Title: Everlasting Love
Author: Lisa
Chapter: 1
Rating: PG
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Author's Notes:
Hi everyone! I'm back, with a new multi-part story. I hope you will enjoy this. Warning, this is my first attempt to write a story taking place in Crystal Tokyo, so if it's bad, you've been warned ahead of time. Sorry about its shortness. The others will be longer, I promise. This story may be a little confusing, so bear with me here. Please excuse the typing and grammar mistakes for I type really fast, and don't realize it when I make a mistake. A big thanks to everyone who has read my stories, and everyone who has posted them on their sites since I don't have a web site...yet. Enjoy!
Disclaimers: Sailor Moon and the others don't belong to me, but this story does.
It was in the thirtieth century. All was peaceful. Especially in Crystal Tokyo, home to the king and queen of Earth, Neo-Queen Serenity, and Neo-King Endymion. Once known as the protectors of Tokyo, now known as the rulers of Earth. They ruled with wisdom, dignity, and everyone loved them. But even though they were King and Queen, didn't stop them from having some fun once in a while...for the Queen, anyway.

"Mamo-chan, come and play with me." Serenity, or Usagi as her friends call her, was at the moment trying to drag her husband out of his office. He hadn't come out of there for days, with the exception of meals and bedtime. He was, to Serenity, no fun at all. All he would do is sign documents and treaties all day. Not to mention worry about wars and other boring stuff.

"Usako, you know I want to, but I can't. I'm busy. I have to get this finished, then I'll be finished. It'll only take me a few minutes." He replied, rubbing his forehead. He looked over at Serenity's pouting face. "She looks cute that way." He mentally noted.

"You always say that." Serenity argued, pouting again. Then, an idea popped into her head. "I know." She walked over to Endymion slowly, and then gently kissed him on his mouth, barely giving him a taste of her lips. She knew he couldn't resist as he groaned silently in comfort.
"Usako..." He said, using his warning tone, "don't you do that. You know I can't resist." His eyes followed hers as she leaned down again, placing a kiss on his forehead.
"I know. Than's why I'm doing this." She tried again, and succeeded. Without warning he threw down the papers, and kissed her deeply, forgetting all about the treaties he was working on.
"Mmmm." Serenity moaned slightly.

"Your Highness, I have the papers...oh!" Ami stopped short as she saw her King and Queen kissing. Instantly a blush crept up to her cheeks. She coughed discreetly, then regained her composure. "Ahem. Your majesties."
This time they heard her. Serenity and Endymion broke apart faster than you could say 'oh'. They stood there, coughing, blushing, straightening clothes. Both were VERY embarrassed as they blushed tomato red. "Yes, Ami, come in." Endymion made a gesture for Ami to come in.
But instead of coming in, Ami shook her head. "No, that's okay, Mamoru-san," She replied, using Mamoru's name, "I'll come later. You two seem occupied with other things." She bowed, and left, winking slightly at Serenity. The two were left alone, staring at each other, mouths wide open. "Uh, it's okay, Mamo-chan. Don't worry, your dignity isn't ruined, or anything." Serenity calmly replied, smiling innocently. She edged away from Endymion, who was giving her the look.
"Sure, Usako. Sure it isn't." Well, what else is he supposed to say? Serenity looked so beautiful, so inviting standing there. He just couldn't resist. "Oh, why not." He gave in to his heart, as he suddenly grabbed Serenity, getting a gasp as a response from her, and kissed her deeply, hungrily, forgetting all about whatever he was supposed to do...
Serenity moaned softly, comfortably. She responded to his eager kisses with equal passion. Heat built up around the couple. Even though they've been married for over a few decades, but it seemed like they were just married. Lost in the world of pure bliss, they forgot all of their surroundings, and whatnot.
"Sir, I...oops. Bad timing. Heh heh" The guard laughed nervously, and stepped out of the room. But as weird at it seemed, they royal couple didn't even notice him. "Say, Mamo-chan, anybody there just now? I thought I heard someone." Serenity inquired her husband as they broke apart for air.
"Huh? No, I don't think so..." Endymion looked at his wife weirdly. "Age getting to you? Not hearing things, are ya?" He asked teasingly, laughing at Serenity's annoyed face.
"You should speak, Mamo-chan. I mean, it's not like I'm the only getting older you know. You're older than me anyway." Serenity shot back, defending herself.
"Usako..." Endymion stared at her lovingly, then turned away. You could tell something was bothering him as he sighed heavily. As if in thought.

Serenity, of course noticed this change of mood from Endymion, and immediately became concerned. "What's wrong, Mamo-chan?" She asked, not having a clue as to what he was thinking.

