Coyote Ugly

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Chapter 16 Epilogue

          "Hurry up, Mona.  They'll be here any second now."

          Mona hurried to put on the rest of her make-up.  It had been nine months since she had introduced herself to the wizrding world.  So much had happened.  She and Draco had moved into Mona's house together.  They felt serious about their relationship, and realized that they really were in love.  Their dogs obviously were too.  Mona's dog, Perdy, had given birth to three puppies several months ago.  Draco's dog, Pongo, was their proud father. 

          "I'm coming.  Give me a minute or two.  Is the pizza here yet?" yelled Mona down to Draco.

          "Nope.  Sam said he'd bring it a five and it's only four-thirty.  Where are the dogs?" he asked looking over Pongo, who was lying with Perdy on the couch.

          "The puppies are up here.  They're fast asleep so I don't think we'll have to worry about them." Answered Mona just as she grabbed her lip-gloss and ran downstairs.  The house hadn't changed much. Although Draco had added a few furniture pieces, the house looked the same as it did nine months ago.  Suddenly, the doorbell rang.

          "I've got it!" said Mona running for the door.  She opened it quickly.  It was Harry, Ron, and Ginny.  In Harry's arms was Matt, and Ginny was holding another baby, their newborn daughter.  Ron came alone as usual.

          "Hi Mona!" exclaimed Ginny trying to give Mona a hug, but not squish her daughter.  Mona hugged back then went to hug the others.

          "How've you guys been?  I don't think we've talked since we had our daughter." said Harry looking over at Draco.  Over time, he and Ron had gotten used to Mona dating him.  After getting past the shock of her being alive, they quickly adapted to hearing wild and crazy things about her and the coyotes.

          "Fair.  The puppies are finally sleeping thought the night, so that's a definite plus." He said shaking hands with Harry and Ron.

          "How are the puppies?  I don't think we ever saw them except for the pictures you guys sent us when they were born." Said Ron who was scratching Pongo's ears.

          "Great.  They're actually starting to use the backyard instead of the house for a toilet.  Then of course, Pongo and Perdy have just been lazing around.  We got Perdy fixed so she can't have any more puppies." Explained Mona beckoning them in.  They went and sat in the living room.

          "I can see why.  You have five dogs already." Said Ginny.

          "What about you guys?  You haven't even let me see your daughter yet." Said Mona smiling.  Ginny smiled back and handed Mona the baby.  It was quiet small as babies usually are.  It had pale green eyes and small specks of black hair on her head.  "What did you name her?" asked Mona.  Harry, Ron, and Ginny had promised to come visit Mona after the baby was born so they didn't bother to tell her the baby's name.

          "You'll never guess. Hermione." Answered Harry grinning. Mona's face lit up.  No one called her Hermione any more, but still, that was an honor anyway. 

          "Really?!  Ohh, I'm so honored!  Why after me though?  What about your parents?  Shouldn't you name her after them before me?" questioned Mona.

          "We can always have more." Said Harry eyeing Ginny who blushed.  They all began to chat for a while.  The men talked about work and Quidditch while the women talked about Matt and Hermione.  There was a knock on the door, and Mona went to go answer it.

          "Surprise!!!!!!!" yelled five people all at once.  It was the coyotes and Wyllie.

          "Oh my God!  What are you guys doing here?" asked Mona hugging her friends.

          "Well, we heard that Ginny was in town, and we HAD to come see her and the other three." Said Chelsea walking in with a pizza box.  The others filed in with two more boxes of pizza.

          "How the hell did you know they were going?" asked Draco tilting his head like a dog.

          "Now, now Draco.  No bad words around the babies, who are soooooo cute!  Anyway, we did a little spying and we found out when they were coming.  Why didn't you tell us anyway?" explained Kristina.

          "You would've seen us tomorrow because we're staying the weekend.  And swearing is not a problem. I dropped something on my foot yesterday while I was in Matt's room and let out a long stream of words." Said Harry.  They laughed while Ginny gave him a disapproving look, but she quickly shook it off and laughed along.

          "You shouldn't have brought all this pizza, though.  Sam's bringing some over later." Said Mona to the coyotes.

          "Not any more.  We already talked to him.  We figured you'd be ordering pizza."  Said Megan.  Wyllie reached over and opened up the pizza boxes, and everyone dived in.  They talked until Ron brought up something that secretly everyone had been wondering.

          "Hey Taylor, how's the thing with Snape going?" he asked.  Taylor blushed a little.

          "We were going out, but I have a tiny problem with commitment so I broke it off." She said shyly.

          "You didn't do what Krum did, did you?  Otherwise, we'll have to go looking for him.  Maybe he'll be in Egypt as a belly dancer." Said Harry randomly.  Everyone howled with laughter all picturing Snape dancing.

          "He was a very good dancer though." Said Taylor.  "I wouldn't have expected that from a guy that old."  They laughed again.  The rest of the night went on smoothly until another topic that everyone had been dying to hear about was brought up.

          "So… when's the wedding???" asked Wyllie all of the sudden.  Mona and Draco blushed a little as everyone jumped and started talking all at once.  Mona yelled for everyone to calm down. 

          "Whoa, whoa, who!!!  Hang on everyone.  We haven't picked a date yet.  It might be a little while longer." She said standing up with Draco.

          "Yeah, give us a break.  We only got engaged about a month ago.  Besides, why rush?" asked Draco.

          "Because Mona won't stay around forever, ya know." Said Megan nodding her head as though this was obvious.

          "Thanks Megan, but unlike Taylor here, I can stay committed.  We thought we'd wait until summer." Said Mona sitting back down.

          "So what's next for the coyotes, though?  Are you still going to be a coyotes, Mona?" asked Ron looking at her.

          "I'm selling them the bar, and the owner never dances, just serves." Explained Wyllie.  Harry, Ron, and Ginny gasped.

          "You're selling Coyote Ugly?  But I thought it was like your home." Exclaimed Ginny.

          "It is, but I'm leaving Chicago for a while.  I've got a bunch of relatives in New York, so I'm going to open up a new Coyote Ugly there." Said Wyllie.

          "You know we're going to miss you like hell, right?" asked Chelsea hugging Wyllie.  Soon all the coyotes had joined in and were hugging her.  It wasn't too long afterwards that the coyotes left, and Harry, Ron, and Ginny went back to their hotel because there wasn't enough room at Mona's house.  Mona and Draco were alone for the rest of the night.

          "Want to go for a walk?" asked Draco picking up Pongo and Perdy's leashes.  Mona smiled and nodded.  It was about eight 'o clock that night and several other people wanted to take a late night walk.  Mona and Draco walked to Lincoln Park.

          "So is this really the end of your bar dancing?" asked Draco when the stopped to sit on a bench overlooking the park.

          "Yeah, I think so, but I'll still own Coyote Ugly so it's not like I'll be completely cut off from it." She said sighing a little.

          "Even if we ever have kids?" asked Draco raising an eyebrow.

          "What's more fun than being raised in a bar?" asked Mona smirking.

          "I dunno." He answered shaking his head.

          "Finding love in a bar." She said as she leaded over to kiss him.  Mona wasn't a seer and didn't know what the future held, but whatever it was, she would go through with it with Draco at her side.  


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