Fumetsu no Senshi-tachi Z : Batsu

An Alternate Mirai Dragon Ball Z Fan Fiction by Aoi Kami Sarah

FNSTZ : Batsu - Chapter Three

Ema brushed a stray strand of her mother's hair back in place and turned away. She looked out the window.
"I hate waiting."
Bulma nodded. "So I guess everything went smoothly."
"With the transition." Bulma nodded towards her.
"Oh, yeah. It was fine. Didn't take me long to get used to it." She knew Bulma wanted to talk, but she just didn't have the heart. The woman was staring at her. Ema blushed.
"I'm sorry." She shook her head. "You just made me think about my kids."
"Oh my god, Bulma-san. Where are they?!"
"They're with an old friend. He called me just a few days ago, almost as if he knew I was worried about them. They're practically on the other side of the world right now."
"Don't you think that they'd feel what's going on and come and try to help?"
Bulma pouted. "I hope not."
Ema remembered watching Trunks and Goten spar. "Who am I kidding. They'd probably do just fine up against those three."
It was Bulma's turn to fall silent.


Polian grabbed #2's fists and swung him around, slamming him into #1, and both of them into a rock outcropping. #3 retreated and waited for the others to emerge. Polian laughed and waited as well.
"Is that it? Damn, I've had better workouts in my sleep."
#2 wiped a yellowish-colored blood from his chest. "It is time to increase our advantage."
#1 nodded and hung his head. #3 did the same. #2 hovered closer till all three were standing in a sort of circle. A white light began to glow in the middle until it was too bright for Polian to look directly into. He shielded his eyes.
'What, are they gonna transform?' he thought. 'Well. This should make things interesting.'
When the light contracted, hovering in their place, was one, large, muscle-bound version of a Batsu-jin.
"Neat trick, but let's keep it three-on-one." Polian grinned and split into his tri-form. All three of him took a fighting stance.
The hulk charged the central Polian and attacked that one, while fending off the other two.


"Pan-chan slow down!" Trunks shouted as they raced towards home. "We don't know what's happening!"
"Well it ain't good, I know that much!"
"No buts! Hayaku!" She put on an extra burst of speed. They boys had no choice but to follow suit.

When they came shooting over a mountain they stopped dead in their tracks. The beaked creature was enormous and Polian's tri-form clones were being slammed out of the sky one by one.
"Holy CRAP!" Goten cried. "What the heck is that thing!?"
"I don't know," Trunks replied. "But I hate it."
Pan said nothing, but frowned and led them to the battle ground.

"Hora! Badguy!" Pan shouted at the creature. Polian's last clone crashed to the ground and merged back together again. He got to his feet slowly.
He looked up and grinned. "'Bout time you showed up. I almost took him out before you could get here," he joked and faded. He reappeared next to them.
"Ok, here's the low-down. Your folks are ok, but this guy put them under a sleep spell or something and if we don't beat him, they may never wake up."
"NAN DA!?!"
"No pressure." He slapped Goten on the back. He knew the children, being part Saiyan were far more powerful than he would ever be. He had seen them in action for years. They were all capable of becoming Super-Saiyans and knowing their parents were in trouble would be sufficient motivation to fight. "This thing was three guys and sort of fused to become that," he advised. "Kick some ass and take some names. I'm gonna go tell Bulma you guys are here."
They nodded. Polian blasted off for Capsule.

Trunks and Goten looked at each other.
"Fused, huh?"
"That's what the man said," Trunks grinned and they performed the fusion dance. Pan rolled her eyes and was about to comment on its lameness again when the massive Batsu-jin charged them.
Pan looked on as Gotenks fought the beast. They darted across the landscape, exchanging blows. The Batsu-jin was defending, but he was holding back. It defended with its left arm an quickly reeled back its right. Gotenks was sent flying from the impact of the punch to his jaw. He wiped a bit of blood from his chin, leveled his hand and fired a power attack which the beast deflected with its palm and hurtled itself at him.
Soon, Gotenks found himself on the defensive. The Batsu-jin laced its arms around him and began to squeeze.
"Come on guys!" Pan shouted, beginning to get worried.
Gotenks powered up to Super-Saiyan and popped out of its hold.
""Ok. So I'm impressed. I didn't think you were that strong. This is more fun than I thought it would be!""
"This is not a game. And if it were, we have already won it."
""What?"" he raised a brow.
"The female offspring of Vegeta will not wake from her trance. She will suffer eternally for his misdeeds."
Gotenks suddenly split in half. "Kaasan!" Trunks shouted. "What have you done to her!?"
"Trunks! We have to concentrate!" Goten scolded.
"The ones called Gohan, Zen'i Koneko and Tamashii are under our spell. Soon they will go beyond the point of no return."
Pan-chan swooped in to hear better. "No! There's got to be some way to stop that!"
The Batsu-jin turned his pointed head. "Only if we were to perish, and that will never happen." It fired a blast practically point blank at Trunks and he fell from the sky.
"Trunks!" Goten and Pan dove down to his rescue. He was hurt, but struggled to get to his feet.
"Crap! What do we do now! We're not strong enough on our own to take that thing on!" Pan whined. Goten stared at her. "Oh no. Nononononono. Not that. ANYTHING but that!"
"Pan-chan!" Goten whined back. "Think about Otousan and the others!"
Pan smoldered. Trunks shook his head.
"You ok?" Goten helped him up. He nodded.
"Let's do it."
"But..." Pan protested.
"Pan! There's more at stake here than your reputation!"
Her lip quivered.
"Besides. Who's out here to see? Come on! We kick ass.. together!"
Pan slumped her shoulders. "Fine."

