The Pureblood and his mudblood Pauper

By: Hellish

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot and a few minor characters. Harry Potter belongs to the self eminent J.K. Rowling. If she would auction it off (which she probably would never do) I'd be the first to bid. Anyway, here goes another story to fill up the array of days filled with boredom and too much free time…

Author's Notes: Alright! It's the first edit since I was thirteen, now I'm going to do a lot of alterations in the story but nevertheless, it won't affect the storyline. I did this mainly because I felt rather compelled to do so and it was mandatory as most of my first chapter reviewers were berating me for giving them an incompetent first chapter and when this happens, most of you readers wouldn't be proceeding on with the story, so as I have said before, it had to be done and mainly because, this fanfiction grew on me a lot, I mean even if the muse is gone I'm still going write this though it would be a lot harder, it's just that this story has the most reviews and of course, it brings back good memories and well…bad but the point is I will be editing the other chapters as well (if it is highly recommended) if Father Time grants me his blessing. Happy Holidays to you all and welcome to the first edition of my edited version of The Pureblood and his mudblood Pauper. Do review on your way out, it isn't easy to review my fourteen year old work you know, lol. Thanks all ;p

Summary: In the light of unlikely and twisted events, Hermione becomes the personal slave of Draco Malfoy with the looming fact that her fiancé would die in the clutches of the dark Lord if she fails to do Malfoy's petty and useless orders. As the days stretch by, the two discovered more about each other, Hermione found it rather impossible for Draco to understand how love works, while Draco himself found it increasingly surprising on why he was playing the willing participant in the so called art of understanding love, thought by no other than his mudblood. Hermione Granger. Would love perhaps blossom? Or will Hermione's staunch allegiance to her fiancé prove to be an impediment?

Chapter 1: The verdict of a monster

Hermione's POV

In the blind flash of a light, I woke up to find myself in the midst of darkness, something was looming over me yet I couldn't quite figure out what it was. I understood that I was kidnapped…


I couldn't answer that, my hands were tied behind me and I was sitting in a very uncomfortable chair, perhaps surrounded by my assailants.

Why had I been brought here?

Again I couldn't answer that, I wanted to scream but in my attempt, I inhaled the acrid scent of the cloth covering my mouth, it tasted old and musty.

I never knew that being kidnapped had to be like this, I thought you were given some sort of special treatment.

Panic and bile rose to my throat as I moved about, yet none of my endeavors seemed to be of any use.

I needed to get out of here and fast, I wriggled about in my seat, trying to somehow loosen the ropes on my wrist which felt sticky and warm and that suspiciously felt something like blood, my blood.

I shook the hideous thought of how callous my assailants were as to really cut my wrists. I wriggled more, but weirdly enough, it didn't loosen the rope, instead it tightened it.

Tightened so much that I felt fresh warm blood surge to my wrists dripping onto my fingers, I was horrified at the mere idea of losing more blood, yet the more I struggled the tighter the rope became.

What the?

It became so tight that I swore there was no more circulation there, I felt instantaneously weak from that struggle and perhaps because my hands felt so numb that I could barely feel my fingers likewise, move them.

I stopped my futile struggle and heaved a heavy sigh, I got one answer though. I was kidnapped by wizards for the ropes and cloths they tied on me was enchanted. I slung my head and breathed and out heavily, I tried to wriggle my fingers but I was only successful in making then twitch.

Where in blazes am I?

As I asked that question on my head, it was as if someone heard me for a person placed his hand my shoulder and tightened his or her hold there…

Seriously, were these people trying to squeeze me to death?

Suddenly a voice spoke, a low pitched male voice that shook the place as he boomed about…

"Tired, aren't we mudblood?"

I ignored him, I didn't want to play silly games, not when I'm the victim and most especially not when I'm the one being toyed around.

Besides with the heavy and dirty cloth on my mouth, who could utter even just a single word?

I felt his hand touch my cheek, tracing it with his long fingernails, I winced as I felt him abrade my flesh with scratches…

"Ah! Such a beauty you are, it's such a shame to have you die before us soon, maybe we could toy around with you, play with you, tumble you down and see what's behind those conservative skirts. Maybe we could do some experimental curses on you before we actually let the dark lord initiate your demise"

As he said the last word, I struggled more with my hands so that I could strangle him with my bare hands. But as I did, my already numb hands felt like as if they were about to be cut off and separated from my arm.

I heard evil cackles and laughter from the room and my chair shook with it.

I instantly stopped and panicked, shaking my hands feeling them still attached to my arms. When I felt them there, I sighed in relief but the agonizing pain didn't disappear.

Damn these bastards to hell! Soon enough I'll deal with them, as soon as I work out these ropes.

"Silly girl!" the man hissed "You don't want your hands cut off do you? How can a girl like you forget a simple charm? As what I have heard, no one compares to your marvelous wisdom regarding magic, but I can prove them wrong seeing how you foolishly tried to free yourself, and here I thought you were the know-it-all who used to beat Lucius's son in every class"

More laughter

I ignored them

The nerve of him, he even had the guts to utter Draco Malfoy in front of me. Thinking about that albino brought back bad memories.

I must be kidnapped by deatheaters and for what reason? I couldn't really tell, maybe it had do with the fact that I was a mudblood or maybe it had to do something with Harry


Wait! Where is he? Isn't he supposed to be here? Maybe he's in exactly the same room as I am, maybe he got caught too or maybe he was on his way here, on his way to save me!

