Title: To Be With You
Author: Lisa
Chapter: Prologue
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Author's Notes:
Here is another multi-chapter story done by me! It's supposed to be romantic, with a sad ending. There will be 3-4 chapters, depending on how long I want it to be. It takes place in the Silver Millennium. I hope everyone is enjoying what I have so far, but there is still plenty to come, also. I just write about whatever comes in mind. Well, that's all I have to say for now, so you can go on and read.
Disclaimers: Sailor Moon and the others don't belong to me, but this story does.
It was in the time of the Silver Millennium. Everyone was happy and content. Peace rang throughout the land. All the planets were peaceful...
"Serenity! Oh, where are you?" Queen Serenity, Princess Serenity's mother, ran around, in search of her daughter. The queen was desperate to find her. The king and queen of Earth was coming, along with them was Prince Endymion, the heir to the throne of the Earth Kingdom.
Queen Serenity went around the palace, followed closely by Princess Serenity's court, the respective princesses of Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus, also known as Amy, Raye, Lita, Mina. They were Serenity's, or Serena's best friends or so they called her. The princess was nowhere to be found.
"Don't worry, Queen Serenity, we'll find her. Try to not alert the royal family concerning Princess Serenity's disappearance." Amy was always the smart one.
"Alright, Mercury. Do as you wish, but hurry." Queen Serenity rushed off to meet with her guests.
Meanwhile, Princess Serenity, or Serena, as she liked to be called, was simply in her favorite place on the moon. The gardens. She loved to think there, and drown in the warmth and prosperity it presented. Sometimes, she would wish for someone to share the peace with her: her soul mate. The one who could make her feel complete. Sadly, Serena hasn't found her soul mate yet, but she will never stop until she finds "the one". Serena recalled her mother talking about her meeting the prince of Earth, and how much good it would do for the moon and Earth to have an alliance. How her marriage with this prince would seal the alliance.
Serena sighed. She wanted to marry for love, not for alliances. But it was her duty as princess and future queen of the moon. "How come everyone wants to be royalty, I wish I was normal." She thought.
Serena was going to meet the earth prince today. How she dreaded it. He mother already made her meet many princes from all the planets, but none suited her, so why should this Prince Endymion suit her? Is he any different than the others?

So many questions filled her mind. She had never met this prince before, and she was sure she didn't want to. "Probably just another boring prince who doesn't have a sense of humor."
The thought crossed her mind. She really didn't want to meet him now, knowing that her mother will make her marry him no matter what. Even if she hated him. But that wasn't possible. Serena loved everyone. That's why everyone loves her back, because she loves has a king and caring heart.

"May I present the royal family of Earth: Queen Gala, King Henry, and Prince Endymion."
They were here, the royal family. The ballroom was packed with people. People who wanted to meet the family.

Queen Serenity went to greet them. "Queen Gala, King Henry, and Prince Endymion, how wonderful to see you again, why the last time I saw you," she pointed to Endymion, "you were still a little boy. Now look at you. Handsome as ever." The queen smiled warmly.
Endymion bowed. "Thank you, Queen Serenity. Your kingdom is beautiful." Endymion searched around for the princess. He had heard she had remarkable grace and beauty. He wnated to see for himself.
Queen Gala, noticing her son's behavior, asked. "Serenity, where is your daughter, Princess Serenity?"
The question made Queen Serenity very uncomfortable. What was she supposed to say? That her daughter didn't want to be married to Endymion, and ran away? "Uh, the princess will be arriving a little later tonight due to, matters..." That was a little lame, but at least an excuse.
"Serenity, did you tell her about the arrangement? Is that why she isn't here? Tell the truth, my queen." Gala looked Serenity straight in the eye.
The queen faltered. "Yes. My daughter was very disappointed." Queen Serenity waited for an answer, hopefully not something she would regret.
"Oh, that's alright, Queen Serenity. Why, my son almost didn't come himself. He was upset also." Relief washed over the queen, happy that the matter didn't worsen. "Don't worry, Gala. My daughter will come to her senses soon enough. Why don't we enjoy the ball..." Queen Serenity stopped short.
There stood her daughter, in her royal attire, smiling. "Gala, looks like my daughter has already come to her senses. There she is."
"May I present the Princess Serenity of the moon kingdom."
Everyone stopped what they were doing, and stared at her. Her graceful movements as she walked to her mother. Serena was indeed beautiful. All the princes were admiring her, some mouths were even open as they gazed at her.
"Princess Serenity, how nice to see you." Queen Gala smiled as she hugged the princess. "You look beautiful." She added.
Serenity blushed gently as she curtsied politely. "My queen, my king, Prince Endymion, it is a pleasure to meet you. I am sorry for my rudeness by coming late."
"It's alright, Princess Serenity. Meet my son, Prince Endymion." King Henry gestured to his son, as if telling him it was his cue.
"Prince Endymion, good of you to come. I am pleased to make your acquaintance."
The prince bowed as he gently took her hand and kissed it.
As soon as his lips touched her skin, Serenity trembled. She felt something then as she gazed into his blue eyes, so calm and tranquil like the endless ocean. She shook off its affect, and realized that Endymion was talking to her.
"May I have this dance, Princess?" He held out his hand.
Serenity blushed a bit. "Yes, of course, my prince."
They left their parents staring at them.
"Gala, do you think it's possible they'll fall in love and marry?"
"Maybe. You can never tell. But my son told me if he marries, he wants to marry for love, nothing else."
"Same for Serenity. Lets just hope they will fall in love..." They conversation ended there as they looked at their children dancing...

