Title: Everlasting Love
Author: Lisa
Chapter: 5 and Epilogue
Author's Notes:
Hi everyone! Here's chapter 5 and the epilogue! I did it this way because chapter 5 is really short, and so is the epilogue for that matter. Hope everyone will enjoy! I would like to thank everyone who has e-mailed me about my story. Believe me, it inspires me to write more, and faster. And for the people who were kind enough to post my stories on their sites. On to the story!
Disclaimers: Sailor Moon and the others don't belong to me, but this story does.
"Usako, wait!" Endymion ran after Serenity. Boy, she could run fast when she wanted to.
Finally he caught her. Serenity and Endymion both were breathing heavily, trying to catch their breaths.
"Usako...please...don't run off again. Please." Endymion held Serenity's wrists tightly afraid that if he let go, she would run off again. "Usako...you said so yourself you wanted to talk with me...come on." Endymion pleaded with her.
"Mamo-chan, it was you who said there was nothing to talk about." She stated. Endymion had really broken her heart this time. Serenity shook her head. "No."
"Usako, don't do this. Tell me what's on your mind." He let go of Serenity's wrists, but held on to her hand.
Serenity looked around at her surroundings. They were in the dining hall. "Not here."
"Usako, plea.. huh? Oh, okay. Let's go to the gardens."
Serenity nodded. "Alright."

"Mamo-chan, I..." She smiled slightly. "I know why I'm afraid." She answered finally.
Endymion's eyes went wide. "Really? Tell me, how did you find out?"
"I...you know the family I invited to stay at our palace?" Once receiving a nod from Endymion, she continued. "Well, I was sort of spying on them...and they made me realize it."
Endymion held his breath as he waited for her to continue. This was it...
"I'm afraid because I...I won't be...loved by you the same...anymore. You would spend all your time with Chibi-Usa, and forget about me." She looked down.

Endymion smiled widely. So that was why. After all that they went through. He finally knew the reason of her fears. And the best part was that it was easy to solve. But it made Endymion feel guilty for making her think like that. Perhaps he had caused her to have doubts. "Usako, where would you get an idea like that?"
"Because...I know how much Chibi-Usa meant to you when she came to us in the past. How much time you spent with her. I felt so left behind." Serenity's cheeks went red with embarrassment that she was admitting this to Endymion after all these years. But it did always bother her though.
"Usako..." Endymion smiled warmly. He stepped forward and embraced Serenity tightly, never wanting to let go.
"Mamo-chan..." She whispered, feeling light, happy all of a sudden. Like something heavy was lifted off of her shoulders. It sure felt good. Serenity sighed happily, enjoying the feeling of his arms wrapped around her. To her, it was true bliss. She looked off at the setting sun. " Ah, true bliss...mmmm..."
Serenity broke the embrace, blushing slightly. "Mamo-chan...I'm sorry for everything. Everything I said, did, everything."

Endymion shook his head. "No, Usako. Don't be sorry. I'm the one who should be sorry. All the times I hurt you, for actually calling you Usagi, and for making you believe that I wouldn't love you if we have Chibi-Usa. Usako, you have nothing to worry. No matter what, my love for you is forever. Always. Don't you ever forget that."
"Mamo-chan...oh Mamo-chan...Aishiteru...so much."
"Oh Usako...Aishiteru...forever." Serenity beamed at hearing those words. She wiped a tear of happiness from her eyes. "Mamo-chan..." She leaned up, wanting so desperately to share a kiss with him.
Endymion chuckled slightly before leaning down. Their lips met in a desperate kiss, full of passion, love, desire. All the things that had happened the past few days seemed to disappear with that one kiss.

"Ooh...it's getting good. Wow, wish I had a husband."
"Minako, give us a turn. Don't hog the good spying spot all the time. We would like to see too!" Rei stamped her feet in anger. "Minako, failure to do so, and I'll...uh...burn you to a crisp!"
"Yeah, like give us a turn already." Makoto complained.
"Guys, would it be weird if I said I wanted to see two?"
Silence. In the background was the sound of a bird flying by.
"Ami?!" Three girls exclaimed. "Wow! Did she bump her head, or what?"
Ami blushed cherry red. "Guys!"

"Uh Mamo-chan, we have company." Serenity pointed to a large bush. "Can we go back to our rooms?"
Mamoru nodded, agreeing wholeheartedly. "Sure!" They left, leaving four squirming girls behind.

"They're gone! Rei, it's your fault."
"Be quiet, Minako!"

(AN: Oh cool, the first time I have a AN in the middle of my story. Anyway, now we go to the reason my story is rated PG.)
Serenity and Endymion walked into their room hand in hand. Closing the door and locked it for good measures, preventing four nosy girls from coming in.
Serenity giggled. "Mamo-chan, you think of everything, don't you?"
Endymion gave her a look. "Usako, we need our privacy. Now, Usako...you know why we're in here...right?"
Serenity grinned, a childish look on her face. She pretended to not know what Endymion was talking. "Why whatever do you mean?" She asked, her eyes blinking innocently.
"Ha ha ha. Very funny, Usako. Seriously, I mean...if you're not ready...I'm not going to pressure you, know."
Serenity climbed onto the bed, and patted it for him to sit down beside her. "I'm ready. I'm not scared anymore..."
"Usako..." Instantly, his lips claimed her in a passionate kiss. They lay down on the soft bed, Endymion rolling on top of Serenity. They had a thoroughly enjoyably evening...without the disturbance of four curious senshi.
*Epilogue-Nine Months Later*
"MAMO-CHAN! Make it stop! Please!" Serenity screamed loudly, enough to break eardrums, glass, or anything else for that matter.
Endymion winced at how hard Serenity was squeezing his hand. Bone-crushing was the only term that even came close to describing it.
"Usako, calm down. Everything is going to be okay again." Serenity calmed down a little. Breathing heavily, she smiled painfully, holding Endymion's almost broken hand tenderly. "Hai, I know." Then another contraction hit. Endymion braced himself for pain he was about to feel, again. But he knew deep down inside that it didn't even compare to the pain Serenity was feeling.

"Push harder, Your Highness! One last time, okay?" The doctor asked kindly.
Serenity nodded. "Here goes." With one last hard push, and a loud moan, loud crying was heard.
"Congratulations, my King and Queen, you're the proud parents of a baby girl. What are you going to name her?"
Serenity smiled at Endymion. "Chibi-Usa." Endymion smiled back.
"Chibi-Usa it is then." The doctor left, knowing the couple wanted some time alone.

"Usako, she's so beautiful...so small." Endymion held Chibi-Usa's small hand in his larger one, cooing at her. "Yes Chibi-Usa, we're going to have so much fun! You and me on picnics, boat rides...uh." Endymion stopped short as he caught Serenity staring at him. "And of course you'll come along with us too, Usako."
Serenity eyed him. "Just make sure all your time and love isn't with her."
Endymion chuckled lightly. "I promise. Usako, my love for you is everlasting. It will always be."
Serenity blushed. "Mamo-chan..."
They kissed sweetly, with their newborn daughter sleeping soundly in her mother's arms.
There ends my very short chapter and epilogue. Not to mention this story is finished too. Yeah! The day before school starts. So, what to write next...well, Valentines Day is coming in a couple months, so I'm starting on two Valentines Day stories, and will be out before Valentines. Then, for the rest of my time, I'm writing whatever pops into my mind. Hope you've enjoyed this story! Please send me all comments and suggestions to LisaZUMstories@aol.com.
This story written and posted January, 2001.