The Batsu-jin waited, hovering in the air.
Pan, Goten and Trunks disappeared. In their place stood what looked like a young warrior, clothed like Gotenks, with a violet shirt, white pants and a dark blue sash. Its hair was straight, short and tri-colored aqua, lavender and black. It slowly lifted off the ground and faced the Batsu-jin.
"""Listen here, ugly!""" It pointed at the beast. """I don't appreciate you messing with my family!!"""
"And who are you?" the alien asked.
"""I am your end! I am Paotenks!!!""" It cried and went Super-Saiyan.


Polian landed and jogged into the porch.
"Well!?" Bulma leapt to her feet.
"The kids are gonna take it from here."
Her face turned crimson. "You left my children in the hands of those monsters!?!"
"It's all right, Bulma. They can handle it. Trust them."
Ema stood up from her post at her mother's side. "The Saiyan brats are fighting these things? This I gotta see!" She ran out.
"Ema! Don't get too close!"
She nodded. "Tousan. Take care of Kaasan!"
Bulma looked like she was going to explode. "You let your own daughter go SIGHT-SEEING!?! This is serious!"
Polian put his hands on her shoulders. "Without their bag of magic dust they were cream puffs. What you should be worried about is what's going on right here." He sat down in lotus position next to Zen'i and stroked her perspiring head. They all thrashed and moaned as the dreams worsened.


Koneko streaked across the sky carrying the mutilated Jinzoningen. Was there enough time? she thought. Could Dende just make all the dragonballs appear and they could wish all of this nightmare away? Wasn't there a rule about being dead where you could only come back once? If there was, then... She'd only get the children back. Don't think about it, she thought. Deal with it when you get there.
The tower appeared on the horizon and she put on an extra burst of speed. Koneko hugged Zen'i to her tighter like a ruined doll.


Ema clutched her fists as she watched her amazing friends make short work of the alien. "Go guys, go! Kill that ugly piece of shit!" she cheered then quickly ducked down out of sight.

Paotenks cried out and slammed its fists into the beast over and over again.
"""This is for Zen'i!""" it shouted and punched it in the stomach. The alien doubled over. Then Paotenks upper cut it into the clouds. """That's for Tousan Tamashii!""" It faded and caught the alien, then kicked it back down to Earth. """And that's for Tousan Gohan!"""
When the Batsu-jin slammed into the ground it broke apart into three individuals.
"""The sins of Vegeta are not ours!""" it cried. """I will not stand for your sick idea of justice!"""
"This is not justice," They all spoke into its mind. "It is retribution."
"""This is the part where you're supposed to turn a new leaf so I don't have to kill you and you just messed it all up.""" Paotenks powered up. """This is for Okaasan Koneko!""" it shouted and the massive energy ball engulfed all three Batsu-jin, destroying them utterly.


Koneko zoomed up the spire and crested the lip of the lookout and her heart sank. The palace was destroyed. Still clutching her friend she ran into the mess.
"Dende-sama!!!? Popo-san!!!!?" she screamed. She saw a green hand sticking out from under a wall and hefted it off of him with her free hand.
God was dead.
"Why....?" she whispered. "WHY!!!?"
"Koneko," Zen'i turned her head. "I hear something."
"I should hope so. There. Listen."
Sure enough, there was a faint sound of a man's coughing coming from nearby. Koneko set Zen'i down and dug the genie out of the dilapidated palace. She dragged him over to Zen'i. He left a wide swath of blood in his path.
"Popo-san? Are you all right?"
He appeared to have been strangled. His voice cracked and sputtered. "Ka..kami...saaaama.."
"He's dead, Popo-san. We're all doomed," Koneko slumped her shoulders. She should have known better than to get her hopes up like that. Koneko stood and walked a few paces away. She stared at the edge of the lookout. The sky, so blue, so permanent, seemed to laugh at her. She wished then that she was a plant or a rock, lying on the Earth, soaking in the sun, oblivious of what was happening and impervious to emotional harm.
Popo stretched out one of his pudgy arms towards the Jinzoningen. "K ka m mi s'ma..." he stuttered. "Wish..."
In his palm was a small, orange marble. He strained one last time and gave up. Zen'i gently plucked the marble from his hand. "Could this be...?" she asked in her artificial voice.
"Hm?" Koneko turned and knew instantly. "Yes..." she gasped.
"It is Dende's wish."

