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Chapter:1 The end of Naraku

An all-day long battle was coming towards its end the bodies of the defeated Kagura and Kanna laid on the ground of the battlefield. Inuyasha and his friends now had only one serious opponent left: Naraku, but he was the worst. Since Naraku still had many of his insects and there still were some remains of his army of low-level demons, everybody was busy fighting them, Inuyasha was the only one who had time to face the Demon lord.

He dodged Naraku's tentacles one after the other, the last one came towards him, this one was cut off by Sango who just passed by with a couple of youkais on her tail. Now the hanyou had the chance to finish this asshole up he moved his sword over his head, but before he had a chance to finish one of Naraku's demons yanked him into the air and away from his master.

Inuyasha landed on his feet, and attacked the demon, that just saved Naraku. He easily sliced through him using his claws and a few moments later he was back on the lord, or at least he wanted to, because that used the time to create two puppets. One Naraku was more then enough for Inuyasha, three of them where too much, he barely could defend himself.

He could only hold on because he had Tetsusaiga but the sword was suffering under the three Narakus' attacks and would sooner or later break. He did the only thing he thought to be good,he quickly sheathed his sword, jumped into the air and attacked the middle one, he sliced down some of his tentacles, and landed on the side of it. The other two attacked him without a thought, the hanyou jumped out of the tentacles way, and those struck their ally instead.

Instantly blood started to flow out of Naraku's body, and some of his tentacles stopped moving because of the immense pain. Inuyasha could only smirk at the scene. Now he knew witch of the three was the real one, and if he kills him, the two puppets are going to fall as well. He was surprised when he saw that his opponent started to smile. "Not bad you've found out that I'm the real one, but it won't do you any good."

Inuyasha just stared at him in disbelief he almost laughed, Naraku was loosing, and even if he could beat Inuyasha, he's a goner when the rest of the group arrives. "Hey I think I'm the one who's winning." he yelled back.

Naraku just continued smiling "Do you think I'm stupid, I always have a back up plan. Fure! Wasuseru! Kufutsu! Erude!" Naraku's smile started to disappear, his servants where not coming to his help. Then his face turned completely horrid he saw Sesshoumaru walking towards them with four dead bodies under his arm, he threw them to the ground.

"So much for your back up plan!" remarked the demon dog"Stand aside little brother I'll finish him off." he pulled out his sword, and in the same time Inuyasha also did.

"He is mine so don't even think of it!" Inuyasha yelled back. The rest of the group just arrived in time to see the brothers staring their last attack at the wounded youkai. The two puppets stood in front of Naraku blocking the view, of him. In the matter of seconds the brothers sliced them apart, only to see, that their target is not there.

They turned around and saw him heading for the humans. There was no chance for them to stop him; he attacked Kagome and Rin. Kagome had just enough time to push the little girl out of harms way, before getting hit, she fell to the ground, and Naraku attacked her with all his force, when he thought he did enough damage and she won't survive he turned to Rin, but never reached her. Sango's boomerang got him in the gut, sending him up high into the air; Miroku opened his air-rip, and simply sucked Naraku in. (Ironic isn't it)

However instead of celebrating everyone ran to the injured Kagome she was overwhelmed by cuts, and was bleeding heavily. "Did you find Naraku's shards?" she asked from the others.

"Kagome you wench why didn't you jump away?" Inuyasha yelled at her.

"DON'T call me a wench!"

Sango saw that her friend is not in the best condition for another quarrel with Inuyasha, so she answered her question, "Naraku used them to strengthen his offspring, we have them all, so just try to relax."

Kagome smiled weakly and passed out. Inuyasha started shake her to get her awake again, but no use, them his brother said something that almost made his demon blood take over. "If you want to do something for her then start to dig a grave, she won't make it."

The hanyou's voice began to shiver "No you're lying she can't... not now when we finally defeated Naraku!"

