Beautiful Disaster

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"speech" 'thought '

Flashback or inner monologue ~~~~scene or narrative perspective change~~~~

Chapter 1: A Different Kind of Enemy

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, and Ranma Saotome was intent on enjoying it without any stress from fiancées or rivals. He had already narrowly avoided Ryoga, and was keeping an eye out for any of the others. He put his hands behind his head and stretched as he walked, yawning lazily and thinking how glad he was that things had finally gotten back to normal, or at least what was normal for him. Here lately his life had been so hectic it made ducking cursed martial artists and trying to avoid being malleted into the ground while at the same time avoiding being molested in female form seem like a vacation...Though his and Akane fathers trying to wed them had managed to make things miserable again. The house got wrecked, and he and Akane felt even more akward around each other then before. And, thanks to his foot-in-mouth habit, that meant he had been injured by an angry and embarrassed Akane a record number of times. He sighed and stopped walking, realizing how far he had gone while thinking about recent events. He had almost ended up at school, and no way was he going on a Saturday. He turned and started away, but spun back around as a scream split the air. The voice was familiar, though it was distorted by pain and fear. "Kuno?" He ran for the origin of the sound as fast as he could, finding it behind the school. He froze when he turned the corner, the sight shocking him speechless.

A young man who looked just a little older than himself was holding Kuno by the throat a few feet off the ground. Kuno had been beaten much, much worse than Ranma had ever seen him. One of his arms was snapped, and hanging in a sickening direction. He was bleeding badly from a gash in the side of his face and from his mouth.

The assailent turned his head to give Ranma a piercing glare. He spoke in a cold and mocking voice. "You lost, kid?" Kuno weakly raised one arm, pointing to Ranma. "That's him, now please, let me go!" The stranger turned and looked at Kuno with disgust. "Spineless weakling!" He tightened his grip, and Kuno clawed at his hand weakly.

Ranma stepped forward. "Hey! Enough's enough, let him go!" He silently wondered what he had done to upset this new enemy. "What do you want?"

The stranger turned his head again, though he didn't release his victim, whose face was beginning to flush with oxygen deprivation. "You're Ranma Saotome? If so, I'm here for your life." He smiled an unpleasent smile and turned back to Kuno, though he continued speaking to Ranma. "Though the young kendoist here felt that I had somehow offended his honor, and challenged me to a duel to the death. Don't worry though, you won't have long to wait..."

Ranma took another step foreward, getting into an attack stance. "Let him go, you've done enough damage! You're obviously stronger than him, are you enjoying beating on someone that much weaker than you?" His eyes narrowed. "Why don't you try me instead?"

The stranger laughed mockingly, though he did realese his grip enough to allow Kuno to breath. "Wow kid, you really don't want me to waste this guy, huh?" His voice had a tinge of surprise. "Stupid, but honorable. I will kill you irregardless, but out of respect I will let the moron live." He release Kuno, who fell to the ground in a heap. "Besides, he sounds like he could use the dishonor..." He turned around slowly, crossing his arms over his chest and grinning viciously as he studied Ranma's form. "I was just gonna do it real fast before, but I think I'll give you a chance to fight back first."

Ranma flashed a challenging grin, though the animal-like violence his opponent's eyes nearly made him flinch. "Aren't we cocky? Who do you think you are, me?" He tensed, preparing to strike. "You're in for a rude awakening, pal."

The stranger shrugged off the trenchcoat he had been wearing and cast it aside, revealing himself to be wearing a kung fu gi almost identical to Ranma's, though the newcomer's gi top was white. He sank into a defensive stance, the grin fading into a cold and emotionless expression. "One of us is...."

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