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The Power of a Wish

Chapter Twelve

From last time:

Voldemort himself had been slightly dazed by the bright light that filled the room. It was then I realized that the light had snapped the cords tying my wrists together. "All is fair in love and war," I whispered, before quickly pulling out my wand and pointing it at his head. "Say hello to Lucius for me, in Hell," I spat. "Avada kervada." I didn't say it with hatred, I didn't say it with pride, but I said it with feeling, and pure raw anger. And when his form crumpled to the ground and didn't rise, I knew I had won.

I looked back towards the main group of Death Eaters. Many were shielding their eyes from the bright light that Malfoy was shooting off, but it was beginning to fade and he was floating back down to the ground.

I dashed over and scooped him into my arms, fumbling in his pockets for the portkey, a black gemstone, that would bring us back to Hogwarts. Feeling a smooth hard object, I drew it out and squeezed it in my palm, willing it to activate.

A few seconds later, a blur of colors surrounded us and then everything went dark.

Draco POV

The first thing I realized was someone was leaning over me, their hot breath hitting my face. Instinctively, my hand, which I could feel was wrapped heavily in bandages, shot up and slammed into the person's face.

"He'b be abight !" yelled the voice of my Potions professor. "He'b cobing abound."

Snapping my eyes open, I was met with the sight of Snape holding his nose, dark red blood pouring out. Madam Pomfrey hurried over holding a towel. "Apply this Severus. Once you stop bleeding I'll fix it."

She turned and saw that my eyes were wide open and staring at her. Bustling over, she laid one of her hands on my forehead, and clucked. "You're still running a slight fever Mr. Malfoy, but you'll be alright. Let me go get you some chocolate..."

What had happened? All I remember is Harry and I went to Riddle Manor...Then they attacked me when they found out I was working for Dumbledore and then Voldemort had been about to kill....Harry...

"HARRY!" I yelled, startling the poor nurse. "WHERE'S HARRY?"

"Harry is perfectly fine," said Dumbledore entering the hospital. "Calm down Draco, just relax. I don't want you over doing yourself."

The medi witch came over and put a piece of chocolate in my open mouth and I choked as the sweet tried to go down my throat, whole. "Be careful Poppy," warned Dumbledore, bringing me to a sitting position and patting me gently on the back. "Better?" he asked when I stopped coughing.

I managed a weak nod and then went to getting rid of that huge hunk of chocolate in my mouth so I would be able to speak. Chewing in a steady beat, I watched as the nurse cast a quick healing spell on Snape's nose, which was bent at an odd angle. He gave a sigh of relief when it was once again straight.

Turning to Dumbledore, who had sat down in a chair next to the bed, I asked, "Is Harry okay?"

"Yes, Mr. Potter is perfectly fine Draco. He's still in a bit of shock mind you, killing someone could do that to a person, but other than that he is perfectly normal. We were afraid we were going to lose you Draco; it's been six days since you and Harry got back here."

"Is.. Is he dead?"

"Voldemort? Yes, as well as several Death Eaters. Seems your gold light had some devastating effects. Lucius was one of the causalities."

"Good," I muttered, examining my bandaged hands and arms. I could wraps around parts of my legs as well and I had several cuts and bruises on my face. My chest had also been swathed in many layers of bandages. I looked like a survivor of war!

"So is it over?" I asked softly, looking into the bright eyes of the headmaster.

"This battle is," the wizard said tiredly. "But others will follow Voldemort's path and we will defeat them just as we have him. You should get some rest Draco, we can finish talking later."

"Alright Professor," I said with a yawn.

He smiled and pulled the blankets over me as I put my head back on the pillow. Seconds later, I was sound asleep.

I was this time awoken by hushed voice by my bedside, chattering excitedly. Cracking one eye open, I saw the familiar bushy, brown hair of Hermione, the vibrant red of Ron, and the jet black of Harry.

"Mione?" I croaked, my voice incredibly hoarse. But I guess not eating or drinking anything in six days, save chocolate, could do that to a person.

"Draco!" Her arms flew around my neck and pulled me up and off my comfy pillows into her embrace. "Don't you ever do that again," she whispered in my ear. "Or I'll kill you myself." Her voice was choked with unshed tears, and her grip around me tightened.

Gingerly, I unwound her hands from my neck, needing to be able to breathe. A cool cup of water was pressed into my hand and I drank gratefully, my parched throat aching for the liquid.

"You're... You're alright?" I asked, turning to Harry, Hermione now holding of my bandaged hands.

"Me? Of course I'm alright, look at yourself. I seriously thought you might have been dead Draco. And when you started to glow and float, and then shoot off energy, you had me scared. How the heck did you do that?"

"I don't know," I said quietly. "I'm not really even sure what I'm doing, I just know sometimes I see a flash of gold and then I either black out or seem to come out of a daze feeling kind of drained."

"Excellent description Draco," applauded Dumbledore, clapping his hands and drawing up a chair next to Harry. "Are you sure you don't understand your powers?"

"Powers?" the four of us echoed, the Gryffindors turning to look at me.

"Yes. You are a Desidero Quisque. Do you know what that means?"

I shook my head, but Hermione's hand shot straight into the air. "Miss Granger?" asked Dumbledore, "Would you care to explain?"