A glimmer of hope sprung on my head as I thought about that, I inwardly smiled if Harry was coming, nothing could go wrong.

That is if he was coming

I thought hard about it, I had to find out for myself, I needed to see if Harry was indeed there in the room with me. At least the idea would comfort me, and at least I'd feel safe if he wasn't there for I am a hundred percent sure he was on his way

But there was a problem, I couldn't see anything, so I had to wriggle my way out of my blindness again.

I turned my head to the left and then to the right, trying to loosen the cloth on my head and again, the feeling seems so familiar, the cloth began to tighten with every struggle I made with it.

And again, more gleeful laughter

Holy hell! They weren't doing this again!

But I knew they were, I felt it tighten with every struggle I make that my eyes seemed pushed way extremely to its sockets, if I keep this up, black will be the only color I'll be seeing and of course, I'll die before the so called dark lord could initiate my so called demise.

I gave that thought a scoff, I don't know why but I wasn't afraid, I didn't fear Voldemort one bit. If Harry was on his way, nothing could go wrong

But then again, there goes the word if…

I shook my head as I thought about it and felt the cloth on my head tighten more.

"Dammit!" I cursed, it sounded muffled through the acrid cloth

I doubt whether they heard me curse or not but I was too dizzy to even think about that as I felt my head whirr about.

Damn! Was this their idea of a torture?

What happened to the Unforgivable curses, anyway? They are probably too stupid to think about that and decided this little experiment.

If I could just free myself from this chair, I'd get my hands on you! I thought angrily

I realized that they were still laughing which left me a lot of time to think about what to do

"Hah! This is much better than the old days, we don't need to use wands anymore and it's twice more the fun to watch, the cruciatus curse didn't do this much damage, although you're victim may writhe in pain, this torment gives them the looming threat of having the parts covered to be permanently cut off" A high pitched female deatheater said

"Too true! Those curses were getting old and boring anyway, it's rather interesting to watch something new and purely experimental"

Those last words sent shivers down on my spine, if this was purely experimental…then, anything can happen!

"Voltaire, how about giving her a poke and make her move and see what her reaction is!"

These idiots seriously needed some entertainment!

This was the lowest kind of torture they could ever think of, but they were probably used to it.

Imagine me, Hermione Jane Granger, smart witch graduate of Hogwarts powerless over a group of idiots trying to torture and make fun of me.

The thought alone disturbed me.

They were whispering in hushed voices, probably conspiring on what to curse me with again next or probably make me do some weird movements and see if the cloth and ropes will decapitate my head, cut off my hands and slice my mouth. I didn't really care, I didn't want to hear them conspire of diabolical things regarding what to do with me and how to torture me.

Honestly, if I stay long enough I could write a book regarding torture and I'd entitled it

"1000 and 1 ways to stupidly torment and torture your victims, WATCH THEM WRITHE IN PAIN OR LAUGH ENDLESSLY UNTIL THEIR BREATH HAS LEFT THEM (personally thought by undergraduate deatheaters)"

Well, the undergraduate part was just an overstatement or rather an understatement, but I didn't care, I was frustrated at them, at myself and at Harry!

What the hell is taking him so damn long?

Maybe he encountered a carriage traffic, I suggested lamely just for the mere thought of it

I slung my head back as I realized that Harry wouldn't have to take this long, he is captured along with me, probably in the same room. I could never tell.

It's all going to end then, well at least we would die together


So I just slung my head down, careful not to make too much movement as to increase the tightness of the cloth and thought that all hope was gone. There was a buzz in the room which probably meant that another member arrived, I ignored them.

I closed my eyes, hoping that the dirty cloth covering my eyes wouldn't infect my eyes

It could have been seconds, or probably minutes before a cold voice commanded, " Release the cloth on here eyes, NOW!"

The voice was too familiar not to pick out, it's aristocratic way of commanding and the way his words dripped with demand and coldness, it could be no other than Lucius Malfoy.

I felt a hand on the cloth on my eyes and suddenly, the cloth was harshly pulled away and I was left with the dizzying effect of its momentary loss and the uneasy feeling of having my head right again. The white glare of the torches surrounding us blinded me that I immediately closed my eyes, they laughed again.

Hahaha! It's not really that funny you know

You'll have your days too, you idiots! You just watch, damn you all!

I kept my eyes shut long enough to make it adjust to the blinding light of the room. I clearly heard their voices as the cloth was removed, I heard them whispering and muttering about and I noticed the smell, for the first time, it only occurred to me just now that the place actually smelled dirty. Or maybe it was the dirty cloth they used on me.

I couldn't really care less about the putrid smell of this brightly lit room. No, I wasn't worried about that, I didn't care if I was dirty and gagged, I didn't care about the metallic taste that was starting to creep in my mouth.

Blood on my lips, bruised and num hands, temporarily blinded, I only worried about Harry.

Was he facing the same predicament as I was?

Moreover, was he still alive? I wonder if he was, anything can happen with these merciless gits around.

I don't even want to think the torture he is facing right now

Was he tortured as badly as these deatheaters were torturing me?

