Through Hell and Back for More

(sequel to Trial by Nightmare)

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The Underworld

That guy on the boat said can help us escape from this dreadful place. He knows

somebody who has the power to free us! a man wearing tattered and torn clothes said to

his companion.

Perfect! I swear to God, when I get my hands on my daughter again, I'll kill her myself

for leaving us behind here. I just wish I knew a way to get my revenge on those two

demons that banished us to this vile realm of shadows. the other man growled evilly as he

picked a big ugly bug out of a festering wound on his arm.

The two men stepped into the boat and nodded at the shadowy entity clothed in a dark

hooded cloak.

Take us to this person who can get us out of here!

The shadowy entity guided the boat through the river Styx and let the men off in the


Hey, where are we? I though you said you'd help us escape! One of the men shouted.

The shadowy entity held up his hand and pointed. Than he and his boat disappeared.

A woman with long black hair approached them. She was dressed in a flowing linen gown.

The women stopped right infront of them.

Who-Who......are you? the men shook.

I am Nephthys. I know why you have come. Please follow me. the goddess of death said


The haggard men followed Nephthys through the darkness until they got to a bridge that

lead across a deep dark chasm.

What you seek is beyond that bridge and through that door. Nephthys stated before


What do you think she means? one of the men questioned as they walked across the

shaky wooden bridge.

Who cares. She said what we seek is beyond the doors, and what we seek is to get the

hell out of this place. the other scoffed.

Once they crossed the bridge, they entered through the large stone door. They were now

in a long corridor lined with faintly burning torches. They pressed on down the long

corridor and made their way to a vast, very dark and dismal room.

I think we've been had! There's nobody here! One of them men screamed.

I've been waiting for you! a powerful voice boomed out.

Both men shook with fear.

Who are you! Show yourself! one of them yelled in reply.

The voice laughed evilly.

I am Anubis, the ancient overlord of death! I know why you are here. You wish to leave

the Shadow Realm and be released back into your own realm. I can grant your wish, but

you must do something for me first.