The wish Polunga, the Namekjin Dragon had given the young Namek for taking on the job of Earth's Kami. The third wish she, Zen'i and Bulma had not wanted to waste. He must have passed it on to Popo before he was killed! she thought. Now all we have to do is wish for the Batsu-jin to have never come here and..."
"I know what to wish for," Zen'i stated.
"Demo..." Koneko blinked.
"Bulma-san always said that if Son Goku had not died, my brother and I would never have done what we did; that he was strong enough to defeat any enemy." Zen'i bowed her head and looked at the marble. "I wish Son Goku had never died of a heart disease."
Koneko had a half a second to think about what that meant before she could react. "Zen'i, no!!"


She blinked and shivered. "That was weird," she said out loud, got a better grip on the large, metal container she was carrying and continued out the door. Someone ran past and bumped into her as she crossed the threshold.
"Hey! Watchit!" she growled.
"Sorry sis!" the young, aqua-haired boy chimed and ran out into the sunshine. The back yard was buzzing with party guests. Her mother was chatting with some friends. She smiled at her as she passed.
"Where do you want this?" she asked the man at the bar-b-que grill.
"Right next to the other one," Vegeta pointed with a spatula and glared at the aqua-haired boy as he tried to steal a hamburger. "Trunks, I will not tell you a second time. WAIT YOUR TURN!"
"Gomen, Tousan!"
She giggled and set the keg down next to the others.
"Bra-chan!" Bulma called her over. "Come here, someone wants to see you."
"Coming, Kaasan!" she waved and crossed the yard.
Gohan and Piccolo were chatting together on a blanket with Gohan's wife Videl and their young daughter Pan-chan. Gohan's father, Goku laughed heartily at something Mr. Satan said. Yamcha and his date unfurled a blanket and Kame Sen-nin, Oolong and Pu'ar joined them.
"Hey, Bra-chan!" a voice chimed from behind her. She rolled her eyes.
"Oh, hey Goten."
He grinned and put a hand behind his head. "I found us a blanket!"
"That's great," she yawned. "I have to say hi to someone. Hang on."
"Okies!" he chimed and watched her walk away.
'Sheesh! he is such a goof ball! I don't know if dating him was such a hot idea.'

On the other side of the lawn at the picnic tables full of food, Bulma was chatting with Krillin and Juuhatchigou.
"Oh, hey guys!" Bra smiled. "How ya been?"
"Pretty good," Krillin replied. "But someone here misses their baby sitter!"
She smiled. Marron was nearly 10 now. Hardly young enough to need a baby-sitter any more. The girl rolled her eyes. Bra laughed. "You're getting so big! I bet you could probably run the house by yourself by now, ne!"
"I sure can!" she smiled back.
"Oh, Bra-chan," Juuhatchigou commented smoothly. "Have you met my brother, Juunanagou?"
Bra turned her head to where Juuhatchigou was indicating and the party faded away. He was gorgeous. His black hair was so smooth and silky looking, his eyes so blue.
"Uh... no..." Bra took a step towards him and extended her hand. "I'm Bra Briefs."
"Nice to meet you."
They stood and stared at each other for a moment, hand in hand. Bra's heart pounded. 'This is it!' she thought wildly. 'This is love at first sight!'
Suddenly, her mother was next to her, tugging her sleeve. "Bra-chan. It's time to go."
"But..." she protested. Not taking her eyes off of Juunanagou. "Come on." She pulled at her arm. Bra reached out for Juunanagou.
Bulma grabbed her face and turned her head towards her. "Koneko-chan! Come on!"
"Neko.. I'm not a kitten, Kaasan." 'Juunanagou...' she thought.
"Koneko-chan! Wake up!"


Koneko gasped and blinked her eyes. Juunanagou was gone. She was on her back on the floor. Bulma looked down on her, smiling and exclaiming something about being relieved. A ceiling fan turned slowly overhead.
"But..." she clutched at reality, but it evaded her grasp. She turned her head to the side as her mother, who looked very young, turned her attention to someone to her right.

