Title: Roses
Author: Lisa
Chapter: 6
Rating: G
Author's Notes:
Hi minna! Here's chapter 6, just like I said. It is short, but a little more romantic in my opinion. Oh yeah, I know this chapter took so long to get out, but hope it's worth the wait. Whew, I've been busy these days! With school and stuff, I barely have time to write. *sighs* Anyway, enjoy!
Disclaimers: Sailor Moon and the others don't belong to me, but this story does.
The days fly by, it seems. As I stand on the balcony right now, my mind is wallowing in complete confusion. I an full of doubts now. Doubts that creep up on me when I do not want them to. Like this one. I doubt that I will ever find my destiny; fulfill my mission. I do try so hard each and every day, but I just can not seem to escape the darkness that has followed and taunted me all these years, from my childhood up until now. I need to see the light, to be lead to it. But who exactly is the light?

The star locket rests in my lap, its slow melody playing in the distant background. The sun is rising again, like it does every morning of my life. Today, I am going to give this locket to Usagi, my Odango Atama. Months ago, I just has this feeling inside of me that first time I met her, when she threw that horrible test paper at me unintentionally. From then on, every time were to bump into her, I would feel so comfortable...light...warm. This emotions that I usually do not feel. Perhaps she is my light, a light so pure that could even drag me out of my dark world...and fill it with her love and care, sealing the darkness away forever. At least..it is one of my wildest fantasies. And this star locket, this precious gift that has brought me serenity these past weeks, can help me win her love. How hard can it be just to give this to her?

The streets are busy, I realize as I walk down the crowded streets. My destination: to Usagi. Where I can find her: the arcade, of course. The star locket is clutched tightly in my shaking hands. I can not steady them. I can not even steady the nervousness that I am feeling at this moment.

"Minna, can we go watch a movie?" That was the first thing I heard as the second I stepped into the crowded arcade. We what do you know, she was there, just like I had planned. Suddenly I do not feel nervous anymore. Why be nervous? After all, we did make a deal a few days ago, a pact as I recall correctly. One that said we were friends. So how hard can it be to give my friend a treasured locket?

I walk up to her, her laughter ringing in my ears. Her laughter is like twinkling bells as I think about it...
"Usagi." I state. She turns around. Gosh, she looks so beautiful. I nearly lost my breath then and there.
"Hello Mamoru-san." She greets me, a warm smile forming on her soft, pink lips.
"Usagi..I. was..." I paused, stunned by how she was reacting to my presence. Usually, we would be yelling at each other right now, but no, we are actually getting along like good friends. This is working out better than I had planned. I know that we are friends, but...she seems so different than then Usagi I knew. She seems to have matured these past few days. Could all this be as a result of our friendship?
"I want to talk with you."
"Sure." She replied simply, about to leave. The other three girls all had huge grins on their faces as they prepared to follow Usagi.
"Alone." I added sternly, giving them a look. I was happy to see three disappointed girls sit back down.
Usagi giggled. "Do not worry about us. We will be fine minna." The turned to me, beaming happily. "Let us leave for a more private spot."
"As you wish."

We stopped outside the arcade. "This looks as good a place as any." I say, looking around. It was weird, but it seemed the crowds of people had dimmed down to only a few. I wonder what could possibly be the case of it...

The birds chirped cheerfully as the sun shone brightly. "What a wondrous day." Usagi murmured out loud.
I smile. Usagi is just so sweet and...free. Her spirit is that of a young, energetic girl, naturally. Nothing holds her back from being so happy and giving. I wish I were like that...
"Hai, it is beautiful." I breath back. She looks at me, smiling happily.
"What do you wish to talk about?"
"Well, it is more of giving than talking."
"Oh?" Her smile grew larger, her eyes shining brightly. She is just so beautiful...too beautiful to be real.
"Hai, a gift for you, my Odango Atama." To my surprise, her smile did not leave her lips, and she did not sneer or shoot me a dirty look. She simply stood there, not caring that I ha just used her hated nickname. It was almost as if she liked me calling her that...
"What is it?" She asked.
"You'll see."
I reached inside my pocket, feeling for the treasured locket. Oh, how I wish I did not have to give this away, but my heart insisted that I do.