I sighed


So many damned questions…

And ironically, I, the smart Hermione Granger couldn't even answer one…

The only thing I could do at the moment was to hope, and hope real hard that somehow someway, he was still alive

Besides, it might be weird but I felt something that was connecting me to him, I felt him alive and breathing…

I don't know what made me think that way but that was a better alternative than the one him being dead.

Still feelings aren't that accurate.

Stay alive Harry, for the both of us, please be alive…

Bring me out of this nightmare

I heard disgruntled voices and muffled whispers, I wish they placed that smelly cloth on my eyes again then I wouldn't have to endure their noises, they're disturbing my serious contemplations and my minutes of reminiscing. Honestly, the worst things a deatheater could do to you are the ones that don't really matter.

At least in my own perspective

Suddenly a whiny and squeaky voice interrupted the deatheaters

"The dark lord is late..."

A very familiar voice, so familiar…

I slowly opened my eyes, adjusting them as I made them look into the bright lights of the room. It was a very blurry sight at first and I couldn't make out the images of the persons talking but then all was okay in a matter of minutes.

Wormtail was talking with an agitated look on his face, it was as if he was uncomfortable

"He is not late, Wormtail. He never is, there is no time when it is the dark lord, he comes on the time he desires and as he wills it too, don't make unnecessary accuses, Wormtail or you might find yourself in worse circumstances that this one"

That was clearly Lucius...

"But I think—"

"No buts!" Lucius snapped "And you don't think!"

The deatheaters laughed, each their masked faces probably contorted in laughter.

Wormtail faltered a bit, and I noticed that he was being extremely cautions and very afraid of what Lucius had.

"o-okay..." he stammered

Lucius paced in front of him and I saw what scared Wormtail so much, it was his wand pointed directly at his belly, and if Lucius intended to do what he wanted to do, well…it would be a disaster.

We would probably see what Wormtail had for breakfast

Cheese perhaps?

I wonder what made him so afraid of the wand when I know for a fact that he has his own wand, or maybe the manic gleam on Lucius silvery eyes made him warier of what Lucius might do besides, that look alone could penetrate and kill.

I was even scared myself.

Cold and domineering, that was Lucius stance with a glare that could kill a rat, which happens to be Wormtail.

He was very much like his son, his aristocratic features and dominating stance made him so, but there was the immense exception of Draco Malfoy's tendency to be infuriatingly immature.

"You've done more than enough mayhem tonight, Wormtail and if it weren't for Bellatrix's quick thinking, we would have probably failed. Now, if you want this little thing back then, sit back, stay put and be a good mouse!"

"I'm not a mouse, I'm a rat for your information!"

"Then rat it is..."Lucius said broadening his smirk with a look of malice in his eyes.

Wormtail noticed it then said in complete panic...

"Lucius...wait you're not going---"

In the blinding flash of red light, he was transfigured into a rat, I winced as I noticed the rat's screaming

Lucius chortled, "Ah, struck by his own wand"

As he dropped the newly transfigured Wormtail to the ground, I heard splashes


Where the hell am I anyway? Surely I can't be anywhere near on the seaside, can't I?

Then I noticed the ground moving, moving?

That couldn't happen unless of course that smelly cloth did more damage to my eye sight than I thought!

Lucius curled his lips as he picked Wormtail up from the ground and the I figured it out, the smell, the dirty cloth, the moving floor.

I was in a sewer, no wonder! And I thought Lucius hated this kind of places.

I looked down, yes I was in a sewer, only I hadn't felt it sooner because I was in a sort of pedestal that the water couldn't reach. I looked around and noticed that I was in a circular room with a lot of torches.

I watched Lucius tightly grasp Wormtail between his hand, Wormtail gave a little squeak of protest as Lucius tightened his grasp.

"You better behave yourself, Wormtail. You did enough damage already, besides, we the deatheaters believe it is very entertaining to watch you write in pain and squeak in agony before us, you fat little mouse! "

I felt kind of sorry for the poor little Wormtail, even he doesn't deserve this for whatever he did

"We'll return this back to you once you've learned to behave yourself..." Lucius said waving what looked like Wormtail's wand on the rats face..

"So be a good mouse..."

Again laughter, they were making Wormtail the laughing stock of the room like what they were doing to me the previous hour

"The mudblood is awake, Lucius" a woman hissed

Awake? I scoffed

I wasn't asleep to begin with!

"Ah! Of course"

Lucius turned to look at me and he smirked, the very same smirk that his son used to plaster on his face every morning. One day, I'll show them, I'll wipe that smirk away from their faces

One day, I swear I will

"I see that you're quite entertained by our show, Mudblood"

As if! They had nothing better to watch, it was practically the only thing I could set my eyes on. What did they think of me anyway? Some barbaric idiot like them? Hell no!

I gave him a meaningful glare that obviously said I wasn't entertained by his so called torture show, he again smirked complacently taking in the depth of my glare, challenging me to glare as hard and cold as I could.

His eyes were stony and unfeeling, they didn't hold any watery substance or any glimmer at all

It was as if he was jaded, just like his bastard of a son

I looked away and stared down, I didn't want to be challenged by eyes who didn't have a hint of emotion in them. I already felt cold as it is but as I stared down, I noticed what I didn't notice before, my feet were absolutely free, they were left untied as the rest of my body was.

Now it was my turn to smirk, I didn't even like the feeling but I felt a slight twinge of hope as I saw both of my legs free.

It's payback time!