They went out onto the floor, and started dancing. All the while, Serena felt this weird tingling feeling. Something she never felt before. It almost felt like a tug, a small pull at her heart. It was alien to her body, but she liked it nonetheless. "I could get used to this." She thought as Endymion pulled her even closer. She was bathed in his warmth. The warm feeling washed over her like wind over water. She wondered if he felt the same way...
"Prince Endymion, may I speak with you?" Serenity asked, as she gently slid out of her position form where she was dancing. The warmth left her suddenly, causing her to shiver a bit.
"Princess, isn't that what we're doing now?" Endymion couldn't help but tease her. She looked so cute when she was annoyed. Endymion made a mental note to tease her more often.
"Yes, but I wish for it to be private. Care to go on a walk with me, my prince?" Serenity used her begging look. Endymion couldn't help but agree.
"As you wish, Serenity."
They walked outside.

"Wow." Endymion looked around at all the beautiful flowers in the royal gardens. It was breathtaking. Flowers of all shapes and sizes, of colors and decorations, grew here.
Endymion could tell that Serenity loved to come here, I mean, why else would she lead him here in the first place?
There was one flower he didn't see, though. The rose, his favorite. Curiosity rose, and he couldn't help but ask.

"Serenity, how come there are no roses here?" The anxiousness was heard by his way of asking.
Serenity looked shocked. "No roses? Oh, not here in this garden. There is a special garden for that. Do you prefer that we go there? After all, roses are my favorite flower."

Endymion couldn't believe his ears. She loved roses too? "Well we at least have something in common." He thought. "Sure, let's go."

They walked in silence. Endymion was thinking about what his mother had told him before they came to the moon.
"Endymion, you're old enough to have a wife now. You should be considering this, right?" Queen Gala asked. She knew that her son wasn't planning to marry soon, but it just had to be this way.

Endymion's head shot up at her question. "Mother, I...I don't know what to say. I know that you and Father have held lots of balls hoping for me to fall in love, but I haven't. None of the girls that I've met so far suit me."
Queen Gala nodded with understanding. "Well, son, maybe its time to move to another step, perhaps form another kingdom, oh say the Moon Kingdom? I hear that the ladies there have great beauty. Especially Princess Serenity, their princess..." The queen fiddled with her dress.
Endymion disapproved greatly. "Mother! I will not marry for the alliance with the moon!" He had made up his mind.
The queen smiled thoughtfully. "We shall see, Endymion. Until then, think about what I said."
*End Flashback*
Endymion sighed, wrapped up in his own thoughts. Serenity was indeed beautiful, but something about her made him even more attracted to her. Something deeper than mere beauty. Sure beauty mattered somewhat, but usually it's the inside that counts. Serenity, as he could tell, had a good heart. She was friendly, and not stuck up like all the other princesses he had met earlier. No, Serenity was extraordinary. She had, as they said, "the beauty and the brains." Maybe she was "the one" for him. Life was so confusing...

Serenity stared at Endymion. They had arrived at the rose gardens a few minutes ago, but Endymion was so lost in his thoughts he didn't even notice. Serenity smiled and played with her bracelet. She fixed her hair, and waited patiently for him to come out of the trance. "I wonder what he thinking about..." She wondered.

Serenity recalled what her mom had told her earlier. To consider taking Endymion as a husband. She had refused immediately, but now she had doubts. Endymion was better that the other princes. More calm and collected, solemn, and very loyal to his duties as prince. He wasn't really the flirting type of guy, and she like that. "Maybe I could love him...if I knew him better."

So the two of them just stood there, like statues. Not moving, only soft breathing could be heard.
They were lost in their emotions for each other. Not knowing exactly where their relationship stood. Were they becoming friends, of was there a deeper bond than that?
Well, how's that for a prologue? I know it's short, but prologues aren't supposed to be that long, either. Hope you like it so far. I'm going to be working on another short story titled "Everlasting Love". It takes place in Crystal Tokyo, and will be out in a few weeks. Please send me any comments.