A Desidero Quisque has been nicknamed 'Wishful Person.' Based on what I've read, none exist anymore, but I guess the book was wrong. A Desidero Quisque has the ability to make a wish come true if it is heart felt and not for selfish reasons. Right Professor?"

"Absolutely correct Miss Granger. Take ten points. Desidero Quisque also experience a price for their power, which in this case is Draco's energy drain. The users also experience a reaction that lets them know the wish has been cast, such as a golden light."

"But I've never wished for anything before," I stated, trying to find a way how I wasn't this person. Honestly, being something that isn't a normal human doesn't really suit me.

"You weren't listening Draco," said Dumbledore with a chuckle. "It must come from the heart, but not necessarily must you say 'I wish.' If I think accurately, I'd assume most of these were said in your head, correct?"

I shrugged, still not wanting to be classified as non-human.

"You're still a human Draco," said Dumbledore, looking straight at me, "You are just different, that's all. It is a gift Draco and you should be thankful for that."

"I get it!" exclaimed Ron. "Okay, here's an example. When we were attacked by wolves, Draco saved himself and then Harry by glowing that odd gold color."

"And at Riddle Manor," said Harry excitedly, "Draco was glowing gold too. What were you thinking then?"

"I saw him about to kill you..." I whispered. "I just prayed that you'd live."

Hermione snapped her fingers, a huge grin filling her face. "I finally figured out how we got to Malfoy Manor! Draco called us!"

"But we weren't even friends then," interjected Ron. "Why would he summon us?"

"I think..." I said quietly, "I think I asked for someone to come and help me... Someone who wouldn't tell and someone I could trust."

"Well, we certainly fit that description," said Harry with a laugh.

Dumbledore rose from his chair, a twinkle shining in his eye. "I'd like to announce, that a feast in being held in Harry's honor.. Yours too Draco. It seems that much of the wizarding world would like to thank both of you for Voldemort's demise."

"But I didn't do anything," I said. "Harry was the one who.. Well the one who killed him."

"Yeah," said Harry, "But without you I would never have gotten to see him in the first place and if you hadn't used your ability, then I'd be dead right now. So would you," he added as an afterthought.

"Are you up for it Draco?" asked Hermione, pleading in her eyes.

"I guess so," I replied, attempting to get out of the bed but failing at the simplest of tasks. Harry and Ron each took one of my arms and brought me to my feet, but I wobbled and fell back on the bed. "This isn't going to work," I groaned. "I don't think I can stand let alone walk."

Hermione came over and pulled a green shirt over my head. "We'll carry you if we have too. Now, put your arms through." I pulled my arms through the T-shirt and then Harry took one of my arms and wrapped it around his shoulder.

"We'll help you walk, okay? I know there is no way you'd let us actually carry you."

"Got that right Harry," I growled, thankful Harry was taking some of my weight.

Slowly, but steadily we made our way to the Great Hall, the noise increasing in volume with every step we took. I scanned the clothes my friends and I were wearing, and could conclude one thing.... None of us were ready for a feast.

Hermione was wearing a pair of jeans with a pink three quarter sleeve and a pink pony cover holding her hair back. Ron was wearing ripped blue jeans with a long sleeved orange shirt that read 'Chuddley Cannons.' Harry had on a red sweater with a giant gold 'H' on it with beige cargo pants. Me, a pair of comfortable black pants with an emerald T-shirt. Plus all the bandages wrapped on my arms and hands... We look great, don't we?

A few minutes later, we stood outside the large doors that led into the Great Hall. I glanced nervously at my friends and it was then we all noticed Dumbledore was gone. Sneaky old man...

"Do we just go in?" asked Ron nervously, eyeing the door.

"Yes," said Hermione. "Draco, are you alright?"

"Perfectly fine," I answered, still leaning against Harry for support. Timidly, she pushed open the door and we all entered the Hall. At once talking ceased as all eyes turned to the four of us.

Hermione was on the right, Harry next to her and me just holding on to Harry for balance, determined to hold most of my own weight. Ron stood next to me on the left, staring straight at his parents who were sitting at the Gryffindor table.

As soon as the silence began, it was taken away as bright camera flashes started going off in front of our eyes and people started yelling congratulations and excellent job at us. I scanned the room, noticing that all of Hogwarts was filled top to bottom with students, ministry officials, and the general wizarding public. But I was searching for one person.

A woman was pushing her way through the crowd, her blond hair cascading down her back and swishing to and fro with her movements. Once the people realized who that woman was, a pathway was cleared until she stood not even five feet from me.

Taking my hand off of Harry, I made my way towards the woman, before collapsing in her arms. "Mother," I said, tears streaming down my face. Smiling down at me, she wrapped both arms around me in a hug, myself doing the same. Flashbulbs went off around us, but I took no notice, only focused on my mother.

I felt someone else give me a hug from behind. Turing, I saw Hermione smiling, her eyes filled with tears while mine were spilling down my cheeks. Letting go of Mother, I pulled Hermione into a kiss, letting my lips melt with hers.

She smiled at me through the kiss, and I smiled back.

'I wish things could always be this way.' And for some reason, I know my wish will come true.
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