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This is a response to another challenge.

News at 11
By: 24

"This is Sarah Miller reporting for Fox News. We have been updating you on the fall of the Centre ever since it came into light. Right now we have two people
that have been involved in the Centre. They are at a secure location we will be with them shortly. In other news.."

After the break.

"Sarah Miller here again. We will now be talking to Miss Parker and Jarod from the Centre. Hello Miss Parker and Jarod and thank you for coming in to talk to

"Thank you for having us." Jarod replied.

"The public wants to know how each of you are involved with the Centre."

"I was kidnapped as a child and taken to the Centre. I was taken because I am what is called a pretender, a genius who can become anyone I want to be. When I was inside the Centre I did simulations that I thought helped people. When I got older I found out that, that was not so. I escaped after that. Since I've been out of the Centre I've been helping people doing one pretend after another to try to make up for all of the people that I've hurt or killed because of what I thought up. I've been a fireman, a photographer, a virologist, a rescue worker and many more. The Centre put a team together consisting of Miss Parker who I knew as a child, my mentor Sydney, a computer tech and many more people trying to take me back. Over the years I have left clues for my hunters as I went from place to place."

"I'm sorry about that, Jarod. Have you found any of your family yet?"

"I found my dad, brother and sister, but I have lost contact with them. I haven't found my mother yet. Miss Parker and I share a brother, but we don't know where he is."

"I hope that you find your family, Jarod."

"Thank you, Sarah."

"Miss Parker it's your turn now."

"My father was the chairman of the Centre. My mother also worked there too. When I was about 10 years old I saw my mother gunned down in front of me and I thought that she was dead, but she was not. It was later that I found out that she was killed after she gave birth to my half brother. He's the brother that I share with Jarod. When I used to visit the Centre I visited Jarod and we were friends until my father sent me to boarding school. When I was older I worked in Corporate at the Centre. It was when Jarod escaped that I was put on the hunt for him."

"You two have such a sad story to tell. I hope that you two have happiness in your life now that the Centre is gone for good."

"Thank you."

"Can I add something?"

"Sure Jarod."

"Mom, Dad if you are listening to this please call me. My number is (583) 892-1432, or e-mail me at cameleon@hotmail.com. Thank you, Sarah for allowing us to share our stories."

"Your Welcome. Thank you both for sharing them. I hope that you find your family, Jarod."

"Thank you."

"This is Sarah Miller reporting for Fox News. Thank you for watching."

The End.