I looked away or else they might notice me staring at my feet and tie them and I couldn't use my planned revenge on them.

I had a special plan intended for my legs, but it is way too risky to use them now, I'll strike when the timing is seemingly perfect. It's such a waste to use them anyway.

Lucius broke the trail of my thoughts by disrupting the silence again and he heard me groan because of it

"Do pardon our lack of taste for the venue, mudblood. Frankly, I don't like it much myself but as for the likes of you, with no better regards, you, like the rest of the muggleborns and squibs deserve no better venue than this, so mudblood be thankful it's this instead. Cheap magic citizens deserve only the cheapest of venues, do they not? "he said insolently

I stared at him, was this guy for real? I couldn't believe there are such persons who would hate muggleborns so much! I mean, he set me up on a cheap place, he gave me a cheap show of torture and now he's telling me that I'm cheap?

I inwardly scoffed

I looked away as my thoughts drifted back to my still free legs, I couldn't wait to use them on those bastards but as I took a glance at them I noticed a darned collar on my pink blouse, it was torn all the way to the second button and it revealed the line that separates my two breasts.


Did they abuse and rape me before bringing me in this damned place!


Mudblood or not, I should not be treated this way! Besides, I thought that the insolent and sadistic unfeeling bastard Lucius wanted no contamination from what he termed as the likes of me?

I just couldn't picture out just even one of them abusing me, maligning every but of my body and sexuality.

I couldn't picture out a deatheater's hand raking my hair and running over my befouled flesh

I felt so dirty I wanted to throw up right there and then!

I glared at Lucius, harder this time and I made sure he got my point!

He looked at me and evilly smiled, "What's wrong now, mudblood?"

What's wrong? You're asking me what's wrong everything is!

I stared at my collar and looked from it to Lucius indignantly. This gesture made him and the rest of the deatheaters guffaw in delight, "Oh, so the little bitch thought we touched her! Ha! Don't flatter yourself, Granger. No one in this room in their right mind would touch your body alive or not, it's not just right for us purebloods to be…ah! Affected by your touch, we don't want ourselves befouled by your unworthy flesh but Blaise has his own ethics, now if you might redirect that glare of yours to the person you should be rightfully accusing"

He gave Blaise a slight look of disgust and turned away from me.

I looked at Blaise and I swore I was mentally ripping out his hair and his skin with my bare hands. I wanted to lunge at him and kill him with anything I could possibly lay my hands on, I seethed, of course…

Blaise was as much of a man whore as Malfoy was, the problem is Malfoy has taste, he has none and that makes a difference because Malfoy can bed anyone while Blaise has to stele for Malfoy's so called rejects and leftovers.

I swear I'll kill you, Blaise and with that I showed him every fury in my eyes

"But of course mudblood, Blaise isn't foolish enough to even do that"

I looked at Lucius again, he made no sense at all

Then he spoke "You did it to yourself, Granger. You were a pathetic idiot to have done it to yourself"

What in blazes was Lucius talking about! Why would I want this favorite pink blouse of mine ruined? But in the first place, I only wear this for special occasions. Now that I've thought of it, I couldn't remember anything at all, what happened before I landed in this smelly place?

Where was I? And how did I land in this sewer in the first place?

"Ahh, you couldn't remember anything possibly, can you not?" he asked coldly

I shook my head no then he ordered "Zabbini take off that cloth on her mouth—"

Yes! I'm going to curse them after all!

"And put this charmed rope around her legs afterwards, so mudblood if you can recall, one wrong move and this rope will tighten and possibly amputate your legs"

Damn! He noticed, now I can't make my great escape like Drew Barrymore did in her movie the first Charlie's Angels, I longed to do that move and Lucius ruined it! Maybe it's because he noticed that this was the third time I glanced at my feet?

I had to hand it to him, he definitely noticed me eyeing my feet every now and then. I guess I was very obvious then

As I noticed Blaise edging toward me, an idea sparked on my head after all, I could still use my legs while they're still free, right?

Then to hell with you Blaise, I'll be giving you a piece of my mind

He walked toward me and touched my cheek with a rather rough hand, I glared at him and he gave my cheek a hard pinch saying "You know, mudbloods were never a part of my taste as mudbloods and muggleborns weren't a part of Malfoy's nightly doing activities but then, maybe I'll make my first exception on you. As I said before, it'll be a waste to see such beauty wasted, so I'll take my time with you while you're still alive"

My eyes flashed in alarm

What the hell was he doing? And what was he talking about! I glanced at Lucius and the others but they didn't mind and they were busy whispering about something

My heartbeat grew faster, "Stop it!" I said

He heard it, even though my mouth was still gagged with the cloth" Stop what? I haven't started anything yet" he whispered on my ear

He was making me so anxious that I no longer remembered what I was planning to do with my legs, I glanced at the deatheaters hoping they would glance at me back. I swear Blaise would never get away with it if they saw it, I mean Lucius said it himself, it was like befouling their flesh if they touch a mudblood like me.

But Blaise is a different story as he is a PERVERT!

"I decided to toy around with you while I can, I mean when they are not watching. You know, you've caught my eye when we were still in school when you turned rather mature" He whispered leaning toward me

Blaise's blue green eyes filled with malice as he traced his hand on my cheek

Help me! Harry where are you? Get this pervert away from me!