"Usako, I know we discussed this before but...as you said , we're getting older. Don't you think it's time we...you know..." He looked down at his feet, trying to hide a blush that Endymion just knew was there.
But Serenity however still didn't get it. "What's 'you know' supposed to mean?" Sometimes Serenity was slow at stuff.
Endymion gave Serenity the look, as if saying, 'you don't know?' No, she didn't. Serenity was as confused as ever.
"Usako...I think we...should consider being parents." Endymion finished, and faced Serenity, waiting to see her expression. Serenity's face was contorted with different emotions, including fear, consideration, and plenty of others. Fear mostly. Yes, they had talked about this before. Serenity remembered it clearly...
"Mamo-chan! Stop!" Serenity shouted at her husband while giggling at the same time. They were in bed, and Endymion was tickling her. "No, not until you say please." Endymion replied sweetly. He knew Serenity didn't like saying that word to him.
"No! Never!" She shouted back, as another shower of tickles rained on her entire body. "Okay, okay, I surrender! PLEASE stop tickling me." She replied, putting the emphasis especially on the word please.
"Alright." Endymion lay down on the bed beside her, chuckling. "Wow, Usako, you actually said please." He teased, only to get a pillow in his face as a response.
"Hmpf! How mean! What a mean husband I have!" Serenity complained mockingly.
"Awww Usako, then I promise to be a much better father." Endymion smiled at his mention of father. Oh, how he wanted his daughter to be here in this world, and soon. Endymion didn't even notice how Serenity stiffened at his mention of father. Serenity wanted a child, but was afraid. She was afraid of being a horrible mother, and disappoint Endymion. She was afraid that what happens if she wouldn't have the ability to take care of a child. So many doubts, fears. This made Serenity think if she was really to have a child. Her answer for now: no.

"Usako? Are you okay? You seem pale..." He stopped there as he saw a stray tear slide down Serenity's cheek. "Usako..." He put a hand on her shoulder, and turned her around so she could face him. "What's wrong?" He asked, extremely concerned.

Serenity quickly wiped off the tear, and put on a smile. "Oh, nothing Mamo-chan. I..."
"Oh Usako...is it something I said?" Serenity didn't say anything, but nodded instead. "Hmmm now what did I say...oh. You mean about me being a father?" Once again a nod was given as a response.
"Usako...why?" That was all he asked her. All Endymion ever wanted was a family with the one he loved. Now it looked Serenity was saying she didn't want the same thing.
"Mamo-chan...I want that...it's just that...I'm not ready..." She trailed off, feeling dejected. She knew how much Endymion wanted a family. Now it seemed like she was stopping him from having it.
"Usako, when we got married, you said the only thing you wanted was for us to have Chibi-usa. Now...what changed between us?" Endymion could feel tears forming in his own eyes.
"Mamo-chan, nothing...I'm just not ready. I don't want a child now! Please...understand. Please." Serenity couldn't hold it in anymore as she broke down in sobs, with Endymion shedding a few tears of his own. The once happy couple now faced a big problem.
Over the years, Endymion decided not to discuss this particular issue with Serenity, thinking she would tell him when she thought she would be ready...
*End Flashback*
Now, Endymion was discussing it with her again, a few years later. To Serenity, Endymion was still pushing her too hard, he was going to fast. To Endymion, Serenity just won't take being a parent into consideration. Endymion wondered if Serenity would ever be ready...
"Mamo-chan...you promised you wouldn't talk about that with me. You promised me more time!" She shouted at him, her mind not even thinking clearly.
Endymion certainly wasn't expecting this outbreak from his wife. "I have given you more time. Why is it so hard for you? Why?"
"I don't know!" Tears rushed down her cheeks. Endymion felt guilty for making her cry, but he had to get through to her, no matter what.
"Serenity, listen to me. Nothing will happen. Please, consider. That's all I ask."
Serenity thought about this for a moment. "No, give me more time, then I will consider." She replied, her tone smooth. She wasn't about to give up.
"You won't even consider?" Endymion asked again, thinking he heard wrong. But to his horror, Serenity nodded, agreeing to her decision wholeheartedly. Endymion felt the anger boil up in him. "Fine Serenity," Endymion said in an icy tone, "do what you want." He then left the room, not turning back to see Serenity.
"Oh no. What happens if he hates me now?" Serenity sunk to the floor, sobbing loudly. Heartbreaking sobs. To her, she had just betrayed her husband, and lost his trust and faith in her.
Will they ever be happy again? Will Chibi-usa never be born?
There's chapter one! Once again, sorry for its shortness. I don't know why, but it seems like I write so slow now. Scares me sometimes. Hope everyone enjoyed this chapter. I don't know how many chapters this will be, but I'll know soon. Please don't' hesitate to send me comments and suggestion of any sort, even if the comments aren't positive comments. Chapter 2 will be out soon. Thanks!
This story written and posted December, 2000.