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Chapter 1:


Kagome yawned as the group walked out of the woods and towards the edge of the small village were Keade lived. She smiled as she watched the sun came up over the hills and shed light on the small, silent, sleeping, village. As the group walked towards Kaede's hut InuYasha whined, "Why are we going back to the village AGAIN?"

"Because I need to go see my family, it's for something important." Kagome responded.

"More important than collecting jewel shards?" InuYasha smirked.

Kagome smiled not taking his bait, "To me it is." It was relatively quite for the rest of the walk to Keade's hut except for the constant under his breath muttering of InuYasha. Once they reached Keade's hut the whole village was now moving since the sun was now up. Kagome then spoke up "Ok guys, I'm gonna go now, I'll be back in a few hours."

InuYasha just "feh'd" as Shippo jumped onto Kagome's shoulder and cried into her school shirt, "Why are you leaving us Kagome?"

"Its ok Shippo I'll only be gone for a few hours I promise." Kagome cooed as she patted Shippo's head.

"But you left a few days ago why are you leaving so soon? Do you not want to be around us?" Shippo cried.

"No, Shippo I love to be around you, but I need to go home for a few hours, ok." Kagome said to reassure Shippo as she placed him on Sango's shoulder and gave Sango a quick hug before she set out to the well. Then she remembered something and yelled behind her "Hey InuYasha be here when I get back I want to ask you something!" everyone turned to look at InuYasha but he just "feh'd" and walked into the woods as the rest of the group (what was left of it anyway) rolled their eyes and walked into Keade's hut.

Kagome ran into the clearing were the Bone Eaters Well was and jumped in, she felt herself overcome with the familiar sensation of weightlessness as blue haze fell around her. She stepped onto the solid bottom of the well in her era and clamored out of the well, run across the yard and slides the back door open to announce that she was home, "Hey Mom, Sota, Grandpa I'm home!"

Her mom had heard Kagome come in the back door, she then ran to greet her daughter and see if she was ready to go. Once she had given Kagome a hug she asked, "So are you ready to go? Are the others ready?"

Kagome smiled as she answered "Yes of coarse, is their any reason not to be? I can't wait! But I was wondering since over 3 weeks is a long time to a certain irritable hanyou, is there any chance that I could bring him with us?"

"Ahhhhhh" came her mother's mock pondering reply.

"Come on it will be fun and I'll teach him how to be somewhat polite so that Mummu doesn't think that he is some barbarian…and yea it will be fun to drag him around and see the clueless look on his face when we tell him about something…"

Her mother smiled and replied "I was going to say yes anyway, I was thinking the same thing though…do you want to bring any more of your friends with you?"

Kagome pondered this before, she could bring Shippo but InuYasha and shippo argue too much and all of them trapped in a small vehicle for hours and hours would not be very tolerable if she brought him, her head just hurt thinking about it. Then again she could bring Sango and/or Miroku, but after she thought about it she decided against it as well. Miroku…she didn't even want to think about what the monk would do some modern girls. Sango would be behaved but that was another one she had to keep an eye on and InuYasha would be enough, "No, bringing anyone else would spoil the fun…"she smiled just thinking about the stuff she was going to put InuYasha though.

Her mother broke the lengthening silence by telling her to start packing since she would get behind if she put it off much longer. Kagome ran up to her room and started to pick out some things that she would like to bring with her on her trip.

Meanwhile InuYasha sat in the God Tree thinking when his mind wandered back to a few months ago

It was right after they had defeated a particularly strong demon that promised to kill Kagome even after he had died, and it was also the first snow of the winter in the feudal era and they had enjoyed it at first, but it was extremely cold out that night and the fire they made did little to warm them in the middle of the night. Kagome had a hard time falling asleep that night, but after a few hours of tossing and turning she finally managed to drift into sleep. InuYasha wouldn't go to sleep because he had sworn himself that he would watch over Kagome to make sure nothing happened her even (even though he didn't REALLY believe the demon.) Although Kagome was asleep she was not getting much rest, she was shivering and tossed and rolled and whined from the cold. At first InuYasha ignored her but he was starting to worry about her (although he won't ever admit it) So when she shiver once again InuYasha jumped down from his perch in the tree, walked over to kagome, took his outer kimono off and wrapped it around her.

Kagome stopped shivering for a moment but as InuYasha was about to go back to his perch but she started to shiver again. He sighed, gently picked Kagome up and jumped back up to his perch. Once he sat down and got situated he placed Kagome on his lap. She shifted a bit and then snuggled up to InuYasha while still asleep, once she got comfortable she stopped moving and fell into a restful sleep.