"Don't make so much noise, okay?" he said "I know you'll love it like I do, a woman can never resist my touches you know, and you don't count as an exception"

He looked at me lewdly setting his fingers on my forehead and making it trail to my nose, down to my cheeks, to my neck and then to my exposed cleavage, he was stroking the line and I moved about in protest.

He flicked his tongue at me, I glared at him and moved harder

"Shhh and stop moving, don't be such a virginal prude, Granger"

He was about to part the blouse, when…

"Blaise, Stop that!" A voice said

I turned around and saw Lucius wearing a scowl and telling Blaise off, I picked up things such as "Keep your hands to yourself, you horndog" That came from Bellatrix and things such as "The dark Lord won't be pleased"

I breathed a sigh of relief, I felt rather thankful to Lucius, that was really close. I really don't like a pervert's hand on my breasts, most especially Blaise's

When Blaise got back he gave me a wink, I rolled my eyes in disgust and finally when he untied the cloth on my hand…

"What the hell are you trying to do! God! Zabbini, no wonder you were left with rejects all the time it's because you don't know how to handle women!"

He just smirked in reply, he didn't even take it in that I gave him a rather harsh insult regarding his masculinity. Just like Malfoy no straight and serious answers, just smirks.

What's with smirking anyway? What's weirder is that most girls find Malfoy's smirk extremely attractive and heart stopping whilst I find it utterly annoying and a shameless way of answering a question you know you couldn't.

Which means, Malfoy was stupid and so was Blaise, they should both get hitched.

Then after a while I found myself smirking too, I finally had an idea to do with my legs.

"You'll pay for what you did, Blaise! I swear to God you will!"

He said nothing then got the rope and proceeded with his job, I kept smirking trying to distract him and it did...

"What are you so happy about, Mudblood?"

"Why should you care? But anyway if it concerns you that much I am going to be out of here soon and you shall be sorry for what you did with kneeling knees..."

He raised an eyebrow and said "What an audacious thought but we shall see soon. Don't get your hopes up too high Granger or you might end up just like them..."

He pointed on a near corner, I followed his finger and saw a pile of...skulls

I gave a hollow and very audible gasp, "You monsters!" I whispered horrorstruck

He smirked in reply, "Like our new decorations mudblood? They've been brought up most especially for you"

I gulped, my breath seems to have left me, such barbaric persons they were!

Am I going to be left like that too? Just another set of bones for the collection of skulls and bones in this room?

Another foul putrid smell to hover on this room?

Another rotting flesh in place of their so called victory?

Another nameless grave left in the sewers soon to be forgotten?

I shuddered at the thought, my eyes drifted to the pile again

My eyes rounded then I stared at him, I didn't notice that pile before,

Maybe that's the real reason why the place smelled so bad, maybe that's why the water was so murky and dark. I stared at the pile and noticed some still had some flesh on them. I winced as I watched it and I looked away.

The place smelled so damn bad because those things were left to rot in here with no proper graves, with no family to visit them each year.

It's too disturbing

How could this people be so ultimately barbaric?

"You don't want to end up like them, do you?" he asked with grimace

I stared at him and ignored his question

"Did you do those things to them?"

"Oh yes we did, and maybe it will happen to you if you won't behave yourself, the you can add to the awful smell of this room and your clothes will do well for the gags we use on our prisoners. Notice the cloth you had on your eyes and mouth a while ago? They came from that old chap there" he added mockingly as he pointed on a old skull with decaying flesh and worms sticking out of its eye sockets.

I felt like puking at the moment but I was too angry to think about the cloth that was used on me.

I was so angry at him that I made a move to reach him but I couldn't, He smirked then approached closer the said "Be careful, Mudblood---"

He was busy talking, and I noticed his legs slightly parted, this was my perfect chance to use my legs. It might not exactly be Charlie's Angles or that sort but it'll do for me! I distracted Blaise by talking to him animatedly, as if I was interested in the boring things that is going to happen while the dark Lord arrives…blah…blah…blah

I didn't really care! All I cared about was giving him what he really deserved

Yes! It's payback time at last!

I kept talking to him and as I did, I raised one of my legs slowly; he didn't notice it…

This was so easy! Really, I didn't even need to work hard on it!

"So, when the dark lord arrives you shall know your fate---Ooof!"

I did it I kicked him straight on my target... his balls, his eyes and his mouth were formed like O's as he clutched his manhood, I laughed at him scornfully that he reddened and jumped in agony...

This caught the deatheaters' attention

"Blaise, stop this foolishness this instant or you'll be gladly paying for it...!" Lucius said "And tie the Mudblood up, now!"

I laughed at him, he was practically as red as a tomato, I must have hit him that hard that he kept clutching it as he approached me, he raised his right hand and attempted to slap me, but I said "Try that again and I thing you'll get more than a lecture this time!"

He looked at Lucius and placed down his arm then said "You think you're so smart but you wouldn't be when the Dark Lord arrives, you best be afraid mudblood, as what they have always said, his verdict is one that doesn't favor the likes of mudbloods and squibs…similarly someone like you!"

He spat more curses and more insults at me, he was practically so angry when I threw him that blow, I just smiled. NO matter what may happen, victory seems like on my side.

He glared at me and levitated the ropes toward him, he positioned himself in front of me and then he stopped. He grinned and placed the enchanted ropes around my legs making them tighter than the usual tight.

