Vow of revenge (part 2 in the Bound by blood series-I have no prequel YET , but guess what! I will soon!)


The Men had invaded the kingdom of Mirkwood only two hours into this night. Among those in battle were the King and his son, Legolas. King Thranduil had separated from his son, but could still see his only child amongst those in battle. Thranduil saw a Man lunge for Legolas, but the Elf was too quick and shot an arrow into the offender's chest. The arrow had been true to its target and hit the Man's heart, killing him instantly. Thranduil's arrows quickly faded and he switched to his long Elven blade. The blade was unique (made by the Elves) and had a curved shape to it.

"ADA!" Legolas' voice brought Thranduil from killing the Men around him. At first he thought his son was in danger, but when he looked to his son..."ADA! UP! LOOK UP! DAGO HON!" Legolas shouted desperately. Thranduil saw an arrow pointed toward him and he whipped his blade through the air, blocking a deadly blow. The Man above the King wasn't dead yet. A flash appeared before Thranduil's eyes and the Man fell from the tree onto the muddy ground. An arrow stuck out from his chest.

Thranduil glanced across the field and flashed a grin to his son. "Hannon le, Legolas." He called. The Prince bowed his head briefly and continued fighting the Men. Soon, the Prince had killed many Men with arrows, but to his dismay the arrows had run out and he was forced to switch to his twin blades. Where is Aragorn and the Rivendell Elves when you need them?, Legolas thought, eyeing the fallen Elves around him. Mirkwood was sorely losing and...then a thought entered the fair Prince's mind. Aragorn sent word of his coming only three days before this massacre! Aragorn would be coming! Maybe even the twins!

Legolas fought his way to his father. He dodged arrows and blades until he finally made it to his father. "Ada! I have something very important to tell you! Aragorn-" Legolas started, but was stopped when tragedy hit. An arrow entered his shoulder, sending deep pains throughout his immortal existence. His father fought the Men surrounding them as Legolas staggered in surprise. "Legolas!" He heard his father shout, but only just barely caught the words when another sharp pain hit him. The Prince hadn't seen the Man stab him in the stomach with his long sword.

The Prince staggered in complete surprise. The world was starting to become less loud, but he stood his ground and fought off some more Men. "Get inside, Legolas!" Was what the King wanted to say, but the whole palace was blocked off inside and out. Soon, the King was pulled into the circle of Men. Thranduil was blocked from his son!

How he had ended up on the ground, Legolas couldn't register. He had fallen, how he had fallen was a total mystery, on his stomach and couldn't get up. The Prince tried to sit up, but there was weight on his back that forced him down. "Stay down, Elf!" He heard a muffled voice above him say. Another pain entered his good shoulder. It was the Man's sword. It jammed into his shoulder, all the way through, and cracked his collar-bone as it exited the other side of his shoulder in only about two seconds. The blade dug into the ground beneath him. The pain was so terrible! He had NEVER felt anything as bad as this in all of his long life. The Prince heard his name called again in desperation. The Man above him grabbed the long sword, making the Prince gasp, and slowly began to pull the sword out.

Once the sword was out, Legolas expected another painful surprise, but instead the Man fell dead to the ground. Legolas turned to the Man who had just totally ruined his shoulder. A mere boy! Only about 26 standard years! Nearby, though Legolas didn't see it, a Man stood watching as his son died and fell beside the Elven Prince.