Gohan was lying on the floor as well. Bulma was... kissing him? He seemed very confused by this. Koneko shook her head and sat up.

She saw him instantly. "Juunanagou!" she shouted in alarm.
He furrowed his brows, but stared back. "But..." he stuttered. "Wasn't I just... outside?"
"Juunanagou," she repeated. His hair was shorter. "Wait." Koneko saw Juuhatchigou, and two people she didn't recognize at first. "Polian," she whispered. The information started to come back. "Tamashii..."
"Koneko," Tama whispered. "But..."

"Gohan!" Bulma cried. "What's wrong?"
"I was just... I was at a picnic."
Zen'i, Tama and Koneko turned to him and nodded.
"And there was..." Zen'i began to describe what she had seen, but held back. Gohan nodded.
Koneko's eyes started to tear. "But... are we awake now? Or was that real and THIS is the dream?"
No one answered her. Bulma shouted her answer. "Of COURSE this is real! This is where you belong! Those.. those THINGS put you to sleep and now you're awake!"
"But..." Koneko struggled. "Zen'i... wished... and then... Juunanagou..."
Bulma shook her head. "What are you talking about?!"
"It was Tama who made the wish," Gohan whispered.
Tama shook his head. "It was you."
"It was Koneko," Zen'i added.
"NO ONE MADE ANY WISHES!" Bulma screamed.
"It's obvious that they all had different dreams!" Polian shouted. "They must have been so vivid that now that they're awake, they don't know what's real."
Bulma sniffed. "But I TOLD them!"
"It's not that easy. Their minds have been warped by the experience." He held Zen'i close to him, she didn't resist, but she didn't embrace him either.
"Well, they'll get better... won't they?"
Polian bowed his head. "I don't know."
Bulma slumped her shoulders. "Oh no. Gohan. Koneko... Minna-san..."

Silence settled over the room. Bulma sobbed lightly and stared at the floor. Koneko stared at Tama who stared back. Gohan watched Bulma cry, but couldn't bring himself to reach out to her. Zen'i lay against Polian. It felt good, but she was unresponsive, reeling from what she had seen.

The eerie silence was shattered as what sounded like a stampeding herd of elephants charged into the room.
"Kaasan! Tousan!" the voices cried.
Everyone looked up as Trunks, Pan, Goten and Ema ran in. They tackled their parents and hugged them. Tama blinked as he saw Trunks collide with Koneko.
'Trunks,' he thought and smiled in wonder. 'That's my son. Trunks!'
Zen'i looked shocked as the teen squeezed her tightly.
"Kaasan, you're all right!"
"Ema... Ema-chan, you're alive!" she cried and embraced her.
"Kids!" Gohan laughed. "You're ok!"
"Of COURSE we are! We kicked that thing's butt, Tousan! You should have seen it!" Pan exclaimed.
"Yeah, and Pan-chan fused with us and we were Paotenks and we could hit him so hard it was like WHAM! BAM! DOOGE!" Goten rambled.
"Aiiii! Goten!!! Don't tell people I fused!" Pan shrieked.
Bulma just sat back and laughed and cried at the same time.
"Trunks-kun!" Koneko shouted. She kissed the top of his head and breathed in his scent. "My sweet boy, you're alive! You're all alive!" Koneko looked at each of the now very familiar faces. "This is real, Kaasan! I know it! THIS is real!"
"See, I TOLD you!!" Bulma laughed over Gohan's shoulder.

For three days, all ten of them stayed at Capsule, not wanting to be apart.

