Mwhahaha....somewhere in my crazed(and hyper) mind, I thought of this song after joking about being a pop star w/a hit about silver-haired bishi's when I was IMing RikuNghts, a fellow author. Go read her stories^^. So, RikuNghts, this one's for you...and if anyone has a particular FF characters they want me to write a song about, please put that in a review, or IM me^^. Thanks~

*beat/music/speed change*

~~~~~~~~~repeat chorus once


--------------------------------------Sexy Silver-Haired Bishonen Boys-------------------------------

*music starts*

*main theme begins*

*dun dun dunun dun*

*dun dun dunun don*

*music slows*

People say I'm crazy

And maybe a lil' selfish

I know it's just an obsession

And I know they're not real.

But I still love them anyway-ay!

*returns to main theme*


Because they're sexy silver-haired bishonen boys!

Sexy silver-haired bishonen boys! Yeah!

Perfect, lovable, sexy silver-haired bishonen boys! Whoa!

Sexy silver-haired bishonen boys!

*slows back down*

So, many times they are evil

But what does it matter?

They have cool weapons and magic,

And Aerith was killed by one two,

But, all of them have sweet attitu-oo-udes!

*main theme*


I know I'll never meet any,

But I can see them in dreams.

People argue if they're straight or gay.

But, I don't care at all about that.

I could love them either wa-ay!