Sailor Moon: Legend of the Four Warriors

By Dragonfang33

Synapes: This little number came to me in a very vivid nightmare, basically Serena is possessed by a mysterious entity, and begins a quest for two things revenge and universal conquest, now all that stands between the Blue Princess and her vengence are the Four Warriors who defeated her. (takes place during the Doom Tree Saga)


Slain Warrior

Location: Outside Crossroads Junior High School

The storm raged on that night, as a lone figure tramped through the rain. He was a tall man, dressed in a black outfit, similar to the ones worn at the famous Shaolin Temple. But through that silk robe blood was ozing out of a series of sword cuts in his back, and on his stumich. Slowly he crawled toward the Junior High School, and slowly the storm began to clear up.

The girls were sitting under the tree, laughing at Serena's latest test mess up.

"A -10 on a 3 point quiz," Lita said, barely able to keep her laughter in check.

"Well it was hard," Serena replied, meekly

"Come on guys," Amy said, but she suddenly was cut off by the sight of a young man standing at the gate of the School, with his hands over his gut.

"He sure is cute," Serena said, with hearts in her eyes. Suddenly the man fell to the ground, and the girls quickly rushed over to him.

"Hay mister you alright," Lita said, shaking him, and suddenly jumping back, her hand was completly covered in blood.

"Uh," the man said, as Amy tried to quiet him, "U.S. Blue, China Red, Britian Green, Germany Black." and with that simple message the warrior died, leaving the three girls stunned about the message he had just delivered.

Well here's the first part of a new fanfic, Stay tuned for Chapter One, which I will post after I get one review.