Title: To Be With You
Author: Lisa
Chapter: Epilogue
Rating: G
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Author's Notes:
Here's the epilogue! I hope everyone has enjoyed this story, and all my others. I sorry, but "The Gift" will be late, and won't be out for Christmas. I've been too busy working on this to finish it, but I hope it will be out before 2001 comes. Christmas break has really given me a lot of time to write, which is wonderful. I'll be able to write a lot of stories during this period of time. This epilogue is really short, just like all my other epilogues. Enjoy!
Everyone was happy, especially Serenity and Endymion. Their wedding was to be held in two weeks...

Serenity ran through the palace halls, her eyes searching around for her four guardians and friends. She couldn't wait to tell them the news of her getting married. "They'd be so surprised!"
She thought.
She went straight to their quarters, but they weren't there. Disappointed, she left wondering where they had gone to. On her way, she met a guard, who was dressed like he was going to war, or something. "What is going on?" She asked herself silently , feeling scared and alone. Goose bumps slowly formed on her arms.

Outside the palace, the war had started. The people of Earth and Queen Beryl had come to attack. They had the element of surprise on their side since the moon wasn't expecting it.
The war raged on. People fell like flies, blood was everywhere as it covered the once proud, beautiful kingdom with a shade of dark red. Dead bodies were everywhere...

Serenity heard the cries of people outside the kingdom. Anxious the see what was happening for herself, she went outside, only to see dead people lying on the ground!
Serenity gasped loudly and sharply, her eyes as big as saucers. Seeing death surround scared her to death herself. Serenity always to see the life of any living life form, big or small, die. Now here she was, standing in the middle of a mass of blood and death.
Tears sprang to her eyes. Serenity was scared stiff. "What if everyone I know is dead? My friends, my love, my mother?" She closed her eyes, hoping and praying that this was a nightmare. She would wake up and everything would be normal again. It didn't work.
With a agonizing cry, Serenity ran as she sobbed loudly. Tears flowed freely from her pale, yet still beautiful cheeks.

Endymion ran about the kingdom, searching desperately for Serenity. "Oh please let her be okay. Please." He prayed silently. His eyes searched through the long corridors. Serenity was nowhere in sight.
Endymion wanted nothing more but to hold Serenity in his arms, to love her and be loved back, to kiss her soft, sweet lips... He went on, increasing his speed.

Serenity ran blindly, stumbling into people everywhere. Her main objective: find Endymion. She wanted to see him again, even if it could be her last time...

Meanwhile, as Serenity was searching for Endymion, Beryl, the old snake herself, decided now was a good time to take revenge on Serenity for stealing 'her' Endymion. Yes, she was still too wrapped up in jealousy to see that Endymion never even liked her. In fact, the truth is he despised her greatly. But no, she continued on, smiling evilly as she followed Serenity secretly...

Endymion could hear a soft, distant sobbing. He followed it closely, thinking it could Serenity making those crying noises.
After a good fifteen minutes, Endymion's journey ended as, alas, there was Serenity, sitting by the fountain, sobbing her heart out. He slowly made his way to her.
When he reached her crying form, he gently put his hand on her shoulder.

Serenity felt a hand on her shoulder. Surprised, she jumped up, ready to attack. Her eyes went wide as she saw Endymion before her, his arms open.
Without another second's hesitation, she jumped into his arms, and hugged him tightly, never wanting to let go. She felt relieved Endymion was okay.

Endymion held the shaking girl tightly. He breathed into her hair, mindlessly stroking it lovingly.
He was just so glad she was okay.

After a moment of embracing, reality hit. "Sere, you've got to get out of here, now." Endymion said, and he sure meant it.
But Serenity wasn't going to give in so easily. "What about you? Are you just going to stay here and die?" She asked, her voice shaky.
"I have to fight. Please understand." Endymion walked over to Serenity, who had tears in her eyes, threatening to spill. She was afraid Endymion would lose his life, just like all the others...
"Oh, Endy...I love you..." She whispered, leaning up for a kiss...
" I love you too, Sere..." His lips caught her in a passionate kiss. After a moment, Endymion deepened the kiss, and Serenity responded with equal passion.
They broke apart after a few moments. Serenity kept her eyes closed, licking her lips. She could still taste his lips. Oh, Serenity wanted more...

"Oh, how sweet. It makes me sick." A disgusting voice uttered, breaking the tender moment the couple were sharing. Beryl looked at Serenity, then at Endymion, then at how tightly they were hugging each other. Her anger bubbled up in her body, making her even more jealous of Serenity than ever. She gave a dead look at Serenity, who let out a small whimper.
"Prepare to die, Princess Serenity! You have poisoned Endymion's mind to make him love you! You and your people are disgusting." She sneered at Serenity.

Endymion instantly grabbed her hand, and held it tight, trying to calm her. He sighed. It was not use. In his heart, he knew they wouldn't win this one. "Serenity has to make it, even if I don't."

Serenity knew, at that moment, she wouldn't survive. Not with that 'you are dead' look Beryl was shooting at her. Her blue eyes saddened. She wished she could marry Endymion, even for just a second, she would enjoy being his wife...

