Like The Angel
By: Thought
Companion to 'Like The Goddess'
Summary: Ororo thinks about Jean during their first year at the school.

I am standing alone,
Surrounded by many,
I have no friends,
They all prefer your company.
Of course I have admirers,
Maybe an enemy or a hundred and two,
But when it comes to friends,
Everyone flocks to you.
I guess you are,
More real to them,
I'm just the 'Ice Queen,
I don't need anyone to say 'Je t'aime'.

You're so full of love,
You're more than I'll ever be worth,
You're just like an angel,
Sent from Heaven to Earth.
You give your emotions so freely,
Wearing your heart on your sleeve,
I can only stand and smile,
While you can cry, laugh or grieve.
And sometimes I don't think,
You know how lucky you are,
Because people will care about you,
Whether you be near or far.
I leave a lasting impression,
Not on mind but eyes,
If I were to let the walls down,
You'd be quite surprised.
You're the 'girl next door',
With soccer and apple pies,
And I bet people wouldn't fault you,
If you failed after twenty tries.
You live in a world,
Of butterflies and green grass,
While I live in a world,
Of icy hearts and broken glass.
Yet every broken fragment,
Sparkles with divine beauty,
But they're too sharp to touch,
They're only there to see.
What's it like in Heaven?
Is it perfect like they say?
Will I ever be welcome there?
For me, tonight, will you prey?
If I could have your life,
I'd be living a dream,
But we're all stuck with ourselves,
Or at least, that's how it seems.
But today I'm going to smile,
And I'll help a lost child find their way,
And I'll pretend that I am you,
If only for a day.
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its counterpart, and I would really like to know what you think!!