Taking it out, I hold it out to her. The golden locket caught the light of the sun, giving it an unique sparkle. "I know how much you liked it."
I take her hand in mind, putting the locket in her hand. "It is your now."

Usagi looked up, astonished. "Mamoru, I...I don't know what to say... Arigato!" Without a warning of some sort, Usagi flung herself at me, engulfing me in her warmth. Her hands were wrapped tightly around me...it made me feel secure...loved.

But why does this warmth feel so familiar? I feel as if I know it...but that can not be possible.
This was the first time we had actually embraced...so why do I feel this way?
Then it came to me. "Sailor Moon..." I whispered. That was why this felt so familiar. It was because sometimes, when I save Sailor Moon, I have to hold her close to me...and I would feel warm. So now...could it be possible that Usagi is Sailor Moon? I have had so many clues to her indemnity...could this be the end of the mystery? Possibly. I guess I'll just have to find out someday.

"Mamoru-san, thanks so much for this." Usagi's voice snapped me out of my thoughts.
"The locket. Arigato."
"Oh." I grinned. "Don't mention it."
"You know Mamoru, you seem much nicer now than you were before. And I guess I like it this way, us being friends and everything."
I nod. "Me too Usagi."

We stood in silence, staring into each other's eyes. I could tell Usagi was a bit embarrassed, but I couldn't help myself at that time.
Her eyes were so deep and piercing..just like my little warrior's. Everything about Usagi reminds me of Sailor Moon...

"Usagi, can I ask you a question?"
"Do you know Sailor Moon?" I asked hesitantly, afraid she would take it the wrong way, and laugh or something.
But she did none of those things. Instead, Usagi started to turn pale, a sure sigh that she was afraid.
"Uh...where...how...I don't know..." She sputtered. "Why do you ask?"
"Because of a lot of reasons."
"And they are..."
"You look like her, you act like her, you have the same hairstyle as her, I could go on and on."
"Oh." She because silent, as if thinking about what I had just pointed out.
"Hey, do you mean I act like her?" She asked.
"Never mind."
Usagi turned around, facing the opposite direction. "Is it that obvious?" She finally queried.
"What is?"
"That Sailor Moon and I are alike in more ways than one."
"Anyone can see it. So tell me, do you know her...or are you Sailor Moon in person?"

Maybe I am going a little too far. She is not ready to answer me, but in her eyes, I could already see the truth. If she is not Sailor Moon, then she definitely has something to do with the senshi, perhaps she is acquainted with them or something.

"Mamoru, why do you want to know?" I can see it clearly now; Usagi was trying to avoid answering the question.
"No reason." I procrastinated a bit before continuing. "Usagi, look at me."
Slowly, reluctantly, Usagi turned around. "You do not have to answer. I was just joking."

"Of course."
Usagi brightened up straightaway. "Okay!"

I smiled at the young girl. She is a young girl who just wants a normal life...but behind all her cheeriness, is a warrior...a strong and brave warrior...Sailor Moon.

Usagi kicked at a small pebble on the cement before looking at her bunny watch. "Oh no!" She shrieked. "I'm totally late! Ja ne Mamoru-san! Arigato!" With that, she ran away at the speed of light.

I look at her retreating form, a smile playing on my lips. "Ja ne...Usako... And one day, you will know the secret I bear within me..."
Ack! Alright! Finished! Well, after about 1 ½ months of trying to complete this chapter, it is completed! Sorry for its shortness. Yes, I know I promised longer chapters, but I can't seem to do that now... Chapter 7 will be out in a couple weeks. Um...if my plot seems a little mixed up, gomen nasai. Hey, I'm trying my best here. Please send all comments and suggestions to LisaZUMstories@aol.com. Ja ne minna!
This story written and posted March, 2001.