With Kagome on his lap InuYasha felt as if he could protect her pretty well from her on his lap. So he fell asleep knowing his demon senses would pick up anything that was a threat.

Kagome woke up with her face against InuYasha's red kimono and she blinked in surprise, she almost yelled "sit" but she noticed that they were in a tree and she didn't feel like having to experience that, that early in the morning. She then was going to hit him on the head but when she moved she noticed how cold it was and snuggled back up against InuYasha. This woke InuYasha up and he blinked a few times before the last night came back to him. He looked down at Kagome to notice she was awake and he was extremely surprised that he hadn't gotten a good beating for her waking up in his lap.

Once she moved and noticed how cold it was she realized that InuYasha was trying to warm her up and so she didn't fuss, in fact she kind enjoyed it. And it turned out that not arguing and it being cold out for the net month had brought them together. So ever since then they had slept like that, and now even in the summer when there was no need for warmth they still continued to sleep with each other because they had just grown accustom to it. so they just slept like that not realizing what a compromising situation it could put them in.

There was a rustle in the bushes that brought him back to the present. A second later Shippo flew out of the bushes and onto the tree next to Inuyasha.

"Hey InuYasha what are you doing?" Shippo asked.

"Nothing" InuYasha responded gruffly.

"You have to be doing sooooomething." Shippo teased.

"Even if I was I wouldn't tell you!" InuYasha snapped.

"Fine you don't have to be so mean! I'm telling Kagome when she get back!" Shippo taunted.

All InuYasha said was "feh" before falling back into thought. Ignoring the bait Shippo had laid out so perfectly.

A few hours later Kagome remembered her promise to Shippo and yelled into the other room "hey mom, what time is it?"

There was a loud 'thud' in the room next to her and a muffled 3:30 was heard as Kagome made her way down the stairs yelling back "hey mom, I'm going to go get InuYasha and say bye to everyone else now!"

"OK honey, but hurry back, dinner is in a few hours."

"K mom, I'll be back" Kagome responded as she closed the back door, ran into the shrine and jumped into the well. Kagome landed on the other side and started to climb out.

InuYasha was still sitting in the God Tree when he heard Kagome scramble out of the well with his sensitive ears. He hoped from his perch and walked in that direction to catch up with her.

Kagome heard the bushes rustle behind her she smiled and turned around knowing the hanyou's presence. "Hey, InuYasha come on out, I wanna ask you something."

InuYasha did as he was told and came out and blinked "How did you know it was me?"

Kagome smiled and said, "I just did"


Kagome laughed. "Anyway InuYasha, I know this may be hard for you but I want you to listen to me for a minute and let me tell you something without you interrupting me till I'm done. "Kagome said with a stern look.

A concerned look passed over InuYasha's but when it turned to flat look she passed it as her eyes playing tricks on her and shot him a cold glare causing him to respond with an unhappy, "fine"

Kagome smiled, "OK" and started. "My family and I are going to go see my grandparents, Mummu and Papa, and since they live a little ways away we figured we would make a trip out of it," InuYasha eyed her suspiciously but Kagome ignored him and continued. "We have been planning this for months and recently we have been perfecting the details, that is why I have been going home so often. But since I will be away from home I wont be able to visit the warring states era while I'm on the trip…the trip is gonna be…uh 3-4 weeks." Kagome waited half a second and watched InuYasha's change from clueless to angry, but before he could yell at her Kagome was already screaming at him. "I'M NOT DONE YET!" her menacing tone shut him up quick and in a hurry. He glared at her but stayed silent. Then Kagome continued in the most sarcastic tone you have ever heard, "Since I know that you are sooo patient, and you can just wait here for 3 weeks with no problem," InuYasha looked as if he was going to blow up at that moment and he almost did and would have if Kagome hadn't finished her sentence at that moment. "Would you come with me?"

InuYasha just stood there with fury all over his face but within a second it softened 'did she really just ask me to go on a family trip for 3 weeks? InuYasha just blinked for a second and then opened his mouth to talk but no sound came out…his mind was rushing!

'What did she really ask me or was I imagining things? No, but I could be, am I getting desperate? NO! Why am I even thinking that!…Why am I talking to myself?'

Before InuYasha could recover Kagome spoke again, "Please, please? I really want you to go!"

Now this surprised InuYasha he really didn't believe that she actually asked him in the first place and now she was begging him to go. 'What! Is she ok? She wants me to go on a trip with her and her weird, crazy family for 3 weeks without a break? Well this could work out…I mean…NO, NOOOOO I'm not even going to start to think of something that would be in Miroku's mind! I would even start! Ewwwww!'

