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In this story Jarod never escaped, Catherine Parker did die when she gave birth to Ethan. Mr. and Mrs. Clausen never died. Also, Gemini was never born. Major Charles and Margaret have hidden Emily and Kyle when they were children and the Centre does not know about them.

By: 24

Jarod was in his room inside the Centre getting ready for what he would do everyday, eat, do simulations, eat, sims again, eat and have free time before he went to sleep. He liked to help people doing the work he was doing, he should since he's been doing this kind of work ever since he was brought here.

The door opened allowing the person to enter and bring him his tray. After that he brushed his teeth and waited for Willie and Sam to take him to the lab to begin his day. He was ushered into the elevator that would take him to the sim lab. Sydney greeted him as he entered the lab and Sam and Willie stood at the door. This Sim was a fairly easy one, so when he was finished with it they started on a new one.


Sydney watched as his project worked in the controlled environment that was set up in the room. He wondered how such a brilliant mind worked. How did they find him, not knowing that he was kidnapped at four years old and brought here. He was often amazed at the speed and accuracy of Jarod's simulations. One minute he could be thinking about how to build a better airplane, a better building and the next save a child that had been missing.


Miss Parker walked down the hall carrying the files that she needed to hand over to Sydney. She stopped at the door finding that Sam was guarding the door, which meant one thing. Jarod was in there and he was doing a sim. She hasn't seen Jarod since she was a little girl before her father sent her to boarding school. Never being the patient one she didn't want to wait until they were done, so she went to his office and laid them down on his desk.


Mr. Lyle was watching yesterday's footage of the pretender named Jarod. He was after all their most prized possession. When he had entered the Centre under the care of Mr. Raines he wanted control of Jarod, just like Raines did. Maybe someday they would until then they would wait.


Mr. Parker sat in his office looking over the amount of money that his number one possession was bringing in. He smiled as he remembered when Jarod was brought in as a young boy. He had read the report that Jarod was clearly the smartest child that was here which is of course why they took him He was told that his parents were dead too, but that was not true. He didn't need to know that either.


Mr. Raines sat watching the simulation that went on today with Jarod and smiled evilly. He never thought of Jarod or Angelo as humans only as moneymakers and lab rats. He after all was receiving paychecks because of Jarod and Angelo. Two children that were kidnapped. One that had no family and one that did. Both of them have their own gifts that made them all rich. He never forgave Jarod for not finding Annie all those years ago when she was kidnapped. He's a genius, a pretender he could have gotten inside the mind of the kidnapper, but he didn't want to. He's as much to blame as killing my sweet Annie than the real killer did.


FBI Building
Washington, D.C.

A beep sounded through the Director's office, getting up he walked over to the computer and clicked on the mail icon. What he saw was amazing. A place that kidnaps children and uses them for experiments. File after file was downloaded and put on disk after that he went out of his office and told everyone to go to the conference room.

Using the computer in the conference room he showed the people what he had found. "Okay people listen up. There's a place in Blue Cove, Delaware called The Centre. It has been kidnapping children since the 60's and keeping them there in isolation. This is the head of the operation his name is Mr. Parker. We don't know what his first name is, but we do know that he authorized the abduction of these children. This is Mr. Raines; he's in charge of The Centre too. Miss Parker works for the Centre too; we don't know what her involvement is. All we know is that she has been around the Centre since she was a child and she's the chairman's daughter. This is Sydney, no last name given. He is in charge of the pretender project. I'll get to that later. His brother Jacob used to work there, but then he was put in a coma and died. This is Jarod; he's one of the children that were taken from his family when he was a child. He is a pretender, a genius who can become anyone he wants to be. From what I gather he does simulations there that are sold to military personnel. They also perform experiments on him. This is Angelo; he was taken from an orphanage as a child too. His name was Timmy until they turned him into Angelo and he is an empath. What we need to do is storm this place and make some arrests. That is after we make up a plan of operation."

One of the agents in the back was watching the screen and she gasped silently as her brother's face came up on the screen. Oh, my gosh it's Jarod she thought to herself. She knew that she had to be on Jarod's retrieval team and she knew that she couldn't tell them why because they might not let her be there.

As they boarded the plane that would take them to Delaware, Emily looked out the window glad that she had convinced the Director to allow her to be on Jarod's retrieval team.

Taking ten sets of cars they drove to the fortress overlooking the ocean. Oh, my gosh this is where my brother were kept. This place is huge, she thought to herself.

They went up the steps with their weapons drawn not knowing what awaited them. They barged in and arrested Mr. Parker and Mr. Raines and took them to the cars, but not before getting information about where Jarod and the others were.

Emily, Bill, Kevin, and Megan walked down the hall, finding Jarod's room they used the code that was given to them and punched it in. Jarod was reading a book when he heard the beep, putting the book down he stood at attention like he was supposed to do.

"Hello Jarod. My name is Emily. This is Kevin, Bill and Megan."

"What do you want me to do for you? Do you want me to do a sim for you?"

"We are FBI Agents, Jarod. We are here to take you away from here. You are free from this place now, its time to go."

"Free? What do you mean?"

"We arrested, Mr. Parker and Mr. Raines. We currently are going after the others too."

"Are you going to arrest me too?"

"No, Jarod we are not. You are free to walk out of this room and out of the building."

"I've only been outside once. It was when it was cold and I snuck outside and saw snow. That was when I was younger."

"Well, now you can see all the snow you want."

"Are you going to arrest Angelo, Miss Parker and Sydney?"

"Not Angelo. I'm not sure about Miss Parker. I'm not sure about Sydney either."

