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Title: Until the Day I Die

Chapter title: The New Girl

By: Yanagi Son (That's me! XD)


"Shinji! Hurry up or we'll be late again!" came Asuka's scream from the front door.

"I'm coming!" yelled Shinji as he grabbed his piece of toast out of the toaster and ran past a half-asleep Misato. "Bye Misato! See you after school!"

"Alright Shinji. Bye you two. Try not to get into too many fights..." said Misato as she yawned widely. She heard the door slam shut in the middle of Asuka yelling at Shinji for almost making her late again. Sighing, she got up and headed for the refridgerator. Pulling out a beer, she sunk into a chair at the table, popped the tab and began drinking the cold beverage. PenPen came out of his freezer to greet her and retrieve his breakfast.

"Well... At least someone is going to have a good day..." she muttered as she scratched her head an frowned.


"Asuka! You're here!" called a girl in the class as both pilots came running in, Shinji mostly being dragged.

"Yes, I am. No thanks to this idiot!" she said with a glare in Shinji's direction.

"I - I'm sorry Asuka. I overslept..." mumbled Shinji as he headed for his desk. He stopped as he felt a hand on his shoulder. Wheeling around, he found himself staring into a pair of big blue eyes.

"Look idiot. Stop apologizing for everything! God damn! It makes me sick, you know?" said Asuka, her eyes glinting.

"I - I'm sorry..." Shinji mumbled, blushing slightly at how close her face was to his.

"There you go again! Knock it off! If you keep apoligizing, everyone's going to walk all over you all throughout life!" she yelled, punching his shoulder lightly. In a mocking tone she added, "Not like everyone doesn't already though."

Shinji frowned slightly, and returned to his desk. Touji and Kensuke walked over to him as soon as he sat down.

"Hey Shinji!" said Kensuke, his glasses glinting in the sun. Shinji smiled, finally feeling like he belonged now that he had friends.

"Good morning Kensuke, Touji." he said as he looked between both of them.

"So, did you hear yet?" asked Touji quietly, not wanting to attract attention to their conversation. Shinji heard Asuka laughing loudly in the background and didn't think that talking quietly would be nessacary.

"Heard what Touji?" he asked with mild curiosity.

"You mean you haven't heard yet?!" whispered Kensuke, shock written all over his face. He looked at Touji who had an equally shocked expression on his face before looking back at the confused Shinji.

"We're getting a new transfer student today." said Touji happily.

"W - why? Why would anyone want to move here with all these battles going on? And...after..." he trailed off. He remembered vividly the sight of seeing Unit 00 self-destruct in order to save Asuka. Rei had been uninjured, but he had also learned what she really was...a hallow husk with a soul inside. Shuddering internally, he saw the millions of Rei's smiling at him through the tanks...then destroyed... All with a push of a button by Ritsuko.

"After what Shinji?" asked Kensuke, tilting his head slightly.

"Oh... It - it's nothing really." said Shinji shaking his head and forcing a smile through. "So who's the new student?"

"A real babe!" said Touji, blushing slightly at the mental image. Kensuke shook his head as he witnessed a bit of saliva edging it's way down Touji's jaw line.

"Hai, we saw her this morning. She's really cute Shinji. In fact...I think you two would make a real good couple!" he said, his glasses glinting again.

Shinji blushed and looked towards the doorway when the teacher came in the room. Standing, he waited for the Hikari to tell them they could sit. A girl, no doubt the one Touji started drooling over before class, came in shortly after the teacher.

"Everyone, we have a new transfer student today." he said in his low, aged voice. As the girl wrote her name on the board, Asuka scoffed.

'Who does she think she is?! Coming in here and...wait! What am I thinking?!' she thought while her cheeks flushed slightly.

Turning around, the girl smiled warmly. She had dark, raven black hair that was held in a ponytail atop her head. The dark red ribbon that held her hair up matched well with her eyes which were a deep brown. Two little pieces of her hair hung over her ears, making her look more innocent than she really was. Eyes sparkling, she looked around the room trying to find a good place to sit once she was introduced.

"I am Shikaku Yagahashii. It's an honor to meet you all." she said quietly as she bowed. The teacher grunted his apporval and looked around the room for a place for her to sit. His eyes lingered on Shinji and the empty desk next to him, Shinji instantly knowing what he was thinking.