"Her injuries are even bad for a demon, a human has no chance to survive."

Inuyasha just stared at the dying girl on the ground, then one small beam of hope appeared in his mind /Maybe Kaede can help after all she has all kinds of potions maybe one of them can help. / Without thinking more about it Inuyasha snatched Kagome up, and ran towards the village.

Inuyasha newer thought that he can run so fast, he even would havemanaged to outrun the flying Kiara. In matter of minutes he got to the village, and bursted into the hut of the village healer nearly scaring her to death. Kaede looked at the girl in his arms and knew that something terrible must had happened. "Who did this?" she asked.

"It was Naraku, but do something you old hag before she dies." He yelled at her.

Kaede carefully checked her wounds, and her face turned more and more horrid. "Typical for this bastard even the fraction of these wounds would be enough to kill her."

Inuyasha's expression turned sad, he turned around to walk out of the hut and start to dig the grave that Sesshoumaru meant. But Kaede's voice stopped him right before the entrance. "Maybe if I would try to use the Akyoukai and some of my potions... its still better than watching her die."

"What do you mean hag, Can you help her!"

"Maybe yes, but I've never done this before it could easily kill ye in your state, ye body is tired from the fight, but it's the best that I can think of." Inuyasha slowly started to lose his temper.

"CAN YOU HELP HER OR NOT?" he yelled at the woman in front of him.

"Good I'll try it. First I need you to get some herbs..."


Inuyasha and Kaede where already sitting in front of Kaede's hut with Inuyasha skulking because of a little accident what happened to him after treating Kagome.

"Why didn't you tell me bitch?" (Falling from the top of a tree is painful even for a hanyou.)

"Ye should know at your age that ye shouldn't climb trees after loosing so much blood."

"Feh you should have tolled me! And why did you take so much?"

"Because ye are not a youkai I had to take twice as many, and probably she'll only turn into a half demon..."

"Did you say half demon?" Inuyasha yelled not believing what he heard.

"Yes the medicine that I gave her is going to turn her into a half-demon."

Sango and Miroku arrived in time to hear Kaede's last sentence, they just gazed at the village healer not believing what she said. Finally Shippo broke the silence and it looks like he completely missed it. "Kaede? Why are Miroku and Sango staring at you like that?" he asked curiously.

Slowly Miroku's lips started to move. "D...d...did you really turn Lady Kagome into a hanyou?"

"Yes I did, it was the only way I could save her."

"Hey you're talking like being a demon would be bad. This life has many advantages!" interrupted, an angry Inuyasha he couldn't imagine how someone could live with such lame senses like humans have.

"So you're happy that Kagome is now a demon! No wonder, since now you have a better chance at her!" Miroku answered with a smirk.

Inuyasha flexed his claws and was about to give the monk a piece of his mind when Kaede interrupted. "Ye should go inside! Kagome needs every bit of help that she can get, and try to keep her fewer down." the hanyou grunted at the monk to show that they are not finished and entered the hut; Miroku was safe, at least for now.

"Ye took your time getting here, did something happen on the way?" Kaede asked turning back to the rest of the group.

"Kikyo decided to return to the world of the dead, and asked us to bring her body back here." Sango exclaimed pointing towards one of her shields, which she used to bring Kikyo's ashes back.

"So my sister finally found her peace." Kaede said with a sigh "And what's with Sesshoumaru and Rin?" she continued.

"They returned to the Western lands I think..." She suddenly stopped because of Miroku's wandering hand; he once again did something that he would regret in the matter of seconds.

-WHAM- why didn't he wait with that until she had laid down her weapon. After Sango dealt with her pervert admirer, she left with Shippo and Kaede to talk about the last fight with Naraku.

In the hut Inuyasha was looking after Kagome, she was in a quite good stance compeering to the fact that she was on the edge of death a few minutes before her could hear when Sango sent a certain monk to the dreamworld. A smile crossed his lip, even if he couldn't kill him. Least Sango did something similar. He looked back at the raven-haired girl on the cot, she started to shiver, and this remembered him, that he's supposed to take care of her for the coming few days.

