"Dude! You were right! The Shadow Realm kicks ass when you're fried!" Marik snickered.

"Uh, dude? I think you've been hanging around Duke too long......dude." Ryou laughed.

"Did anybody bring anything to drink? I got cotton mouth BAD."Yugi griped.

"I brought some Lemon Heads" Tany chuckled as she skipped along carelessly through the Shadow Realm.

"GIMMIE!" Bakura demanded, holding out his hand.

Tany jerked the bag away.

"It's gonna cost you!" she laughed as she popped one of the super sour candy's in her mouth tauntingly.

"I'll spank you in front of everybody here missy." Bakura scoffed.

Tany cocked her head and looked at Ryou.

"Ryou? Am I supposed to be scared of him?"

Ryou peeked over at Bakura with a shit eating grin.

"Nah, the worst thing he might do is grab your nose and twist it."

Tany waved the bag of candy teasingly in the air.

"You-who, over hear! If you want it Bakura, you'll have to catch me first!"

She took off running as fast as she could with Bakura tight on her heals. Ryou looked at Marik and grinned.

"Those two act like such monkey's when their high."

Marik grinned back at Ryou as they strolled casually along.

"AHHHH!!" Yugi screeched suddenly. Everybody stopped and looked back at him and Yami trailing a few feet behind.

"What is it Yugi?" Ryou ask nervously.

Yugi's face turned a new shade of red, as did Yami's.

"I'm tellin' 'em Yami!" Yugi exclaimed.

Yami grinned as he bit his bottom lip.

Yugi pouted playfully.

"Yami pinched my ass!"

Yami turned his head and started to snicker.

"He's got a cute little ass, I couldn't help myself."

Ryou and Marik looked at each other and laughed.

"I think they're high" Marik giggled.

"No, really?" Ryou sarcastically responded.

"Hey, guys! Look! It's Anubis's domain!" Tany shouted from ahead.

Yami's eyes got wide.

"Already? But we just got here!"

Ryou couldn't help but laugh.

"Okay, so how do we find Malik and Caroline?" Marik ask as they all gathered behind some gnarly looking stone statues.

"Hey, look over there! There's a light over there, let's check it out." Yugi suggested.

The group huddled under the ledge under the window.

"Fuck, it's too high up!" Marik snarled as he looked up the wall.

Bakura looked over the wall for a minute than turn to Tany.

"Here, jump on my shoulders. Than you can look and see what's going on in there."

Bakura kneeled down so it would be easier for Tany to step up. Tany grinned as she stood in front of Bakura.

" Uh......While you're down there Bakura....." she chuckled.

Bakura zipped up the leather jacket Caroline had given him and rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, whatever, hop up, Just don't fuck up the leather."

"Whatever" Tany chuckled.

Bakura hoisted Tany up so she could look inside.

"Holy Shit! There's Malik! HEY! MALIK! Let us in you idiot!" she yelled.

"Whoa....damn! Relax! You're going to fall!" Bakura exclaimed nervously as he shifted around.

Malik opened the window.

"Huh? What the hell are you all doing here?"

"Just let us in jackass!" Bakura hissed.

Malik reached out and helped Tany into the room.

Ryou stepped up next. He looked at Bakura with his best puppy eyes.

"Can you help me up too?"

Bakura made a sour face as he crouched down.

"I suppose. Just what the leather." he growled as Malik pulled Ryou in.


(Okay, here's the deal. There's a little conversation going on between Bakura (Yami/Yugi's stupid little dog, remember him?) and Bastet, the snippy Ishtar feline. They're sitting on the couch staring at the dark door their masters disappeared through)


(Should we?)




(Are you suuure?)



"Meow Meow"

(I must be insane, following a dog)

"Woof Woof...IPE! IPE! IPE!!!"

(I'm going for it! *series of scared yipes*)


(The things I do for my masters)


Anubis stood glowering over Caroline in his god-form and not that of Ammut. Caroline's cold glare never once left her face.

"I can't believe you went back and retrieved the slave! Why!"

Caroline's eyes burned with rage.

"You fucking lied to me you son of a bitch!"

Anubis leered down at the blond evilly.

"Bite your tongue"

Caroline crossed her arms and turned her head.

"Ha, fuck you. Kiss my ass. EAT SHIT!"

Anubis raised his hand and slapped her across the face as hard as he could. The force behind his hand threw her flying back into the wall.

Her eyes started to water as she tried standing up.

"You........don't......fucking scare me." she panted.

Anubis crossed his arms.

"You thought you could make a fool out of me? HA! You're going to pat dearly.......Caroline. You want that demon Ishtar, you can have him! IN DEATH!"

Caroline growled evilly.

"You've crossed the line. It's you that's gonna die" she growled in false confidence.

Anubis started to laugh at the petite women.

"Such an angry little soul........the world won't even miss you."

Caroline closed her eyes.

