Popping The Question

A Dragonball Z Fanfiction by Aoikami Sarah

Note: This story contains adult themes and strong language.

Chapter One

Hundreds of people gathered on a warm, clear, summer day at the Capsule Corporation grounds. The annual company picnic was a big hit as usual, but most people seemed to stay away from the barbecue. Vegeta flipped ribs of flintstone proportions wearing an apron that read "Kiss the Cook". His son held a plate up expectantly.

"Dad?" Trunks asked impatiently.

He speared the ribs and waved them in front of his face. "Do they look done yet?"

"No..." The twelve-year-old turned and rolled his eyes.

Bulma chatted with various employees. She excused herself and slithered her way through the crowd toward the grill. She came up behind her husband.

"Try keeping the meat on the grill, it cooks better that way." She chided, having seen him shake the ribs at Trunks.

"The boy was pestering me. Since he couldn't see them, I brought them down to his level." He grumbled.

"Well, try to be a little more polite. In case you haven't noticed, we have guests: a couple hundred of them!"

"Do you want this meat cooked or not? You may have forgotten, but I'd be perfectly happy eating hundreds of pounds of beef raw!"

Bulma shuddered a bit. Before she could select one of three or four jibes that popped into her head having to do with the fact that Vegeta would soon not be able to look down on his growing son, someone tapped her on the shoulder. Chi-Chi stood smiling nervously behind her.

"Chi-Chi!" Bulma smiled at her friend. "I'm so glad you could make it!"

The woman was obviously relieved to hear this. "Thank you for inviting us!" Her son Goten stood at her side, not taking his eyes off the ribs. She jabbed him in the side.

"Ow," he murmured with his mouth slightly agape. His mother glared at him. "Oh! Yeah! Thanks Bulma!"

"No problem! Trunks was hoping you'd show up. He hates these things."

"Why don't you run along and find him, Goten?"

"Kay!" He was gone.

Vegeta cursed in Saiyan as a flare up threatened his hair. Bulma chuckled lightly.

"Bulma, can we have a woman to woman chat?"

She looked at Chi-Chi, puzzled. "Er, sure."


She led her friend into the privacy of the house. Bulma poured two glasses of water and invited her to sit at the kitchen table.

"So where's Goku today? I didn't think anything would keep him from this."

"Oh, he's coming. He wanted to finish his workout first."

Bulma swallowed deep. 'Good thing I told the caterers we were having a thousand people!'

Chi-Chi continued, "I don't mean to pry, but, Goku and I were talking about you last night and he raised an interesting subject. It's come to my attention that you and Vegeta aren't married."

Bulma choked on a sip of water and tried not to laugh out loud unsuccessfully. Chi-Chi looked a little hurt.

"Oh! I'm not laughing at you! It's just..." she was about to say that the idea of her and Vegeta married was laughable, but stopped. 'Oh, wait. That's not funny.' "It's just it's never crossed my mind. I mean, can you imagine how would he ever…?" She shook her head.

"You've never discussed it?"

"Oh hell no!" That made her laugh. Vegeta DISCUSSING something, ha! She rolled the half-full glass between her hands. "Thanks for being concerned, but, I guess I'm just glad he sticks around. I can't even think how an idea like that would get in his head!"

Chi-Chi blushed slightly. "Well..." She stared at her own glass. "What if someone PUT it in..?"

"I pity the poor bastard who even mentions the subject to him!"

Chi-Chi looked a little panicked. "Then I think we should get to him before Goku does."



The women bolted through the throng of happy Capsule employees. They ran into Goten and Trunks.

"Goten! Has your father shown up yet?"

"Er, Yeah. I think he's headed for the barbecue."

They ran at top speed towards the grill.

"What's up with that?" Trunks asked. Goten munched some potato salad and shrugged.


Chi-Chi slammed into Bulma as she stopped suddenly. The grill was in plain view. Goku was gesturing as he spoke, but they were too far away to hear what he was saying. He obviously didn't see them. His eyes weren't on Vegeta either; they were on the meat which was almost done. The women hid at the corner of a yellow and white-striped tent and watched their men. Goku stopped talking for a moment then shrugged. He took a huge section of ribs and walked towards the tent.

"Damn it. What did he say?!" Bulma was pale.

"Let's ask Goku." Chi-Chi waved her husband down.

"Hey, hun. Check these ribs out! Boy, Vegeta sure knows how to grill." He smacked his lips and opened his mouth to take a bite. Chi-Chi snatched the gargantuan ribs away from him.

"Goku! First of all you can at least say hello to your hostess!"

"Oh yeah. Hey Bulma! Great party!"

"What did he say?!" She grabbed his shirt and tried to shake him.


"Vegeta? I know what you asked him! What did he say!?"

"Oh!" Goku furrowed his brows and attempted his best Vegeta impersonation. "He said: 'mind your own damn business, Kakarott!'" He shrugged again and looked pleadingly at his wife for her to give him his meat back. Bulma released him and looking pale she turned her attention to her hundreds of guests. Chi-Chi practically threw the ribs at Goku. Too happy to have them back, he didn't notice her frustration.