After three days Kagome's fever went down not much later she awoke in a room of Kaede's hut. The sun was high on the sky and a light breeze came in through the open window, she tried to stand up, but Inuyasha immediately stopped her, and got her back in bed. "Are you all right? Do you need something?" he asked.

Kagome simply stared at the hanyou in disbelief; she never thought that Inuyasha could get so protective of her; this was not his way to act. "I'm fine, nothing is going to happen, let me get up."

"Tell me what you need, and I'll get it, but don't even think of getting up."

"Inuyasha I said I want to get up!" With that she tried to throw the blanket of off her, but again she got stooped by a clawed hand.

"How many times do I need to tell you bitch don't get up!" He answered in a more nervous tone.

"And how many times do I have to tell you DON'T call me a bitch! NOW LET GO OF MY HAND BEFORE..." suddenly Kagome stopped yelling she stared at her hands not believing what she found on them. /Hey since when do I have claws/ She asked, then she looked at Inuyasha's face, and started to feel horrid. She took her hair into her hand and carefully inspected it, but to her relief it was still raven colored. She calmed down, then she again glanced over to Inuyasha whose face was still anxious.

"Inuyasha why are you so concerned about me?"

Inuyasha gulped, and tried somehow to tell her what happened, but he couldn't open his mouth. There was deadly silence in the room, then she heard a familiar laugh, it was Shippo, looks like he's having a good time over at the shrine. /Wait a sec the shrine is on the other end of the village, but... then how is it possible for me to hear him. Unless... / Suddenly she felt her jaw drop she brought up her hands to the side of her head to search for her ear, however instead of human ears she found two fuzzy dog ears similar to the ones that Inuyasha has. Her face went pale and the room became silent again. A few minutes later Inuyasha decided to open his mouth.

"K...kagome are you ok?" The girl opened her mouth to speak but not even a tone came out, the hanyou had enough. "Come on wench! Speak up!"

These words immediately punched the immense amount of information through her brain. "DON'T CALL ME WENCH, AND WHY THE HELL DID YOU TURN ME INTO A YOUKAI."

"It was the only way to save your life, and you are only a half demon wench!"

Kagome had enough of Inuyasha's names for her, she answered with a loud "SIT!" and the hanyou immediately kissed the floor.

"What the fuck was that for you bitch?"


"Do that aga... "His brain just remembered in time that Cursing Kagome Sitting, so he sat down next to the cot without a word.

"And how do you know that I'm only a half demon?" she asked trying to hide her anger.

"The new moon was yesterday, and you turned back into a human."

"Better than nothing, at least I'm a half human." She squeezed on her blanket trying to calm down this is going to change everything for her. She looked at the hanyou again hoping that he would understand her. "Inuyasha I wanna go home."

"No you won't you're still weak from the treatment!"

"Inuyasha don't start that again!"

"Start what woman?"

Kagome was about to say her "favorite" word again when Kaede entered the hut. "Finally ye are awake my child, someone wants to see you." Before she could finish a furball launched itself into Kagome's lap it was Shippo he hugged his Kagome with all his force, and she returned it with all his love. They have met about three years ago, and with time Kagome became something like a mother to him, Inuyasha felt a wave of jealousy coming over him. / It would be sooo good if I would tell her, and I could hug her that way. But NO she probably thinks that I'm a jerk and would reject me, I won't take that humiliation.../

This conversation went on in Inuyasha's mind for quite some time then something odd got him from his day dream, he felt a soft lip on his cheek. When he snapped back to reality he saw Kagome's face only inches away from his. "Thanks for looking after me." She said and quickly placed another kiss on the same place.

Inuyasha's face was red like a tomato. "Umm... No problem." He continued to stare at the girl until she left the room.

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