Sailor Moon: Legend of the Four Warriors

BY Dragonfang33

Chapter Two

The Blue Princess

The girls stood over the body of the dead warrior, poundering the strange message he had given them.

"U.S. Blue, China Red, Britain Green, Germany Black" Lita asked, "What does that mean?"

"It could be a Negaverse code." Serena replied

"No," Amy added, "if he is from the Negaverse, then why would he give out a Negaverse code?"

"Maybe we should tell Luna about this," Lita replied

"Good Idea," Amy said, as she pulled her comunicater out of her bag.

As the three girls prepared to call Luna, they failed to notice the figure purched in the tree behind them. It was clearly Human, but when placed next to Serena you couldn't tell the difference, the being had the same body shape, and hair style as Serena, and in fact they're faces were almost identical, but the only major differences between the two girls was the fact that the figures hair was ice blue, as was the long flowing gown and cape she wore. This being was known in the legends of the Ancient ones as the Blue Princess, an evil vampire queen, who was said to have controled one of the largest, if not the most evil of all empires.

"And your sure he didn't say anything else," the black cat, Luna asked.

"We're sure Luna," Amy replied, "all he said was U.S. Blue, China Red, Britain Green, Germany Black."

As the conversation continued, the Blue Princess slowly lowered herself to the ground, and approached the three girls, who were so cought up with the conversation they were having with Luna, that they failed to notice as the Blue Princess entered Serena's body.

"Serena," Lita said, "are you all right." Serena didn't answer, she just stood there silent, and stone cold. But it wasn't long before she looked at her friend with a face Lita would never foget. Serena's eyes had changed from her normaly kind hearted blue to an almost deathy shade of blood red, and emerging from her top lip were two razor sharp fangs, and printed on her head was a complex insigna, a combination of a dragon, and a eagle.

"Serena," Lita asked, frozen with fear.

"Silence Mortal," the Blue Pricess replied.

"Who are you," Lita asked, clenching her fist around a green stick.

"I am the Queen of the Damned, Princess of Darkness, I am the Blue Princess." the creature replied.

Well here's chapter two, and if this seems complicated I apologize, I'll post chapter III as soon as I get a few more reviews