"Jeff, we have to talk about this!" Shane said, blocking the younger man's exit from their room. He wasn't an idiot. The second he let him, Jeff would bolt out of the room and attach himself to that bastard boyfriend of his just to avoid the conversation.

"Nothing to talk about," the enigmatic man said. He zipped up his suitcase, put it on the floor and turned to face Shane, refusing to meet the other's eyes. "If you'll excuse me, I need to meet Randy for breakfast."

"You ain't going nowhere," Shane growled, crossing his arms over his chest and glaring at Jeff hotly. "Not till we talk."

"We talked last night!"

"And we slept together, too," Shane threw in boldly.

"Not … that way!" Jeff hissed between gritted teeth. "Look, last night was an aberration. What I said … I didn't mean it!"

"Bullshit! You did, and I know it!"

Jeff looked up at him angrily then realized his mistake. He was locked in another unbreakable Hurricane gaze. Still, he stood his ground. Shane wasn't going to sweet talk him into giving in this time. He knew that his roommate wasn't above using what he'd learned last night to break him and Randy up. It seemed Shane was obsessed with doing just that. God, he was so irritating! And it didn't help that he was sexy as all hell to boot. Jeff itched to lie beneath him again, and do a whole hell of a lot more than kiss him. But Shane's straight, he yelled at himself. He didn't want Jeff; Randy did.

"You love me," Shane challenged, walking slowly toward him and using that sexy purr that made Jeff's toes curl. "You told me so."

"Y-you're straight," Jeff countered, backing up until the back of his legs touched the bed. "You told me so!"

"I was lying to us both," the dark haired man replied, pushing Jeff onto the bed and pouncing on him. "I do love you, Jeff!"

"Stop!" he cried, a tear reforming itself in his eyes. Damn! Why did he have cry so much? "Please, Shane, I can't take the mind games anymore!"

"I ain't playing mind games!"

"You are," Jeff insisted. "You told me last time you were straight. I believe you!"

"I ain't straight!"

"You just want me to break up with Randy! Why do you hate him so much?"

Shane stared down at him mutely for a few minutes, and Jeff began to tremble. He didn't think he could withstand the emotional assault any longer and was hoping Shane would see that. But the other man's expression seemed unyieldingly determined.

"I hate him because he has you," he finally answered, leaning in and placing a kiss on top of Jeff's forehead. "I've been a total asshole because I thought I couldn't be what you needed."

"You're lying," Jeff sniffled feebly and closed his eyes, feeling his stomach somersault over the possibility that Shane was telling the truth. "You're dating Molly."

"Not anymore."

"But you …"

"We broke up yesterday. And she said she knew I was gay."


"Jeff, I'm not lying. I … love … you!"

The dam broke and Jeff's tears began to fall freely again. Why does he play these games with me, he wondered. He's supposed to be a friend of mine. He's my own brother's BEST friend! Oh, Matt would have Shane's head if he knew what he's doing to me right now.

"Pl-please …" Jeff murmured brokenly. "Please … stop."

"You don't love Randy," Shane pressed on. "You love me."

"I c-can't!"

"You said you do."

"I can't!" Jeff repeated. "You're straight!"

"No," Shane said determinedly. "I'm not. And you're not in love with Randy."

Jeff writhed a bit to free himself but Shane held his wrists down and leaned in to lock his lips to the younger man's, bringing back the helpless passion that Jeff had been trying to forget ever since that day … all the wanting and needing exploded in Jeff's body and it reacted to Shane as if it knew it belonged to him. And on some level, he supposed it did. But hell if he would let Shane have his way then leave him for Molly. He tried to will himself to struggle some more, but Shane's tongue invaded his mouth like it was meant to be there and Jeff couldn't stifle the whimpers and moans that escaped.

"Tell me you love me …" Shane whispered against his lips.

"Uh … mmm …"

"Tell me!" Shane pulled his lips back and stared straight into Jeff's eyes, his dark ones deep pools of emotion.

"I … I …"

"You …?" Shane prompted.

Jeff opened his mouth to speak but just then someone pounded on the door.

"Jeff?" Randy called from the other side. "You okay in there? I'm waiting for you out here!"

Shane sighed and glared over his shoulder before pulling himself off Jeff. He watched in silence as the younger man sat up and fixed his disheveled hair. Jeff sniffled a bit and got up for a tissue to wipe his nose.

"Be there in a sec!" he called back.

"This ain't over, Jeff," Shane said darkly from behind him. "I know you belong with me. Not him."

"You're straight," Jeff whimpered.

"I'm yours," he corrected, gathering his own suitcase and lap top before looking at Jeff again with that same determined expression. "And you're mine."


"Oh shit!" Shannon cursed softly as he opened his eyes.

Matt allowed himself a smirk before covering it up as Shannon turned around under the covers. He was rubbing his eyes but when he stopped and blinked at Matt he yelped.

"Morning, sunshine," Matt drawled with what he hoped was an innocent smile.

Shannon's green eyes widened in fright then his cheeks colored in shame and he looked away, turning back over. Matt gathered him in his arms and held him tightly.

"Hey, don't be like that," he whispered in the blond's ear. "I know I'm a sight in the morning, but I never thought it was that bad."

He felt the shiver slide down Shannon's back as his breath hit the shell of the boy's ear. Oh, hell, this is almost too easy, he laughed to himself. He'll be fun to fuck while I wait for Shawn.

"I'm sorry," Shannon whispered. "I didn't mean to …" he stopped.

"Didn't mean to what?" Matt asked softly. "Get drunk with me and fall into my bed?"