Endymion, seeing Serenity had given up all hope she would survive, held her hand even tighter. He was at that point prepared to do whatever he had to in order to save her.

Beryl narrowed her eyes. "So, Endymion wants to protect her, does he?" She let out a evil laugh, making both Endymion and Serenity shiver in fright. "It's no use! You can't protect her, Endymion! I am offering you a once in a lifetime opportunity to be my king, and rule by my side. Take it, or I'll make you be my king. Your choice, Endymion." She laughed her sinister laugh again.

Endymion simply shook his head, and gave her a glare. "You really think I will agree, Beryl?" Endymion asked, saying the name Beryl icily. "Not a chance. I love Serenity. I always will."

Beryl glared at Serenity. "Fine, I guess I'll have to kill the princess first. Then you'll be mine." Her evil eyes flashed twice. A strong gust of wind came, knocking Endymion away from Serenity, therefore disabling him to protect her. Beryl wasted no time after that. The wind had died down, leaving Serenity standing there, helpless. No where to hide, no one to protect her. Serenity was an easy target, alright. Beryl created a sword with her power, intent on killing Serenity with its sharp blade.

Serenity stared at the sword. Her eyes stayed still, her breath caught in her throat. "This is it. This is the end." She thought bitterly. She had always hoped for a long, happy life. Now it was going to end, here, now. Serenity closed her eyes, waiting for Beryl to stab her.

Beryl looked at Serenity with surprise at first, then it was replaced with a triumphant look. Like she had already won. She had already taken revenge, and claimed Endymion as hers.
Beryl flew down from her floating position in the sky, and charged at Serenity, full speed.

Serenity waited for her death...but it never came. She heard a small gasp from Beryl, her sword clattering to the ground at she dropped it. Wondering why, she slowly opened her eyes to see... Another gasp, much louder, followed by a painful sob escaped Serenity's throat. There in front of her very eyes was Endymion, who was still in front of Serenity, clutching a deep wound on his side. Blood flowed freely from the wound as he held it, groaning painfully.

Serenity sobbed harder, seeing all the pain he was going through. Careful to not cause him anymore pain, she held his head in her arms, looking down at him lovingly.

"Sere..." He whispered quietly, almost inaudible, but Serenity heard it anyway. "I'm sorry..." He managed to say as another wave of pain struck.
Serenity laughed and cried at the same time. "About what, silly? What do you have to be sorry for?" Endymion reached up, and wiped the tears from her cheeks. "Don't cry. I hate to see you cry..."
Serenity couldn't hold it in anymore as she sobbed brokenly into his chest. Endymion held her gently as he played with a strand of her hair. "Oh, Endy...why? Why?" She asked.
Endymion smiled. "Because I love you, Sere. Always." Serenity sighed, knowing he was going to die soon. Life was so unfair for her. She had finally found love, to have it taken away from her.
"Sere...my beautiful Serenity..." The comment made Serenity cry even harder. "Serenity, one last kiss?" Serenity nodded as she gently leaned down, and kissed him tenderly, never wanting to let go.
Endymion responded by kissing her back.
They broke apart. Endymion touched Serenity's cheek tenderly. "Don't forget me." He whispered.
"How could I?" Serenity asked, her tears never stopping. "I'll always love you, forever." She whispered to him as his eyes closed a little, then opened again. "Sere, I'll love you always...forever..." He whisper was gone as soon as it was said. He closed his one final time. They never opened again.
"NO!!" Serenity screamed, her voice echoing through the empty kingdom walls. Serenity slumped down beside Endymion, and buried her face in his chest. His body was limp, cold. "No, I want to be with you!" She yelled. "I wanted to marry you, to be your wife! Endymion...Endy..."

Beryl looked away from Serenity. "I killed him. No, she made him protect her. It's her fault he's dead!" She made herself believe that. "I hate you Serenity! You made me kill Endymion! The only man I ever loved!" Beryl was just so evil...

Serenity paid no attention whatsoever to whatever Beryl was rambling on about. All she saw was Endymion laying there, dead. Then, she came to a conclusion. She couldn't be without him. She would rather kill herself to be with him. "Oh Endy, I'll be with you soon, my love."
Serenity then took the bloody knife that was streaked with Endymion's blood. She plunged the sword into her own stomach. With a soft groan, she fell on top of Endymion, dead instantly. But she was happy, for there was a small smile playing on her lips, knowing she was going to be with Endymion again. Beryl, seeing both of them dead, found no need to do anything more. She left the two dead lovers...
And yet, even though Endymion and Serenity both died that night, they would be together, whether it be in another life, or heaven for true love conquers anything. Even death. It always does.
Well, that ends my story! *giggles* I'm glad that's over with. Hope everyone enjoyed. This has to be the longest epilogue I wrote so far, almost 5 pages. So now as I enjoy the holidays, I'll finish "The Gift", so it will be out in a week or maybe even sooner. I am also starting another multi-part that takes place in Crystal Tokyo. Chapter 1 will be out soon. Those are my plans for now. And remember, comments and suggestion are always welcome, even if they are good comments.
This story written and posted December,2000.