The Scars Of Love

A New Friend

"Ne, Nee - chan?"

Sango looked up from gher drink to see her little brother, Kohaku, standing before her. A young boy with messy black hair and dark eyes, Kohaku used to be a very animated child with a very promising future. However, an encounter with Naraku changed everything. He know spent most of his time helping hisd parents run The Taiji-ya. Sango smiled sadly at the memories before replying.

"Nani, kohaku?"

"Mama wants you to take Yuki's place as hostess for a bit. She needs her help in the kitchen." Kohaku added before Sango could object.

"Sango – chan, onegai?" A girl asked, popping out of nowhere.

The girl in question sighed.

"Fine," The other girl, Yuki, squeeled in delight and headed off towards the kitchen, "just as long as I don't have to wear the…"

"Oh, and Sango you better wear the uniform!" Mrs. Misokata called from the kitchen.

"…Uniform." Sango finished with a growl, glaring at Kohaku's back as he continued to wait on his other customers.


Miroku had been oddly quiet during the whole exhange. A look of amusement crossed his face before he spoke.

"What Sango? You glare at his back like it's his fault."

"That's because it is his fault." Sango grumbled before getting up. "I hate that stupid uniform!!"

Miroku grinned, lechorously as he watched her stomp off. ~Yeah, but I don't.~


Sango muttered to herself as she pulled off her school uniform, and started to change into the uniform that lay before her. The uniforms for the hostess were silk kimonos. They weren't really uniforms at all. It was the obi that made the outfit a 'uniform.' The obis were a creamy white with the characters 'The Taiji-ya' sewn in black. Sango, Yuki, and their mother, Ai, were the only hostesses for the restaurant. So, therefor, they each had their own kimono that they wore as hostress.

Sango sighed as she stared at the kimono set before her. Hers was black decorated with brilliant pheonixes of red and gold. Green vines swirled around the edge of the kimono itself and it's sleves. She quickly pulled the uniform on, tying the obi around the middle. Then she put her hair in a loose ponytail. She glanced in a nearby full length mirror before heading out.

It wasn't that she hated the kimono. Far from it. It was beautiful, and been owned by her grandmother, Kaede. The old woman had given it to Sango as a sweet sixteen present. No, she didn't hate the kimono. It wwas miroku's reaction that she hated.


Miroku eyes flickered to the impatient woman standing next to him. Yuki, Sango's older sister, stood there in her plain green kimono the soles of her wooden zori tapping the ground in impatience. He raised his eyebrow in amusement.

"Where's the fire, Yuki?"

The girl in question nearly jumped a mile at the sound of Miroku's voice. She gave Miroku an angry glare before answering.

"I don't see how it concerns you Miroku," she sneered, "but if you must know....." For a moment Yuki faultered as she tried to think of an explanation. " Oka just wanted me to help her with the kitchen!" Yuki finally managed to get out, her face flushing with embarrsement.

Miroku said nothing. He just smiled to hide his confusion.

Yuki nearly let out a sigh of relief when she noticed Sango emerge from the dressing room, fully clothed in the restaurant's 'uniform'. For once the older sibling ignored the twinge of jealously she always felt whenever she saw the expensive kimono. Right now Yuki just wanted to be out of plain sight when HE came into The Taiji-Ya. Whispering a hurried thanks, which left Sango feeling confused, Yuki pratically ran to the safty of the kitchen.

"What's with her?" Sango gave Miroku a questioning look. "Did you do something to her?"

Miroku held up a hand in his defense. "I didn't do anything. She was acting a little strange ever since you left."


Miroku nodded his head in earnest. (All the meanwhile secreatly grateful that his girlfriend wasn't going to pound him AGAIN.)

Sango let out a heavy sigh when a bell jingled, signalling that someone had entered the restaurant.

"Ah, the joys of being a hostess." She muttered before heading off towards the front of the building to greet the customer.

Miroku grinned inwardly as he watched Sango walk, the silky fabric swaying as she walked. A lecherous grin once again plastered to face, Miroku watched for a bit longer before returning to his drink.


Inuyasha nearly let out a cry of joy when he saw the big, red sign of The Taiji-Ya. The girl was heavier then she looked. She had passed out a few minutes ago due to the imense pain that she had received from her beating, courtesy of Kikyou. (As Inuyasha had discovered only moments before.) Poor Inuyasha had had no choice but to carry her himself. (For noone on the streets seemed to want to help.) Although she wasn't to heavy for him to carry she still weighed a bit. So, of course, he was very relieved to see the restaurant just around the block.

~I just hope that Mrs. Misokata is in today.~ He thought as he picked up his pace.