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To Solve a Nutcase
By: Sailor Ranger

*******Stone City California********

Four small forms lay crouched in the shadows of Fat Cat's casino. The largest form shifts and grumbles "Too right mates Fat Cat is up to something." A pair of the smaller shadows start climbing the walls to explore their surroundings as a tiny fly takes off of the leading shadow to spy out the area.

As the leader pops into the light we see that he is a chipmunk in a beat up fedora and bomber jacket with a thoughtful look on his face "I wonder what he too Foxglove for this isn't his normal types of crime." He turns to look at the other shadow arriving next to him, and smiles reassuringly at his loudly dressed friend in a red Hawaiian with yellow palm trees printed across it. "Don't worry Dale I'm sure she's alright."

Dale looks at the leader sighing and nods "I know Chipper but I feel that Foxy needs me and I should be there." Dale studies the ground his normally cheerful face downcast and saddened at the thought of losing his newly found girlfriend. "I shouldn't have left her alone at the stakeout. she had a bad feeling that I didn't listen to."

Chip reaches over to his friend's shoulder and rests a hand on it gently. "We'll get her back Dale, don't worry about it." Meanwhile in the shadows the large shadow turns to the smaller one and whispers to her, "Gadget luv? Do you see anything through those night goggles?" Gadget turns and raises the goggles up off her eyes nodding "Yes Monty I saw where Foxglove is but we have to hurry or she'll be shipped to Tokyo." Monty and Gadget rush up to the chipmunks and pass on the information as the fly, Zipper, returns and pantomimes that the crate carrying Foxglove and the other missing animals is leaving in a few minutes and that they needed to go now.

When the group reaches the crate they're pounced on by none other than fat cat who knocks them out and chuckles. "Well if it isn't my friends the Rescue Rodents, I should toss you into the sea for all the problems you caused me but instead I think I'll send you with your friends." With that he throws the Rangers into a metal cage and puts it in the crate heading to Japan right on top of Foxglove's cage.

*******Middle of the Atlantic Ocean*******

"Well this is a fine mess we're in" Dale groaned as he leaned against the cage floor holding his paw out to Foxy below him.

"Don't worry sweetie you'll think of something you always do." Foxy cooed while Dale blushed and the other Rangers snickered. "I heard two of the henchmen say that we're going to the Juuban District. wherever that is."

"I believe that's in Tokyo. right Monty?" chimed in Gadget

"Too right Gadget love." Monty affirmed as Zipper returned from checking on the ship and crate showing that that was indeed where they were heading to a pet shop in Tokyo Japan.

*******Tokyo, Japan one week later*******

"Reiiiii come on.. let's go get some pets, pleeeeeease," whined the blue eyed blonde dragging the raven haired girl along. Following the pair is another blonde, a brunette, and a blue haired female all about the same age with the same exasperated expressions on their faces. The girls are all walking past the local pet shop saying that they have a new shipment of animals in.

Rei sighs and glances pleadingly at the girls following her, mouthing "Help me." Before turning back to the blonde "Stop meatball head, we'll look but no promises on getting anything now, you know Luna and other pets don't get along too well." The other girls nodded in agreement as the blonde dragged Rei into the pet shop.

The blue haired female stepped in through the door trying her hardest not to laugh at the comic scene of Serena dragging Rei around. A small briefcase with Ami engraved on the cover flap is held at her side as she looks over the animals knowing that her mom won't let her get anything too big so she looks at the small rodents and lizards. Ami finds a small light beige mouse that when you look at her just right it looks like she has blond hair flowing down her back. As Ami was studying the tiny mouse, that seemed to be studying her as well, Lita was looking at another mouse this one almost the size of a rat and brown with red highlights. She thought it looked like the mouse would be a good companion in her lonely apartment when the other girls couldn't visit. Her landlord had told her that she couldn't have any large animals but smaller ones like mice and ferrets are ok as long as they were contained. Smiling and chuckling a little as Serena pulls Rei about cooing and awing at every animal in the place talking about how she wants to take them all home.

Mina searches through the exotic animals smiling at the snakes and lizards till her blue eyes cross over a light brown almost pinkish bat that just draws her like a magnet to metal. As she leans in she smiles as she sees the bat flutter about its cage. She decides to take the bat home knowing her parents wouldn't mind as long as she takes care of it herself. She reads the name fruit bat on the side of the cage so she decided to stop off on the way home and pick up some fruit to feed it.

Serena finally lets go of Rei as she squeals over a chipmunk with a red nose that she thinks is the ultimate in cuteness, that she decides to buy it and take it home with her. The chipmunk seems to be more interested in reading the comics lining the bottom of its cage then her, so he doesn't even look up as his cage is lifted up and taken to the front counter. Rei meanwhile looks at a chipmunk that when she looks at it she feels a brave and powerful chi and swears that he's wearing a small fedora and leather jacket with fur lining. She's so intrigued that she decides to take it home with her to the temple. The entire group meets at the counter and shows off their new pets to each other before buying them and some food for the mice and chipmunks. After they finish at the pet shop the five friends head to their respective homes calling each of the other girls reminding Serena of a study appointment at Ami's place later that night. Mina stops at the fruit stand on her way home and picks up some apples, bananas, and other fruits for the bat that she thinks looks like a fox