Seeing his blank expression Kagome got worried, 'What if he says no? What if he doesn't want to come? What if…' "Please Inuyasha it will be fun, we'll get to relax and… you will get a break from Shippo…" she quickly looked around to make sure nobody else heard that.

InuYasha looked at her and she giving him her big brown glossy puppy dog eyes (ironic since he is actually the dog )…he said "fine" without even realizing it.

Kagome jumped up and down then grabbed his wrist and started to drag him off to the village. It was then realization dawned on him, 'Crap, what have I gotten myself into?…maybe it wont be so bad I mean without Shippo constantly getting in my face and getting Kagome mad at me…this may just work. Wait a minute where is she going the well is the other way' InuYasha spoke up, "uh, Kagome, isn't the well the other way?"

"Yea and your point?" Kagome responded. InuYasha looked at her with a puzzled look and she just sighed, "You think I would be insensitive enough to leave without saying goodbye or telling them I would be gone?"

InuYasha glared at her, "Are you calling me insensitive?"

Kagome rolled her eyes at him, "No I'm just saying I thought you had a bit more sense than that InuYasha."

He groaned and said, "How do you plan to get rid of Shippo?

Kagome gave InuYasha a look and said, "I don't plan to 'get rid' of Shippo, I just am gonna say bye."

Now it was InuYasha's turn to roll his eyes "I don't think a pry bar could get him off of you when you tell him your going to go away for 3 weeks."

Kagome sighed, "Oh InuYasha, you don't have to be so mea-MIROKU, SONGO!" she yelled.

InuYasha flattened his ears against his head in protest of her yelling. She rolled her eyes at him again and ran off to greet her friends and to tell them the news. The minuet that Kagome get within 10 ft. of Songo, Shippo came flying out of nowhere and tackled her in the middle, yelling "KAGOME, your back! Yea! What took you so long?"

Kagome smiled, "Shippo, it was only a few hours."

"I know but I still don't like you going away…I bet InuYasha had something to do with it, that big jerk!" Shippo exclaimed.

InuYasha opened his mouth to protest but Kagome cut him off. "Shippo, InuYasha had nothing to do with it, I promise." Shippo glared at InuYasha but stayed silent as Kagome went on to tell them of her trip.

This brought up the curiosity of the group members. 'What! She's bringing InuYasha with her? Is she crazy? What's going on here?' Songo wonders. 'Soooo Kagome is bringing InuYasha on a Family Trip (A/N: he is reading way to into this…for the time being that is), now I wonder what they are planning to do…maybe...whack "ow" whines Miroku as he turns to face Songo. " What was that for?" 'Oh did I say that out loud!' Miroku wonders. But Songo responds, "The look on your face Miroku."

InuYasha rolls his eyes at this and immediately goes back to listening to them talk…argue. Shippo then cries into Kagome's shirt, "WHY! Don't leave me here for sooooo long without you!"

InuYasha sighs and mutters under his breath, "so it begins."

"Shhhhhhh…Shippo its all right I'll come back I'm just going on a little vacation." Kagome coos.

"Then why dose stinky old InuYasha get to go!" Shippo retorts.

Kagome looks shippo in the eyes and says, " don't worry I'll be back in 3 weeks, I promise and if your good I'll even pick you up a present…but only if your good. Ok Shippo?"

Shippo's eyes lit up at the thought of a present, and he nodded in submission. Kagome gave a sigh of relief, and added, "that means helping and listening to Songo and Miro-listening and helping Songo, got it?" She whispers while she patting him on the head. Shippo smiles and nods again as Kagome walks over to hug Songo.

While she embraces her friend she whispers in her ear, "This is to give you a break from InuYasha for awhile and to give InuYasha a break from shippo, he kind of needs it…" then she laughed at the thought of shippo taunting InuYasha and him ending up with his face in the ground from her saying the 'word'.

She waves one last goodbye to her friend as InuYasha turns and starts to walk towards the well. Kagome starts to run after InuYasha, but before she disappears into the woods she turns around and yells, "Don't do anything exciting while I'm gone, ok!" and then runs into the trees after InuYasha.

After the village is out of sight, Kagome runs up next to InuYasha and elbows him in the ribs. InuYasha glares at her and snaps, "why did you do that wench?"

Kagome smiles and says, "Because it isn't THAT bad, and your just grumpy."

"And you're not helping" InuYasha growls in response.

"Well it's only for a few weeks so its not that long." Kagome chimes.

"Only?" InuYasha retorted.

"Hey it's a few weeks without Shippo, or any demons, it's just gonna be fun and relaxing!" Kagome squeaked.

InuYasha rolled his eyes as he picked Kagome up and hoped into the well. A familiar weightless feeling came as a blue haze appeared around them and then drifted away as they were left on Kagome's side of the well.

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