Shannon cringed and nodded, his back still to Matt's chest.

"Well, I'm not sorry," Matt went on.

"No?" Shannon gasped.

"Mm mmm." He lazily traced circles on Shannon's abs with the tips of his fingers and smiled when the boy finally relaxed and leaned back into him. "I've been flirting with you long enough. Didn't think you'd ever notice."

Shannon seemed to consider that for a moment before he turned around in Matt's arms and looked warily into his eyes. "I did," he said shyly. "But I didn't think it was a good idea."

"No?" Matt asked, kissing the tip of Shannon's nose and feeling a sense of satisfaction at the blush the small act caused. "Why not?"

"You … you like someone else," the blond shrugged and looked down. "And I didn't want to get hurt."

Definitely too easy, Matt thought, but said instead, "I promise you I won't hurt you." Then he sealed his lips over Shannon's and swallowed the boy's sigh of relief.


Shane stood to the side and watched as Jeff cleaned his face up as best he could before opening the door to let Randy inside. The man gave his boyfriend an odd look before leaning in to touch his lips to Jeff's. Then Randy turned to Shane with a thunderous expression.

"Whatever the fuck's going on between the two of us, you leave Jeff out of it!" he yelled.

"Randy …" Jeff tried.

"No, Jeff, not this time!" he said to the man beside him, but his eyes never left Shane's. "I've stood by and said nothing while you've badmouthed me and even nagged him to break up with me. But I won't tolerate you making him cry!"

"Who says I made him cry?" Shane replied smoothly.

"Well I sure as hell didn't!" Randy retorted. "I remember him smiling at me as we drifted off to sleep last night. So that leaves you."

"I'm not his problem."

Peripherally, Shane could see that Jeff was looking back and forth between the two of them as they spoke, his face red with shame. Shane's insides twisted with guilt over the pain this was causing Jeff, but he couldn't let him go. Not now, when he knew Jeff returned his feelings. He had to fight for him somehow.

"You were," Randy growled back. "But you're not anymore. He's staying with me from now on."

Jeff gasped and his eyes widened like saucers.

"That's not your decision to make," Shane hissed.

"It is now." Randy turned to Jeff and took his hand. "I can't watch him do this to you anymore, babe. Please just room with me. We don't have to do anything if you think we're going too fast, but I can't let him keep hurting you."

Jeff looked down in shame.

"I'm not hurting him!" Shane yelled. "I'm his …"

"His what?" Randy boomed back. "His friend? Is that what you were going to say? No friend makes you cry like this, Helms! I never made him cry! He should be stay with me."

"But …"

"Maybe it's for the best, Shane," Jeff mumbled, cutting off his protest.

Randy smiled at him and kissed his cheek then picked up his suitcase and started to wheel it out. Jeff turned to follow but Shane snatched his hand for a second and turned him around.

"This ain't over Jeff," he whispered, pulling him in for a quick, hard kiss before letting him go. "Like I said, I'm yours."

Jeff pulled away looking scared and dashed out the door.


Jay pulled himself together as best as he could when he got back to his room. Shit! Steiner! Of all people to wake up to in the morning, why did it have to be that pervert? He didn't think he'd drank that much at the bar the previous night. But there Steiner was when he woke up that morning, in all his naked, genetic freak glory. He was still asleep when Jay woke, so the Canadian dressed quickly and quietly slipped out of the room before he had to face the aftermath. Now as he finished packing after a long, hot, disinfecting shower, Jay went over what little he could of the previous night.

He'd been drinking his self-loathing away, trying to figure out what made other guys more attractive than him. He knew he'd had enough whiskey when the room started spinning so he'd paid his tab and carefully made his way back up to his floor, his room key in his hand. He'd tottered down the long hallway leading to his room when he was suddenly spun around and found two Scott Steiners grinning lustfully at him. Well, hopefully it was the whiskey that made him see two. The world couldn't handle a matched set like that. He remembered trying to jerk himself away when he was roughly backed up against the wall and brutally kissed. While a part of him wanted to fight the man off and run, another part actually reveled in the feeling of being attractive to someone. Everything after that was a blur, but the pain in his rear orifice told him he'd definitely had sex with the disgusting man who'd been after him since he'd jumped to RAW.

Sighing, he finished packing and pulled up the handle on his suitcase to wheel it out. On the way down the hallway, Steiner's door opened and he grinned at Jay lasciviously.

"Hey, sweet thing," he drawled.

"Steiner, keep your eyes to yourself before I relieve you of them!" Shane growled from behind Jay's fidgeting form. The blond turned a grateful glance his friend's way and smiled wanly.

"Too late," Steiner laughed and ducked back into his room.

Jay felt his cheeks redden and he looked down in shame.

"What'd he mean by that?" Shane asked.

Jay felt a hot tear run down his cheek and shrugged.

"Jay?" Shane prompted more softly.

"It was … a mistake."

He didn't look up but he felt Shane's gaze stay on him as the words and their meaning hung in the air between them. Damn but he missed Jeff!

"Drew take to rooming with Stacy already?" Shane finally asked.

Jay nodded.

"Okay then, you'll be staying with me from now on."

Jay looked up in confusion. Shane and Jeff roomed together, didn't they?

"He's decided to stay with Randy," Shane answered the unasked question.

"But Molly …"

"We broke up," Shane replied with a neutral expression on his face. "And we were never serious. Really, Jay, I could do with a friendly roommate about now."

Jay didn't know what was going on but Shane's tone and look told him the man wasn't kidding. And he, himself, could use a buffer from Steiner anyway. So he nodded and allowed Shane to lead him to the elevator.


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