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Anyways, this chapter was probably left the most "intact" from the original, because I honestly loved it too much to really touch anything.  If there's one thing Disney movies have over anime, it's a more satisfying ending.  Shame they have to go and ruin it by making all those sequels.  Ugh.

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Phobia—again, thank you for the compliments, and please don't think I'm blatantly ignoring your suggestions.  On the contrary, I greatly appreciate you taking the time to share your opinion.  It's not often you find someone willing to offer such constructive criticism over decent issues as the ones you brought up, compared to others (who will go unmentioned at this time). 

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Remy is the first to stand up, turning to address Evan.

Remy: Chi Fu.

Evan: Your Excellency?

Remy: See to it that this woman is made a member of my council.

Evan: *mutters* A member of your coun…

Realization dawns on him at what the Emperor has just said.

Evan: B-but there are no council positions open, Your Majesty.

Remy: Very well then…

Evan smirks, thinking he has prevented Jubilee's reward.  Remy, however, nods his way.

Remy: *to Jubilee* You can have his job.

Evan: WHAT?!

Jubilee smiles gratefully, then turns to Emperor Remy and bows.

Jubilee: With all due respect, Your Excellency, I have been away from home long enough.

Remy shows a look of understand, and instead takes the pendant from around his neck.

Remy: Then take this, so your family will know what you have done for me.  And this…

He hands her the sword of Apocalypse.

Remy: …so the world will know what you have done.

Jubilee takes the sword, looks at it in awe for a moment before getting up and hugging Emperor Remy.  Remy is slightly surprised by her actions, but gently returns the hug.

Lance watches this in amazement before leaning towards the others.

Lance: Is…she allowed to do that?

Bobby, Pietro, and Fred shrug, smiling sheepishly.

Jubilee slowly steps away from the Emperor, only to be embraced by Lance and Pietro.  Fred comes up from behind and lifts all three of them off the ground in a big bear hug.

Jubilee: *gasping* Air…

Fred: Oops.  Sorry.

He puts then back down in a hurry.

Jubilee walks towards Bobby and stops in front of him.  As he begins to speak, she starts to smile, anticipating something good.

Bobby: *nervously* Um…you…you fight good

Though she is clearly disappointed, Jubilee tries not to show it.

Jubilee: Oh.  Thank you.

She turns and walks towards Khan.  Bobby watches her leave and grunts with disappointment in himself.

Jubilee mounts Khan, taking hold of the bridle.

Jubilee: Khan, let's go home.

Khan makes a fantastic leap down the steps and gallops on the flat parts until he hits ground level.  The crowd cheers all the while.

Crowd: Yay!

Meanwhile, Emperor Remy makes his way over to Bobby, who has yet to tear his eyes away from Jubilee's retreating form.

Remy: The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.

Bobby: …huh?

Remy: You don't meet a girl like that every dynasty.

With a wink, he puts on his hat and walks back up the steps to his palace, leaving Bobby deep in thought.

Cut to…Jubilee's home, where Logan sits beneath the blossom trees.  One single blossom falls and lands on his leg.  Jubilee appears at the threshold and moves towards him.

Logan sees her approaching and begins to stand.

Logan: Mulan.

She quickly moves in front of him, kneeling so that he would sit back down.

Jubilee: Father, I brought you the sword of Shan-Yu.  And the crest of the Emperor.

She hands him the items and bows her head.

Jubilee: They're gifts to honor the Fa Family.

Logan: My, my, we've been a busy little runaway, haven't we?

Logan suddenly takes the gifts and throws them down to the ground beside him, much to Jubilee's surprised.  He bends down and holds her arms outstretched.

Logan: The greatest gift and honor is having you for a daughter.  I've missed you so.

He wipes away her tears and hugs her tightly.

Jubilee: I've missed you too.

Ororo and Agatha watch from the doorway.  Ororo sighs happily at the sight, but Agatha rolls her eyes.

Agatha: Great, she brings home a sword.  If you ask me, she should have brought home a ma—

Her mouth is left open in shock as she sees Bobby, just is just arriving.

Agatha: …never mind.

Bobby: Excuse me…does Fa Mulan live here?

She and Ororo wordlessly point towards Jubilee's position, staring at the boy wide-eyed.  He nods a thank you and passes by.  Agatha watches him closely, speaking to Ororo.

Agatha: Whoo, sign me up for the next war!

Bobby sees and approaches Logan first, bowing politely and speaking with confidence.

Bobby: Honorable Fa Shou, I—

He notices Jubilee and is caught off guard.

Bobby: Mulan!

Jubilee steps forward.  Seeing this, Bobby grows nervous and speaks with less security.

Bobby: Uh…uh…you forgot your helmet.  Ah, but well…actually, it's your helmet, isn't it?

He hastily shoves the helmet towards Logan.

Bobby: I mean…

Logan, slightly amused at the boy's unease, motions with his head for Jubilee to take over.  She holds the helmet that he offered and smiles reassuringly.

Jubilee: Would you like to stay for dinner?

Agatha: *off-screen* Would you like to stay forever?

