Like The Goddess
By: Thought
Companion to 'Like The Angel'
Summary: Jean thinks about Ororo during their first year at the school.
You always were the perfect one,
You could do no wrong,
And I stood in the shadows,
Was a bystander for way too long.
You hair so pure,
So soft and smooth like silk,
Your eyes are like the sky,
Your skin coffee with milk.
You can get out of bed,
And you look just fine,
We are offered water,
And somehow you get wine.
You're as close to a goddess,
As I'll ever know,
You're always so calm,
And it's not just for show.
I always wear makeup,
To hide my real face,
And yet you go without,
And are the picture of grace.
You're as cold as ice,
With a heart of gold,
You never follow rules,
And somehow do all that you're told.
They say the sky is the limit,
And for me that's surely true,
And at the same time I know,
There is no limit for you.
And life's so unfair,
Because I really do try,
Yet you've never been hurt, have you?
I've never seen you cry.

But I'm the one people like,
And I have many more friends,
You're stuck in your glass palace,
Solitude with no end.
You're exotic beauty,
A study in perfection,
And if we were at a crossroads,
We'd choose opposite directions.
And I watch the way you act,
The way you laugh and smile,
And I know I'd sell my soul,
To be you for a little while.

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