Thranduil turned his head at the sound of his name and looked questionably at the guard. "We've cleared a way into the Palace for the Prince." The guard explained.

"I trust it is safe? I trust you have found a Healer or two?" Thranduil looked down to his son, who had fallen unconscious, as he spoke to the guard.

"Yes, milord, of course...we'll carry the Prince in for you."

Thranduil held his son closer. "I will carry my son." He said sharply and stood carefully, still holding Legolas. The guards surrounded father and son and led them into the Palace. Legolas was placed on a bed in the Healers room and three Healers came in swiftly, holding supplies. Thranduil sat by Legolas' bedside, holding his son's hand gently as the Healers went to work. It took an hour to clean and bandage the wounds carefully.

The Healer changed Legolas' tattered clothing and replaced it with a nightshirt that was too baggy on the thin Elf. Legolas was taken out of the Healers room and brought into his own room. Once the Healers were sure that Legolas was comfortable and his wounds were alright, they exited the room. Guards were positioned outside and inside of Legolas' room to insure the Prince's safety.

Thranduil sat by Legolas' side and moved blond hair from his son's face. Legolas' forehead felt hot to the touch and Thranduil stood up, walked to the water basin and wetted a cloth with cool water. He placed it on the younger Elf's forehead and sat down again. He leaned forward and rested his head against the pillow by Legolas. "I remember when you were about 200- years-old, you and Elrond's twin sons went for a camping trip here in Mirkwood. We wouldn't have let you go, but it was only behind the Palace so we figured it would be okay. Well, it wasn' fell out of a tree and broke your ribs. I remember trying to determine whether to be mad at you or worried about you. I don't know if you remember was quite a while ago."

There was silence for a few moments. "I remember. Elrond had to...stay here...and heal my ribs. The twins were sent home because Elrond had told watch out for me because I...was younger." Thranduil looked at his son and saw a smile.

"I didn't think you could hear me." Thranduil said, lifting his head up and looking at his son.

"I caught some...of it, but what I heard...was enough to remember everything." Legolas answered.

"How do you feel?"


"Rest and I'll be here when you wake up."


"Promise." Thranduil smiled as Legolas' eyes drifted shut and he fell asleep.