Jubilee shakes her head with a smile at this, while Bobby blushes faintly.

Bobby: Dinner would be great.

Cut to…Magneto grinning happily as he looks at the scene through the temple window.  He watches Jubilee hand the helmet back to Logan.

Pyro climbs up to the windowsill near Magneto's head, smirking.

Pyro: Who rules?

Magneto: *sighs, forced* You do. 

Pyro: Damn, straight.  And don't you forget it, neither.

Pyro not-so-subtly motions towards the guardian pedestal.  After a moment, Magneto sighs in defeat.

Magneto: Oh, all right.  You can be a guardian again.

Pyro: Yay!

He gives Magneto a big Bugs Bunny smooch, then runs to his post.  Magneto furiously wipes his mouth in disgust.

Magneto: Ugh.  Remind me again where I find these flunkies?

Pyro hops up to his post proudly.

Pyro: Take it, Cri-Kee!

Cri-Kee Jamie bangs the gong, awakening all the ancestors.

Cri-Kee Jamie: Wakey, wakey, tofu eggs and bakey!

Pyro: …you can TALK?!

~*cue music: "True to Your Heart"*~

 Baby, I knew at once that you were meant for me
Deep in my soul, I know that I'm your destiny

[Raven does a dance from Pulp Fiction, while (not Apocalypse-controlled) Xavier does the Hand Jive in his wheelchair.]

Raven: *to Xavier* She gets it from my side of the family, you know.

Mesmero: What?  Cross-dressing?  I can see that…

[Raven glares at him, then does a spin-kick to his stomach, sending him flying.]

Though you're unsure, why fight the tide?
Don't think so much; let your heart decide

[Pyro swings on a chain as he holds out a plate.]

Pyro: Call out for egg rolls!

[Magneto rests his elbows on the windowsill, rolling his eyes.]

Magneto: *disgusted* Guardians…

Baby, I see your future and it's tied to mine
I look in your eyes and see you searching for a sign

[Pyro does an awesome flip onto the steps outside the temple.  Jubilee comes up beside him.]

Jubilee: Thanks, Mushu.

[She gives him a kiss on the forehead.  Pyro gets a happy look on his face and falls over.  Jubilee giggles.]

But you'll never fall 'till you let go
Don't be so scared of what you don't know

Lockheed: Bark-bark-bark-bark-bark-bark-bark—

[Lockheed comes running up the steps and into the temple with the bag of grain tied to him.  The chickens quickly follow.]

Magneto: *annoyed* MUSHU!

Pyro: I didn't do it!!!

True to your heart
You must be true to your heart
That's when the heavens will part
And baby, shower you with my love

Open your eyes
Your heart can tell you no lies
And when your true to your heart
I know it's gonna lead you straight to me

[Bobby, Lance, Pietro, and Fred suddenly appear with microphones in their hands.]

Bobby: Someone ya know is on your side
            Can set you free
            I can do that for you if
            You believe in me

Lance: Why second-guess

Pietro: What feels so right?

Fred: Just trust your heart

Bobby: And you'll see the light

B/L/P/F: True to your heart
            You must be true to your heart
            That's when the heavens will part
            And, baby, shower you with my love

Open your eyes
            Your heart can tell you no lies
            And when you're true to your heart
            I know it's gonna lead you straight to me

[Evan suddenly appears as well.]

B/L/P/F: You know it's true

Evan: Your heart knows what's good for you

B/L/P/F: Good for you

[Remy appears.]

Remy: Let your heart show you the way

B/L/P/F: You know it's true

[Pyro appears.]

Pyro: It'll see you through…

[Cri-Kee Jamie appears during the brief musical interlude and starts break-dancing in the spotlight.]

[As the camera cuts back to the boys, we see Jubilee now standing in the center, with Bobby singing to her.]

Bobby: Girl, my heart is driving me to where you are
            You can take both hands off the wheel and still get far
            Be swept away
            Enjoy the ride.
            You won't get lost

Jubilee/Bobby: With your heart to guide you

[The rest of the cast all appears on stage for the repetition of the chorus.]

All: True to your heart
            You must be true to your heart
            That's when the heavens will part
            And, baby, shower you with my love

            Open your eyes
            Your heart can tell you no lies
            And when you're true to your heart
            I know it's gonna lead you straight to me

[The rest step back, leaving Bobby, Lance, Pietro, and Fred.]

B/L/P: When things are getting' crazy

Fred: *low baritone* Crazy

B/L/P: And you don't know where to start

Fred: Where to start

B/L/P: Keep on believin', baby

Fred: Baby

B/L/P: Just be true to your heart

Fred: To your heart

B/L/P/F: When all the world around you        
            It seems to fall apart
            Keep on believin', baby
            Just be true to your heart….

~*music slowly fades out*~


*          *          *          *          *          *          *

And so ends yet another DragonBlond parody.  I hope you've all had as much fun as I have.  Rest assure, just as this is not my first parody, it certainly won't be my last.  ^_^  I like messing with movies.   Now, if you'll excuse me, it's Superbowl weekend…

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