HJO: AHHHH!! *Ducks under chair*


Miroku: But sango...

Sango: *throwing rocks every where* NO BUTS!!

Inuyasa: *Ducks behind chair with HJO* You know I have no idea when the damn lecher will get a clue!!

Kagome: *Is behind chair also* I dunno either. But I still love watching them fight at times

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HJO: Yes thank you for coming. This will be a Inu fanfic all the way.

Inuyasha: YES!! All about me BABBY!!

Kagome: SIT!!

Inuyasha: Hey what you do that for?!?!?!

Kagome: Because I am one of the main characters to!!

Inuyasha: ARE NOT!!

Kagome: ARE TOO!!

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Miroku: only to the beautiful

HJO: *blushes* well..umm. YEA anyway!! Here is the first Chapter!!

Chapter 1-Sarting School


"Welcome class my name is Mr. Taiyoukai. I am your Social teacher for collage. If you are here more than likely you are wanting to become a Social Studies teacher. I am twenty-five and in this class you will be learning abut the feudal aria in Japan."

Inuyasha looked around his class he had been doing this job for about a yea now and hated ever thing about it. The snotty kids, weren't they suppose to be mature in collage? The food tasted like shit, and he wasn't allowed to date anyone in the school grounds. There had been some students a year younger than him who he wanted to date but couldn't for LAW purposes. All the teachers at the school were either boys or old witches.

"Now I am sure all of your enjoyed your vacation but now that you are here you work!" Inuyasha said sternly.

"Mr. Taiyoukai," a girl had risen her hand in the back.

"Yes," Inyuasha flipped some pages looking for her name. "Sango"

"When do we get text books for this class?" Sango asked.

Inuyasha sighed. He was so bored, "No text books all notes."

"Alright." Sango said then whispered something to the girl next to her. "Isn't he sorta cute Kagome"

"Yea I guess but he is a little sarcastic and I think he is a hanyou." Kagome said whispering back while Inuyasha answered some more questions.

"What?!?! No way!! Are you sure?" Sango asked a little louder than a whisper.

"Will you two Shut up back there!!" Inuyasha snapped.

Kagome and Sango straightened up in their desk. Sango looked over at Kagome and watched for any clue to her question.

Kagome looked over at Sango then back to Inuyasha and nodded her head slowly.


"Hey Inuyasha!!" A man ran up to Inuyasha and patted his back.

"Hi Miroku. Why aren't you out looking for a girl to grope?" Inuyasha hissed.

"Oh ow I am hurt Inuyasha thinking I rather grope a girl then eat lunch with you! I am truly hurt. Hold up!" Miroku squeezed a passing girls butt. "Ahh fresh, new, freshman. I love it. They are always the cute ones"

"You are such a lecher Miroku." Inuyasha stated rolling his eye.

"Well, do you have any cute ones?" Miroku asked.

"NO! Well there is one. She has a nice scent."

"Ahh I see old dog senses picking up." Miroku joked. "So what's her name?"

"Kagome Higurashi." Inuyasha said blushing"

Inuyasha and Miroku reached the school door when they were stopped. "Where do you two think you are going?!?!" The principle came out from under a desk.

"Miroku and I are going to the Ramen House for lunch, Naraku" Inuyasha stated. Inuyasha hated Naraku he was the principle of Tenchi Collage. He was always picking on Inuyasha or Miroku. It was like his job to ruin their day every time.

"I don't think so. I need you two to go watch the lunch room." Naraku said glaring at them.

"But.. Naraku..Sir.. Inuyasha and I we did it yesterday." Miroku tried telling him. If you watched the lunch room you ate out of the lunch room and Miroku hated the food as much as Inuyasha did.


"No Sir" Miroku said lowly.

Inuyasha just stood there the whole time being quiet. He knew they would loose. Other times he would fight back but he was to tired to care. "It's all right Miroku. Let's go." Inuyasha said yawning.

"Fine." Miroku said following Inuyasha to the cafeteria. "Why didn't you say anything?" Miroku asked in shock.

"What's the point. They are having Ramen in the cafeteria anyway. It may not be the best in the world but it is still Ramen. Plus I am to tired to fight." Inuyasha said yawning again.


"Hey Kagome!!" Sango ran up to Kagome.

"Oh hi Sango." Kagome was 24 and Sango was 25. they always planned on attending collage together and take the same classes. But by the time they were ready to attend collage they were all ready in their twenties.

"So your really think Mr. Taiyoukai is part demon?" Sango asked curiously.

"Yeah. I'm not sure how but I jut have this feeling. Even though if he is some demon he is kindda cute" Kagome said rubbing her head.

"Yeah. Who did you have second period. That is the only class we didn't have together." Sango said grinning while they walked to the lunch room"

"I had Mrs. Avalon." Kagome said. "she is really old. I haven't seen any young teachers here."

"I know me either. I had a guy named Miroku for my second class." Sango said. He is a real lecher!"

"What?" Kagome asked shocked"

"I was walking in the hall coming to meet you and he squeezed my butt! It took all my energy not to just smack him in front of every one!" Sango said gritting her teeth.

"HAHAHAHAHA! I am surprised you didn't hit him!" Kagome said continuing to laugh.

"It isn't funny Kagome!!" Sango yelled.

"Sorry." Kagome tried to contain her laughter but started snorting and busted out laughing again.

"KAGOME!!" Sango yelled.

As the two girls walked Sango trying to get Kagome to stop and Kagome laughing so hard she was about to cry. Not paying attention where they were walking the bupped into two other people. *~*~*~*~*~*~

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Inuyasha: *falls to ground in pain*

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