"I remember Miss Parker when she was a child. She used to visit me sometimes and she gave me my first kiss. Then she went away and I never saw her again.
Sydney is like a father to me"

"I'll try to see what happens to them. Time to begin your new life, Jarod."

He walked with the FBI Agents down the hall and outside. Jarod turned around and looked at the huge structure that was his home for many, many years. He turned to the door as it opened. Angelo came out with some agents and Jarod walked towards them.

"Angelo." he hugged the man. "We are now free."

"I know."

"Of course you know." Jarod smiled at the man.

"I did this."

Jarod blinked at Angelo. "You sent the information?"

"Yes." Angelo smiled at him. "We free now."

"Thank you Angelo."

"Welcome Jarod."

The door opened again this time it was Miss Parker and Sydney along with their agents. "Sydney."

"Jarod, how are you doing?"

Jarod knowing what he meant. "It's nice to be outside without having to fear that the sweepers will take you back."

"Smell that Jarod?"

"Smell what?" Jarod looked confused.

"It smells like freedom."

"Sydney, freedom doesn't smell." Jarod replied still confused.

"You are going to have to learn about figures of speeches."


Emily was besides Jarod hearing everything that was being said.

"Miss Parker."


"Do you like the smell of freedom?" Jarod smiled

"I wouldn't know since they might be arresting me."

"Why would they do that? You grew up in the Centre too."

"I don't know Jarod."

They led them away and Jarod watched as they both got into separate cars.

"Jarod troubled."

"Yes, Angelo I am. They shouldn't arrest Miss Parker or Sydney."

"Don't worry."

"If you say not to worry then I won't worry."


Angelo was then led away to the car. "It's time to go, Jarod."

"Where are we going?"

"We are going to a house set up just for you."


They drove away and Jarod saw the ocean for the first time. "Look it's the ocean. It's beautiful" He looked out into the blue ocean as the sunlight, reflected off the water.

Emily smiled at her brother. She was going to tell him about herself and the family when they got to the house. The two agents were in the front seat while she was in the back with her brother. That gave her the chance to watch him look out in wonder as they drove. He knew that Emily was watching him, so he turned to her.

"What is it?"

"Nothing." There was no way that she was going to go into an explanation with the other agents in the car.

Jarod looked back to the window, watching the world go by. They pulled up to a two-story house and got out. Noticing that Jarod didn't have any other clothes Jarod and Emily went by themselves to the mall. Jarod never being in one before he was amazed that there were little stores inside a big building. He wanted to go to each one of them, but they couldn't. One store is particular caught his eye; walking into it he looked around at all the toys. Emily followed him in watching as he looked through the toys.

"Did you ever have toys when you were inside the Centre?"

"No, I wasn't allowed to be a child while inside the Centre." He had asked a lot of questions while they were in the toy store. Jarod brought a pez dispenser,candy, play dough, slinky and other things.

Taking the clothes and the other things that they've collected from the toy store and the other stores they finally walked to the car.

"That was interesting."

"Jarod before we go back to the house, I have to tell you something. Two years after you were taken a boy named Kyle was born. Years after that a girl named Emily was born. I am that girl and I am your sister. Mom and Dad hid us after you were taken and the Centre knew nothing about us. When I grew up I joined the FBI. I couldn't believe my luck when they told us they were going to take down the Centre. I knew that I had to be on the team that got you out of there."

"You're my sister?"

"Yes, I am."

"Where are mom and dad?"

"They are in hiding right now, but I have a way to contact them."

"You do? Tell them that they don't have to hide anymore and I am now free. Tell them to bring Kyle too."

"As soon as we get back."

"I can hardly wait to finally see Mom and Dad again. I've forgotten what they look like and I want to meet Kyle."

"You will, Jarod."

"Do the other agents know that you are my sister?"

"No and neither does the Director."

They drove up the driveway and went into the house. The Director was there as they came in. "Emily, we need to talk with the other agents."


"We need to talk to you alone."

"Okay. Jarod why don't you go to your room and change. You can read, play with the toys or watch TV."

"Okay." He said as he looked at the Director and then to his sister then turned to go to his room.


"Okay, we found some discs about the man upstairs. This is the machine that you play them on and these are the discs."

They sat down and watched in horror at what Jarod went through. She remembered seeing the two men who had did the last experiment to her brother. Why would they kill him and bring him back? She thought to herself.

"My goodness, what did they do to him?"

"Look here's when he's a child, he looks to be about four years old here."

That is when they stole him, she thought to herself. She quickly brushed away a tear. What have they done to my brother? Why would they give a child drugs? She remembered what Jarod had said while in the toy store. They never allowed him to be a child. Those monsters. They took him away from a loving family, from a brother and sister who had never met him and kept him prisoner in that place. Not only that, but they did those awful experiments on him. How could they do that?

"Emily are you alright?"

"Yes, I'm fine."


They watched some more of the discs and then the Director left with the halibatron and the discs. She went upstairs and stood outside his door for a minute. She knocked on the door.

"Jarod, can I come in?"


She opened the door and saw that Jarod had changed into new clothes. "Do you like them?"

"Yes." She noticed that they toys, candy and a book was open. "You didn't want to watch TV?"

"No. Do you want a pez?" He held one out.

"No thanks."

A month later.

Jarod was waiting nervously in the living room waiting for his parents and brother to make it to the house. It had been a tearful reunion when they got here. He met his brother for the first time and they got along great.

Jarod heard from the agents that Sydney and Miss Parker were not arrested for their involvement in the Centre. Angelo was right that he didn't need to worry about them and he was glad.

They were right when they said freedom smells sweet and everyday he stopped to smell the roses. He thought about that as he learned another figure of speech. There were new discoveries everyday and he loved it. Ice cream and pez were one of those discoveries that he loved.

The End.