He gave a roguish wink and went to the other huddled deatheaters

It didn't matter if I had super tight ropes on my legs, I kicked Blaise's balls

It was more than anything I could have asked for, it was sweeter than the sweetest revenge

Okay, maybe that was a bit too much but it was definitely worth it!

I wish I could see him clutching his balls again, it was a picture perfect moment. It was too damn good to forget and I could still replay it on and on in my head, I silently laughed

Blaise the amazing balls clutching clown, kick him hard and see him spring around the room in a skin as red as a tomato's

I chortled when Lucius's voice again caused the disturbance of my silent entertainment

"Remember anything, mudblood?"

I looked at him then shook my head no

"It might take a few more minutes, you'll soon recall what the earlier events were as soon as the charm wears off"

So they used a charm on me, they messed with my head

Maybe that was why it hurt so much

"Then that's why my head is hurting" I muttered

Lucius heard it

"A simple temporal memory charm won't addle your brains too much mudblood as to cause momentary dizziness, I thought you knew this yourself" he added with the sneer "It was this stupid bloated rat's fault, he panicked when we were about to make our capture and had hit your head with a vase leaving you with a mark on your forehead. But seeing as it is, it won't matter much wouldn't it? I mean you could even consider it as a gift knowing that your boyfriend also has one"

I ignored the slight insult and asked "But why did you use a memory charm on me?"

"It was too risky to have you remember anything before the Dark Lord arrives"

I nodded that one off, it was pretty obvious they were probably afraid of me or whatever.

But then one question remained unanswered

I looked at him straight in the eye and asked, "Where is Harry?"

For a moment I thought he would acquiesce to my query but instead he said, "That would be enough, no more silly questions till the dark lord arrives"

I slung my head back down when there was a cloud of black smoke encircling the place, the deatheaters noticed it too but they did nothing except that most of them were fumbling about and then I heard a cold voice, a cold whispering voice

The coldest voice I have ever heard in my entire life

A voice so deathly it made all my neck hairs stand on it's end

So raspy and so old, yet so full of command

It didn't sound anything near weak alone

It made one thing clear

Lord Voldemort was gracing my presence

"Good evening, my lord..."

"Why have you awaken me from my sleep?" he said

"Because we achieved our plan, we have captured Potter and his precious girlfriend"

"Have you? Then why invite me to such awful place?"

"We are very sorry for the venue, my lord, but there is no safer place than this sewer, we are afraid that the Ministry might be apprised of what we just did, so we chose this place instead but you can be rest assured that they know nothing of this yet..."

There was a meaningful pause at the word yet, but I am sure none of them noticed it. It was probably only me…

Voldemort's back was facing me so I could see nothing except the darned black robes he was wearing

"Very well, who captured Potter and our guest?"

"It was I, Lucius Malfoy"

"Very well, Lucius, you shall be rewarded"

Lucius bowed down low to his master then went to the queue of deatheaters.

"Now, I shall entertain our valued guest"

A few snickers followed soon after that

He approached me, his face hidden beneath the cloak, the only thing I saw inside it was the fierce red eyes staring back at me, seducing me to my death, I shivered, there was a faint call of my name. I wont allow myself to be lured at it!


Stop! I urged myself, I tried to pull away from his deathly gaze but I was lulled into dizziness, this was how death felt

It didn't feel all that bad

Yes, in fact it was as if I was just tired


It was death to me

But then, it wasn't

Flashback (Hermione's POV)

"Oh no! How could I run in late! Harry is already waiting for me! I have to hurry up!" I shrieked as I pulled boxes, quills and books from my drawer looking for my cologne

Seriously, where is it when I needed it?

"Hermione!" Mom called "Harry called, he said he's leaving to meet you at the place already"

My eyes bobbed, "WHAT!"

"Yes, he called about ten minutes ago!"

"I'm running really late! Harry's arriving soon! Where is that damn cologne, OW dammit!" I left my thumb on the drawer when I closed it, I pulled it and it was now throbbing mad

Forget that damned cologne I am leaving!

"Mum! Kindly sift through my drawers if you could find that cologne, Ron gave that to me as a Christmas present"

I said as I stormed out of my room and went down, my mum was down there sipping coffee and I noticed that dad didn't arrive yet.

"Mum, I'm going, I think I'll be home late so don't wait for me, Okay?"

"Fine dear, got everything ready?" She asked looking at me

She was usually right, I left important things at home most of the time.

"Car keys? Check, Purse? Check!...I have everything ready, mum!" I said brightly making my way to the door.

"How about your wand, dear?" she asked

I looked at her and checked my pocket again...shoot!

I made a mad dash for the stairs and sifted through my drawers, my end table and finally my dresser.

No such luck!

Dammit! I'm really going to be late for Harry

Ever since Harry proclaimed his love for me written on the sky, we started dating and we hung out with each other a lot. I thought it wouldn't last long at first, I thought I was another passé but I was rather wrong, very wrong in fact for Harry loved me all the same but he didn't seem to fill in that empty spot in my life yet, but he will be…sooner perhaps.

It's been two years since we started dating, it all started when I was in seventh year. I hadn't seen Harry for actually two years now and now I'm going to be really late.

"Mom!" I shouted "I can't find it, anywhere..."

I made my way down the stairs and she was there holding it with her in front of her face.