"The world sure doesn't miss you"

Anubis's eyes started to glow red. He summoned up his dark magic and threw her back violently against the wall again, knocking her unconscious.


Bakura was the last to be pulled inside. He rubbed his shoulders as he rejoined everybody inside Anubis's lair.

"Hey Ishtar, long time no see......" Bakura chuckled.

Malik didn't waste his time replying to Bakura.

"Caroline's with Anubis......she.."


A loud thud echoed through the room interrupted Malik.

"What was that?" Tany ask.

"Shit" Malik growled. "That didn't sound good. I bet Anubis found out she brought me back. Shit!"

"Huh? She brought you back?" Marik questioned his darker half.

"There's not time to explain now......let's just get Caroline and get out of here!"


"I'll teach you a lesson in respect little lady. You never defy a god!" Anubis growled as he bound Caroline's wrists in thick chains.

"I already learned that lesson. Teach me something I don't know......suck wad" Caroline replied venomously.

"I should start by cutting out that wicked tongue of yours." Anubis snapped.

Caroline closed her mouth, not really wanting her second favorite muscle detached from her. Her eyes told her story better than words could anyway. A wicked glare pierced through her angry green eyes directly at the under lord.

Anubis walked out of the room for a moment and returned carrying a white hot glowing piece of metal attached to a long handle.

"Oh fuck" Caroline gulped as Anubis walked closer.

"Has anybody ever told you that you have beautiful eyes, little one?"

Anubis said with an evil smirk.

Caroline looked right through Anubis and focused on the open door behind him. She didn't reply to his remark about her eyes. Something had caught her attention.

//That looked like the white cat I saw before in my flashback, that's strange. I wonder what the ugly thing walking behind it was.// Caroline thought to herself, completely ignoring Anubis and his white hot poker.

Suddenly, Caroline felt a hard slap across her cheek, sending her flying onto her back.

"Pay attention to me when I'm speaking!" Anubis hissed evilly.

Caroline bit her lip. The outcome of this didn't look good for her.

"Yes" she said compliantly, trying not to look at the angry god.

//I'm sorry Marik.....// she thought to herself as her eyes locked with the glowing instrument in the hand of the god.

Anubis kneeled down and ran his fingers over her eyelids, closing them as he drew his hand downward.

"Such a foolish girl. Hathor* may have granted you beauty, but Imhotep* obviously skipped over you when it came to intelligence."

Caroline cringed as the god touched her.

"Pity I must end you're existence you young. Oh well, girls like you are a dime a dozen where you come from. I can't help but laugh at what the human race has devolved into."

"Oh go screw yourself" Caroline, not thinking as usual, snapped sharply.

Anubis didn't seem amused. He clenched the long metal rod in his hand angrily.

"So you like to talk back, eh? Let's see how well you're talking after I----What the!"

The god froze in his tracks and grabbed frantically at his head. A big white fuzzy cat had latched onto him and was clawing viciously at his eyes. The god shrieked in pain.

"Get this beast off of me!" He yelled to nobody in particular. Still trying to tear the cat off his head.

Caroline watched in disbelief as the feline went berserk on Anubis.

"Ra damned creation!" he snarled as he got a good grip on the cat and tossed it against the wall.

"BESTET!" Caroline cried out in horror.

The cat fell to the floor with a thud, not moving at all.

Tears began to flow down Caroline's cheeks. "You demon!" She hissed at the god.

Anubis raised his poker in the air and laughed as he held it over the motionless cat.

"You wouldn't! NO!" Caroline screamed as she tried to break free to help her defenseless kitty.

Juswt as Anubis was about to send the poker through the cats head, an alien looking little dog jumped out of nowhere, catching Anubis's hand with his sharp little teeth. The dog sunk his teeth in just deep enough to cause the god pain.

Caroline, still trying to free herself, looked up and stared in disbelief.

"What the fuck is that thing?" she said out loud as she watched the jackal headed god struggle with the punt little.......whatever it is.

It didn't take long before Anubis out powered the little dog. He hit the wall with a thud, lanfing next to Bestet.

Anubis started to laugh as he looked at Caroline.

"Is this the army that's been sent to rescue you?" he laughed as he lifted the still glowing poker up.

Caroline turned her head. She couldn't bare to watch what she anticipated Anubis was going to do.

"Stop right there asshole" Yami said in his commanding tone of voice.

Anubis looked away from what he was about to do and focused on the motley looking group gathered in the doorway. Yami and Malik boldly stood in front of Bakura, Malik, Yugi and Tany. Ryou stood behind Bakura hoping his unruly hair would hide his presence from the pissed off god.

A pleased look spread across Anubis's face.

"Well well, just look at this. Yami. Malik. Bakura. All three of you gathered under one roof. Do you know how easy you're making this for me?"

Malik leaned back and whispered to Marik, "I wish we had the Millennium Rod right about now."

Marik nodded his head.

Yami laughed disparagingly.

"Humor me Anubis. The only one making things easy is you."

