shall face eternal torment." He held up a paw and gathered a sphere of darkness in it. " Well? The shadows are waiting." He sounded almost as if he wanted them to do it.

" Bushibo, are scarring mortals again?" Asked a heavenly voice. The creature that descended next to Gabriel could only be discribed as an angel. The light radiating from her fur replaced the light that was sucked in by her mates' fur.

" They deserved it. They were threatening our son." Yami turned to Gabriel. " Speaking of which, what are you doing here?"

" Just visiting my friend Seren." Hikari put her hands on her hips and stared her son down.

" You mean the one you saved by going against the League's rules?"

" She wasn't completely dead yet, mortal doctors do it all the time."

" He's got a point." Said Yami. " My friend Death always complains to me when someone's at his door and then they're pulled away."

" Yes, and you did uphold our rules here, so ok." Said Hikari. " But we shouldn't be here too long, we have other matters to attend too."

"I'll see you later Seren." Said Gabriel and the three vanished. The ohana left for home, on the way they met Mr. Jameson.

" Nani, I'm afarid that, due to your condition, I can't let you work at the Rental Pavilion anymore." Nani slumped in her wheel chair.

"Fired again." She sighed.

" After all, how can you work at the Rental Pavilion and the Birds of Paradise at the same time?" Mr.Jameson asked smiling. Nani immediatly perked up

" You mean..."

" Yep, as soon as you feel ready, you can come to work as the new receptionist at the Birds of Paradise Hotel." Nani smiled ear to ear.

" Mahlo plenty!" David approached her next.

" Hey Nani...I've been thinking..."

5 years later

Crim appeared out of nowhere in the middle of space.

" Hey isn't that Earth?"

' I think it is.' Said ShoulderAngel

' It's been a long time.' Said Shoulder Devil.

' You should say hi to your cousins while we're here.' Said Shoulder Angel.

" That reminds me, I still have Omni's pod in my keepstakes deminsion." He laughed nervously.

' Moron.' said Shoulder Devil.

' I hope Snowflake is ok.' Said Shoulder Angel. Crim flew towards earth then stopped.

' Wait a minute, if we're back where we started then, that means, THE UNIVERSE IS ROUND!' Said Crim.

'Who cares?' Said Shoulder Devil.

' Jumba would!' Said Shoulder Angel and gave Shoulder Devil a whack, and was then whacked back, which turned into a fight. Crim sighed and continued flying towards Earth. Within monutes he arrived at Hawaii, passing through the atomsphere with no trouble at all.

Lilo's House

" Honey, it's time to wake up." Said Nani to her husband as she got out of bed. Jumba had redesigned various parts of the house to help her.

" It's saturday!" David complained and rolled over.

" But I still have work, and someone needs to watch Maka and Lilo."

" Jumba or Pleakley, can do it."

" The last time I left Lilo alone with Jumba, he tried to reverse engineer her divine DNA for his future experiments, Lilo has weather Goddess bussiness, but I suppose Pleakey could do it." She leaned over to kiss his forehead.

" Go back to sleep if you want."

" No I'll get up."

Downstairs Seren was playing with Armory and a pinkish-red creature with dark red on his belly and backside. His silted eyes had an almost 'evil' look to them.

" You're it little brother!" Called Seren as she and Armory ran away. At that instant Crim touched down in the front yard, making a big crater.

" What a rush!" He said and dusted himself off. Everyone heard his entrance ran outside and gasped. " Don't worry, I'm not here to fight."

" Then why are you here?" Demanded Stitch. Crim ripped open a tear to the deminsion that held his keepsakes and pulled out a black pod, then closed it.

" I came to give Snowflake her boyfriend back. Do you know where she is?"

" Your my uncle Crim aren't you?" Seren asked, Crim hestitated then nodded. " Aunt Snowflake is the Black Swordfish."

" Thanks and by the way Jumba the universe is round. I know because I went all the way around." Then he flew off. Jumba looked estatic, then rupped his hands together with an evil smile on his face.

" Oh wait till I tell the Evil Genius Scientist Association!"

At the Black Swordfish

Snowflake still hadn't come out of her room in the Space Ship since she arrived.

" Hey is Snowflake here?" Crim asked.

" Why should we tell you?" Asked Mana. Crim held up Omni's sphere.

" Because I have this, and I want to give it back. So here." he tossed the sphere to Mana. Momments later he heard someone 'OMNI!' and loud crash that must have been Snowflake tackle hugging Omni.

' So what are we gonna do now?' asked ShoulderAngel.

'We could look for more suffering.' Said Shoulder Devil hopefully.

" Hey Uncle Crim!" The three little experiments ran up to him. " What else do you have in the hole thingy?"

" Oh this?" Crim opened his pocket deminision again.

" Yeah! What's in there?" Crim jumped in and beckoned the others to follow.

" This is cheese from the Earth's moon, this is Gasrtoia Fruit from the Planet Tickon 3, the worse it smells, the better it tastes. This a Frangla forktang(The thing on top of Pleakey's head) warmer, and this...


From her spot on the clouds Lilo watched over her island.

' As a full fledged Goddess it's my duty to watch over this area. I can't let anything like that happen again.'

Yami and Hikari are japense for Darkness and Light

I hardly believe it myself, I started this over a year ago and I finally finished it. But I pretty sure there's going to be a sequel. Not sure when it'll be out though. RR