'No! Not here! Anywhere but here! Please!' he mentally pleaded with his teacher, but to no avail.

"Miss Yagahashii, why don't you sit next to Mr. Ikari." the teacher said. Shinji blushed and raised his hand so she would know where he was. She quickly went over to where Shinji was and sat down. Looking over at him, she noticed he was becoming tense. Her eyes couldn't stray away from him the entire class period, making Asuka very mad.

"Why that little... I'll teach her..." she muttered, a trace of jealously in her voice.


"Shinji! You lucky bastard!" yelled Touji happily as he ran up and wrapped his arm around Shinji's neck playfully. "You get to sit next to the babe!"

"She does have a name baka!" muttered Kensuke, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose.

"I know that! Shikaku...what a lovely name... What do you suppose it translates into?" he mused aloud.

"It means 'angel of fire'..." mumbled Shinji, not feeling that this was just an ordinary girl. He had felt something from her when she sat down next to him...but he just couldn't place a finger on what it was.

"How did you know?!" yelled Touji and Kensuke in unison.

"I really don't know. I guess I just rembered it from when my mother started teaching me kanji..."

"Oh..." Touji and Kensuke said in quiet tones.

"Hey Shinji!" Shinji turned around to see Shikaku running towards them, her cheeks flushed and her eyes shining.

"Hi Shikaku!" said Touji, saluting her just as he did to Misato.

"Save it for Major Katsuragi dolt..." muttered Kensuke as he drug the stiff form of Touji away. Shikaku watched as Touji was drug away by a strained looking Kensuke before turning back to Shinji.

"Uhh... What is it Shikaku?" asked Shinji, uncertain as to what he should call her.

"Please, just call me Shi." she said as she surpressed a giggle at his formalness. Shinji nodded stiffly, not sure as to what she wanted to speak to him for. "Umm... Shinji, I was wondering... Do you think you could show me around town?" she asked quietly, her hands clasped together at the front showing just how embarrassed she felt.

"Uhh... S - sure, I suppose I could Shi -" he began before he felt a hand on his shoulder again.

"Iie, he can't. We have to go home, right Shinji?" said Asuka menacingly in Shikaku's direction.

"Oh... I - I didn't know you two were...dating." said Shikaku as she blushed and turned her head to the side. Shinji's eyes bugged out of his head at this comment and blushed furiously. "I only wanted for Shinji to show me around so I wouldn't get lost again!" she cried, her eyes shining as tears formed.

"So go find someone else!" spat Asuka as she grabbed Shinji's hand and began dragging him off. 'Heh... That should show her...' she thought as an devil-ish smirk spread across her face.

"Asuka!" said Shinji as he wrenched his hand out of her grasp. "Why are you all of a sudden being so mean to her? She just moved here!" he hissed.

"You know we have to go to NERV for synch testing!" Asuka protested. In reality, that wasn't until next week but she somehow didn't want to see Shinji alone with Shikaku.

"That's not until next week Asuka... Look, I'm just going to show her around town alright? Stop acting so... possesive of me alright?" he muttered as he went back to Shikaku.

Asuka watched as he explained that he wasn't dating her and told her that he would be happy to show her around Tokyo-3. As they walked away, talking and laughing, Asuka suddenly felt alone.

'Why...why do I suddenly feel so...alone? Shinji...iie...come back Shinji... I - I....I need you...' she thought as a tear slid down her cheek. Brushing it away quickly before anyone to see, she steeled her resolve and turned on her heel. "Fine! I'll see you at home Shinji Ikari!" she yelled loud enough for him to hear.

"Pilot Sohryu." came Rei's quiet voice from behind her. Spinning around, Asuka faced her, her face contorted with rage.

"What do you want Wondergirl?" she spat. If she hated anything more than losing to Shinji in EVA synch tests or battles, it was Rei. A living replica of a doll, the one thing she despised most of all in the world.

"Why are you so mean to Pilot Ikari?" asked Rei in her mono-tone voice.

"I don't think that's any of your damn business Wondergirl!" yelled Asuka.

"Is it that you like Pilot Ikari?" asked Rei innocently.

Asuka blushed. "I don't think that's really your concern whether I do or don't like Shinji! Just stay out of things that don't concern dolls like you!" screamed Asuka as she stomped past Rei and towards her apartment she shared with Misato and Shinji. 'Maybe...maybe I do like Shinji.. '

To Be Continued...


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