The god approached the shorter Yami.

"Puny little thing, you are. You know that? I could snap you like a twig."

Anubis turned away from the pharaoh and faced off with Malik.

"And you. You're so weak that a good gust of wind could take you away."

Malik spat on the floor as the god turned to Bakura.

"And you........I can't believe I once held you in high esteem. You were on you're way to becoming the most powerful being ever to exist. And you gave it all up.... for what? Music? You truly are insa-"

Anubis stopped in the middle of his speech and stared at Bakura with an odd expression.

Bakura shifted his eyes, looking at everybody in the room, and than back at Anubis.

" there a problem?"

Anubis took a step back and pointed.

Bakura could feel all eyes were on him. He shifted his weight from one foot to the other.

Anubis reached out and ran his fingers down the metal studs on the front of Bakura's leather jacket.

"I want your jacket." he said with admiration.

Bakura smirked as he wrapped his arms around himself.

"But I love this jacket!" he protested.

Anubis was simply entranced by the expensive looking jacket.

"Tell me what you want for the jacket. Name your price" Anubis said eagerly.

Bakura looked around the room. An evil smirk came across his face.

"Well, you know Anubis, I've always wanted to rule the world........"

"If you want it, it's yours, I really need that jacket."

Bakura could feel 7 sets of eyes burning holes through him. He started to snigger.

"You can have this jacket Anubis, under these conditions. One) You'll knock off you're bullshit,

2) you'll leave us the fuck alone forever, and 3) You'll get us home safely. Is it a deal?"

Anubis nodded eagerly.

"That's it? Yes, it's a deal."

Bakura slipped off the jacket and looked at it one last time before handing it over to the god.

"Well jacket, it was nice owning you." he sighed.

Bakura looked at Anubis before making the exchange.

"Send everybody else home first. I need to talk to you about something."

Anubis agreed.

He chanted an ancient spell and everybody, (including the cat and dog) except Bakura disappeared.

Bakura looked at Anubis with an evil grin.

"There's just one more thing before I hand this jacket over to you."

Bakura reached into the pocket of the jacket and pulled something out very slowly.

"Quickly Bakura!" Anubis said impatiently.

Bakura started to laugh as he held up a card and a piece of paper and began to read what it said.

"Beer, whipped cream, chocolate pudding........." Bakura made a face and chuckled lightly.

"Uh, oops, read the wrong thing there.......Here, can you read this for me? I can't see so well in this dim light."

Anubis unwittingly took the card from Bakura.

A mischievous smirk crept across Bakura's face. His Millennium Ring began to emit an

ominous glow. He mumbled some strange words and the room filled with a bright flash of light.

The card fluttered to the floor.

Bakura smiled proudly as he pulled his leather jacket back on.

He knelt down and picked up the card. He looked at it laughed.

"Deicide. Perfect, this card will make a powerful contribution to my deck. Thanks Anubis" He scoffed at the card bearing the eternally mortified face of the god.

Bakura slipped the card into his jacket pocket and walked away.

*god/goddess of ancient Egypt


(The next afternoon-Everybody, including Ann, Kaiba, Mokuba and Duke are lounging around the Ishtars' pool.)

"I can't believe you actually defeated Anubis once and for all. That's simply astonishing." Kaibe mused as he sipped a Tequila Sunrise.

"I'm just glad everything's back to normal" Tany sighed.

Ryou sat up and yawned.

"If you say so" he laughed.

Caroline rolled her eyes as she sipped the last of her drink.

"I don't think normal exists.........Hey, anybody need a refill? I'm going in for one."

"I need one. I'll go in with you though. I need to make a pitstop." Duke said as he sided up to Caroline.

"Great. We'll be back."

Minutes later Duke and Caroline walked back out. Neither one was carrying a fresh drink though. Caroline was hiding something behind her back.

"Marik? Malik? Can I ask you a question? When was the last time either of you saw the Millennium Rod?"

Both blondes looked at each other nervously.

"Uh........last week?" Malik lied.

"Really?" Caroline retorted sarcastically.

Malik bit his lip.

"Okay, I lied. We kinda can't find it."

Caroline pulled her arm out from behind her and held out the Millennium Rod. Marik and Malik couldn't believe their eyes.

"Where did you find that!" they gasp in unison.

Caroline looked up at Duke with a grin as she set the rod on the picnic table.

"Tell 'em Duke."

Duke shrugged his shoulders.

"It was in the bathroom. I found it under a pile of towels. Part of the handle was sticking out."

Caroline glared at Malik and Marik.

"Just think guys, if you wouldn't be such slobs you never would have lost it in the first place!"

Malik looked at Marik with a sneaky grin.

//You wanna throw her in the pool or should I?" he ask through their mind link.

Marik grinned back.

//You grab her arms.......I'll grab her legs.......on the count of three now.......1.......2.....3!"



Thanks to those of you who followed along. I loved reading all your reviews! Every one of you rule! XOXOX