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Peeping Tom


Sierra Sitruc

Slytherin Heir. Future Dark Lord. Evil. Murderer. That's what most thought of Voldemort nowadays, but when he was but an ickle first-year...People thought very different things of him. Over fifty years ago, ask any student and they would say one thing about him: Pervert.

Yes, alas, the Great Dark Lord was once a pervert as all little boys are at some point. At eleven, he was the one you could find crouched in the corner of the girls' locker room...drooling. The one who used his invisibility cloak to look up the girls' skirts as they walked down the corridors.

Looking at him, you couldn't tell. He had polite looking features and a quiet attitude to other students, but after a few months of classes, the other first-years knew better.

"I was an immature child," Voldemort admits in his later years, "I had repressed energy to get out of my system and girls seemed the best bet. I made up for it as I grew, becoming a very serious student."

"He was disgusting...I was only a junior Professor at the time, meaning I dealt with all the little follies the students got into. I had him in detention once for pulling a Hufflepuff girl's skirt up, and he asked me why girls wore bras." said Professor of Transfiguration, Minerva McGonagall.

"Very curious Tom Riddle, had an almost too healthy dose of curiosity." Headmaster Albus Dumbledore told interviewers.

"I babysat him when he was still in primary school, he used to chase the little girls about and kiss them until they cried." Alice Morrison says thoughtfully, "I thought it was a faze."

"I went to school with him," says Oliver Hornby, "He was a sick, sick child. Very disturbed. I was a few years older than him, and I kicked his little arse right out of the bathroom once when I caught him hiding in a stall with a Wizard Camera."

"I found a whole stash of photos in his dorm of girls in their underwear--girls in our school. I confiscated them, I was prefect." Lucius Malfoy told us, a hint of red in his cheeks.

"Of course he did grow less perverted, as a fifth year he acted like a gentlemen--until of course you found yourself in a broom cupboard with him..." A woman admitted to us, she chose to remain anonymous to the Daily Prophet.

"He became what muggles now call 'a player'. Seducing the young ladies of the school left and right. A real horny little toad if you catch my meaning." Professor of Charms, Filius Flitwick said, winking.

"I could tell in his diary that he was somewhat of a perve," says Ginny Weasley, "It's kind of funny now that I think on it. He continually asked me about what I meant when I said I'd 'ridden my brother's broomstick'. I was only eleven, and he had to have been sixteen. I couldn't find the humor in it that he did."

Harry Potter also had things to say of Tom Riddle's Diary, "I was young, only twelve and hadn't been corrupted yet. When he asked me if I liked riding broomsticks _ ___ _______ ______ _________ _____!!" The Daily Prophet had to edit out a part of this quote, for it may not be appropriate for younger readers.

It's safe to say that, "Peeping Tom" was the poor boy's nickname through school, his attempt to get others to call him Voldemort only made him angry. "Anyone would go on a mad, killing rampage if they were called Peeping Tom, right?" Voldemort aka Tom Riddle said to us towards the end of the interview.

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