I stared at her then I said angrily "So you had it all this time! Why didn't you just give it to me?"

"Because you misplace your things much too often and I decided to give you a lesson"

A lesson?


I grabbed my wand from her hand, then went

"Don't forget to clean up your room and sort out your drawers when you arrive"

I quickly replied "Mum, I'm 19"

"That's my point dear, now go don't keep your date waiting"

I went past her and made my way to the car they handed me down as a graduation gift. It was their old car, but I couldn't care less as long as it works it's fine with me. Besides it's not that old and shabby either, I learned to loved it all the same.

I drove for about half an hour before I finally reached the place, glancing at the map that came along with the invitation, I double checked in case I was wrong as the place was so complicated to work out.

I stared out and realized I had found the right place. It was a dimly lit restaurant amidst a garden of flowers and trees with a single pathway to it's entrance.

It had a carved writing on it's front door, I noticed and it clearly spelled out, "Chef's Heaven'"

I haven't heard of it before but this was the place Harry told me about in the invitation, it was a newly opened restaurant and much to my surprise, it wasn't a real success as it didn't have too much customers as what I have noticed in the lot surrounding the restaurant.

My thoughts were exactly right, when I entered the restaurant it was deserted except for a single person whose back was facing me, Harry.

I longed to see him that night and I knew he felt the same way too.

I approached the table that was set up for two, he smiled warm and nodded toward the seat that was beside me.

I sighed in relief, at least he wasn't angry for my tardiness

"Hi Harry, I'm so sorry I'm late"

"Doesn't matter much, Hermione, I was almost late too. Dudley took off with my car, it took me at least half an hour to locate him, Uncle Vernon had a fit thinking the car was enchanted and all that stuff but it turns out Dudley busted the car himself so I had to take a cab"

I laughed, Harry had his car totaled by his brute of a cousin but he acted as if he didn't care.

That's one of the things I loved about him, it seems like he doesn't care about anything just as long as I'm in his presence.

Harry lived with his Aunt and Uncle up to now as he didn't find any work at all yet. He wagered that if he found someone to marry he'd relocate he also threatened to turn them into fruit bats if they didn't allow him to.

Of course this was highly illegal, but that part they didn't know as Harry is already a graduate of Hogwarts now.

"It took me a great deal of time before I arrived here, this place has a lot of twists and turns, the cab driver got us lost twice, but anyway thanks for inviting me over "

I stared at him, I had not invited him, he invited me.

"Is anything wrong?" he asked

"Harry, are you completely sure I invited you to this place?" I asked

"Yes, you sent me a letter along with the map of its place yesterday, why are you asking?"

"But I received the same letter from you yesterday"

Something was very fish here

He stared at me then said "I don't know Hermione, somebody probably decided to give us a treat, you know? And made it sound as if we invited each other. Don't worry about it, I'm sure it's nothing"

I didn't seem so assured by that

"But Harry isn't it weird that were the only once here?"

"Well, it's a newly opened restaurant, isn't it? People have not discovered it yet but besides it's an opportunity for us to be alone without anyone to bother us right?" he said taking my hand that was resting on the table and slightly rubbing it with his fingers

I smiled at him and forgot about the mysterious letter and the mysterious restaurant, I didn't care anymore

He was here and that's all that matters

"So shall we order?" he asked


Harry called the waiter and the waiter took our orders, but as the waiter took off, I noticed a very familiar glint in his eyes, but I ignored it I was probably just imagining things.

"Hermione, How have you been lately?"

"I'm okay, how about you?"

"Just as fine as you"

I smiled at him, I really loved Harry he has this way of making you feel important and really loved and I didn't want to lose him ever.

I noticed him fidgeting, as if there was something he wanted to say but he couldn't


He smiled and without preamble he said

"You know Hermione, I have been thinking when the right moment is to give you this and now that we are all alone in this restaurant, I decided to give this to you"

And he handed me what looked like a black velvet box

My breath caught on my throat

It was happening

I have been hoping for it

But I wasn't expecting it to happen today

I looked at him expectantly and he urged me on

I breathed in and prepared for my surprise

I opened it and gasped, there it was sitting on it's black velvet tiny pillow like a throne

A golden ring with a flat diamond ring sitting atop it

"Harry, it's beautiful, thank you" I said sounding breathless



"Try rubbing it" he suggested

I did as he said and I gasped in surprise as the diamond sort of projected Harry's face into the thin air and it said clearly, "I'll always love you, Hermione always and forever, without your love I'll die"

It was an enchanted ring

"Where did you learn all this?" I asked amazed by Harry's talent in charming things

He gave a laugh, "You never changed, Hermione you always love to learn"

I smiled in spite of myself

"Thank you, Harry. It's really beautiful I love it and you know I'll always love you too and I'd die without your love"

He grinned

"I charmed it myself, it's for you cause that was how it was made and what I'm really trying to say is now that I've gathered my courage I'm going to ask you this…"


I looked at him intently waiting for him to speak

He took the ring from my hand and placed it on my index finger and kissed my fingers lightly and lovingly, I just looked at him, waiting for him to say it.

"What I'm trying to say is...Will you marry me?"

He finally asked! But now that he did, I was already doubting it, I mean…I'm only 19

I looked at him, his green eyes were expecting and answer, that's what I like about him best, that's an asset I find most intoxicating about him, and I was really enthralled by it.