~ One month later ~

Ema brought a bunch of wildflowers inside and took the blue vase down from the top of the refrigerator. She filled it with water, cut the stems and placed the bouquet on the kitchen table.
She sighed and shifted the position of a piece of goldenrod. "Wow. It's nearly fall," she commented out loud. She turned to go find her mother when the doorbell rang.
"We have a doorbell?" she laughed. "Who could this be?" she asked and opened the door.
"Hi, is Chibi-chan at home?" The teenage boy at the door asked.
"Jeison!" she shouted in alarm.
"Uh..." he raised a brow. "Have we met?"
Emaraude blinked. "No! Uh no, but Chibi-chan told me she only had one friend."
"I guess that's me," he replied. "You look a lot like her, are you related?"
"I'm her cousin," she lied.
"Is she at home?"
"Well, no. Not really. I mean, she left."
"Already?" he asked, dejected. "She didn't even say good-bye."
"Well," Ema wrung her hands. "She wanted to. She just got really busy."
They stood there in the open doorway for a moment. He had a bouquet of roses in his hands.
"Are those for Chibi-chan?" she asked.
He nodded.
"Please, come in."
Ema added them to the vase and they sat at the table.
"Please," Jeison looked up. "Tell me the truth."
"What?" Ema asked, beginning to sweat.
"Is she sick? Is she dead?"
"No! no.. uh... not really. She's..." 'THINK!' "Up north."
"Will she be back?"
"I'm afraid not."
"Then she IS dying!" Jeison's brows came together. "Please, Ma'am. Tell me the truth!"
"Ma'am!" Ema shouted. "I'm only 16 for Pete's sake!"
"Oh! I'm sorry." He stood up. "I should go, I'm sorry to inconvenience you. Please tell her I said good-bye when you talk to her next."
"Jeison, wait..." 'Oh, just tell him! What's the worst that could happen?' she thought.
Zen'i walked into the room with an empty glass in her hand. "Chibi-chan, do we have any more iced tea or should I make some more. Oh. Hi there. I didn't know you had company, Sweet-heart."
"Kaasan...." she growled. "It's EMA-chan.. remember...?"
"Oh. Oops. Gomen ne..." she blushed and backed out of the room.
Jeison stared at Ema. "You're Chibi-chan...? But how?!"
"Jeison, I can explain," she raised her hands and stood up. Jeison backed away.
"Is this part of your disease? Is this why you have to leave?"
"No! I never had a disease, I'm..." 'Well, here goes nothing!' "I'm a Jinzoningen. My mother, who just blew my cover, is one of THEE Jinzoningen. My uncle's the other one. I was human and I was sick and she and my dad cared so much about me that they made me into Chibi-chan. This is just an upgrade. I'm still the same person."
Jeison's mouth hung open loosely.
"I'll understand if you call me a monster and walk away right now."
"No." He blinked and shook his head. "You asked me the other day why I treated you so nice. It's because, I sort of identify with you. I have a secret too that I can't tell the other kids cause they'd all fear or hate me."
Ema sat back down and bid him do the same. "Really?"
He nodded. "When I was 6 years old I was killed in an attack. Then a little under a year later, I came back from the dead. I'm one of the Resurrected."
"Oh...." Ema sighed. "Is THAT all!"
"You, you mean, you're ok with that? It's really freaky and weird to be resurrected!"
"Feh. No it's not! Most of my friends have all been!"
"Yeah! I can tell you all about it!"
"You can! I've always wondered why!"
Ema smiled. "I tell you what. I'll explain what happened to you, if you don't tell anybody my secret."
"Done," he blurted. "Will you come back to school this year?"
"I dunno yet."
"Aw, come on. You could be Ema-chan, Chibi-chan's cousin! Just think about all those stupid girls who used to call you names, they'll be lining up to be your friend!"
"Do you really think so?"
"Sure! You're gorgeous!"
Ema blushed beet-red. "You.. really think so?"
It was Jeison's turn to blush. "Yeah."
"You will!?"
She nodded.
"Great!" He stood back up. "Well, I gotta get going, but gimme a call. Maybe we can get together some time!"
She stood too, just an inch shorter than he was. They smiled awkwardly for a moment, then Ema hugged him.
"I didn't want to leave. Thanks so much!"
"Hey, no prob." Jeison hugged back. "See ya soon."
Ema nodded, walked him to the door and leaned up against it with her eyes closed when he was gone.
'Is it possible?' she asked herself. 'Can everything really work out this smoothly? Yes! It can! I'll go back to school as Emaraude, show up all those jerks who made fun of me, and still be around Jeison!'

"Jeison..." she sighed his name and pushed off the door, but stopped suddenly. Standing in a row on the other side of the room was everyone she knew. It was Wednesday: Card Night.
"Ooooh!" Trunks chimed. "Ema's got a boyfriend!"
"Trunks!" Bulma scolded.
"He's cute, Ema-chan!" Koneko grinned.
"Make sure he doesn't get fresh with ya!" Tama joked.
"I guess my goof with your name was pretty serendipitous, ne?" Her mother smiled.
"Just what is this young man to you?" Polian asked.
"It's called dating, Polian. It's what teens do!" Gohan informed him.
"It's only cause she's so hot now," Pan pouted.
"Ha ha, you're just jealous, Ne-chan!" Goten laughed.
"Kami-sama..." Ema sighed as they buzzed around her. "I hate Wednesdays."


This part took me from January 29th 2001 to October 2nd 2001 to write! I have been incredibly lazy, both cause this is the last of FNSTZ I will write and cause I'm working on 10 other things. Arigatou Gozaimashita Minna-san!