I don't care if I'm too young, it was Harry I can't refuse him, I really loved him as if my life depended on loving him so I said with a smile "Harry you know I love you, and I will marry you"

His eyes lit up, I made him happy and I was happy in return. He touched my cheek and I touched his cheek too, he leaned in for a kiss but as his face neared mine, the lights went out, even the ones outside.

"Must be some blackout" Harry muttered

Yes, and what a timing it is!

I felt a slight whirr of the wind and suddenly all lights were back on again but we were no longer in the restaurant we were in some place where only sand existed, no plants, not vegetation, no anything…just plain yellow sand.

"Harry where are we?" I asked in a voice of panic

He stood up and motioned me to come near him, I did and he hugged me so close trying to seep in some gestures of comfort and safety into my trembling body.

I was really scared

"Get Potter!" a harsh voice commanded

Suddenly someone pulled me apart from Harry and I saw hooded figures pouring in out of nowhere.



I went after him but the hooded figures were too fast, I pulled my wand from my pocket then started to say a curse but a thing was knocked against my face.

It wasn't enough to knock me unconscious and I saw Wormtail, he was holding a half broken flower vase, so that's what knocked against my face. Where did that vase come from! But I didn't want to find out ,they already stunned Harry.

I made a quick dash for Harry and got pulled by someone by the collar, it opened several buttons and tore my collar and then I was hit by a charm that knocked me unconscious.

I woke up from that flashback and the dark lord was facing me, eyes ruby red and with slits as nose.

"Where is Harry!" That was the first query that came into my mind

"So you want to see, Potter. Very well you can bid him farewell, Lucius bring her to Potter's lair..."


Lucius stood up and untied my feet and led me to Harry's lair. Everything was untied except my hands, he led me to the hole of the room, we crossed a sort of alley that had several holes in them and it what looked like was supposed to be the last hole was a door. Lucius opened it and I entered the room and saw Harry tied up blindfolded and with seven deatheaters by his side.

"Harry?" I croaked

"Hermione? Is that you?"

He suddenly started scanning the room in blinded eyes, finding the source of my voice. His sudden movement tightened the cloth around his eyes and I heard him wince because of it.

It pained me to see him that way, I held back my tears and walked in.

"Oh Harry! What have they done to you?" I said approaching him.

"Don't worry about me, what about you? What did they do to you?"

"I'm fine, I promise Harry I'll--"

"How sweet! But I'm sorry, Granger time's up, let's go and you shall know your fate after this" Lucius said grabbing my hand hard and leading me out.

I wanted to stay with Harry longer but I had no choice. So we went back to the main room.

"My lord, she has seen Potter now what will we do in order to avoid any suspicions, We must have someone to take Potter's place and be him for quite a time until we can eliminate him..."

Eliminate him? They were planning to kill Harry! Oh no! This is not right—

"Zabbini, you take Potter's place until we've got a plan , we will give you a supply of Potter's hair for your disguise, I'm sure you know how to make a polyjuice potion" Voldemort said

"And try not to do anything stupid or it will alert the ministry" Lucius added

Blaise nodded and I smirked, Blaise wouldn't be having so much fun there.

He went out of the room and disappeared into the darkness.

"What about the girl?" Lucius asked

"I will not kill Potter yet, I will have fun with him, he has powers I do not know of and I wish to experiment with it and somehow make it as my own. So you said that Potter loves this girl so much just as this girl does, that's what lured them here in the first place, your illusionary date, but why did you have to bring along this girl if you didn't know what to do with her?" Lord Voldemort asked

Lucius then replied "She knows too much..."

"Then kill her..."

Oh no! I'm going to die just like what they did to those other persons, those pile of skulls; I'm going to end up just like them.

Lucius didn't hesitate he grabbed his wand and was about to murder me but then Lord Voldemort interrupted "No, don't kill her, I have a better idea"

I literally had flashes of my life when I saw that wand over my face.

"That previous maid of yours will be fired sooner or later" Voldemort said "So here's a mudblood to take her place as maid in your manor"

Oh no! Death was better than being a maid in the Malfoy manor! And being with that albino!

No I'd rather die, just let me die

"I'd rather die instead than be with his complacent son" I said pointing at Lucius

"Ah... isn't that sweet but I won't let you choose your fate, Mudblood, your fate depends on how I want it to be and since your insolence irritates me I will make you Draco Malfoy's personal servant instead!"

NO! Anything but that—

"And you must attend to his every order mudblood or else, I will have Potter here eliminated or tortured beyond your wildest nightmares. So choose mudblood, either you become Draco Malfoy's personal servant and let your precious fiancé live or have yourself free and have your fiancé die. Choose wisely, mudblood. Your time is limited and your new master will be waiting"

Have you ever heard of two options and not one you could choose? Voldemort was relentless and barbaric, choose the first one and end up having humiliation and be separated from Harry, choose the second one you live in the guilty conscience of more or less being the reason for Harry's demise. I can't…

I have to choose

"I'd rather be the personal servant of Draco Malfoy" I said bravely yet it sounded so wrong to me

I didn't want to be his maid

That will be worse than the torture they did to me tonight

Yet Harry lives and in a spark of chance anything can happen, I might be able to save him

I breathed again

Little did I know how wrong my decision was.

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